Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Limited Edition Gold Fun* By Lush | Review

Talk about one multi-tasking product! Lush introduced a line of 'Fun' bars not too long ago and after receiving a gold limited edition in my goody bag, I needed to try it out all the different ways and see if it lives up to it's description <3 

Product description:

"SWEET HONEY-TOFFEE FUNHave your bath and play with it too! We’ve created a very special limited-edition version of FUN, our multipurpose shampoo, soap, bubble bath and moldable toy just for this holiday season. We started with our best-selling honey-toffee fragrance to give it an incredibly delicious aroma, then we added a luxurious gold luster! Resist the urge to take a bite of this sweet roll, despite how scrumptious it smells. Instead, we recommend you mold it into some fancy jewelry or a gold medal, then smush it under running water to get a tub full of soft, sweet caramel-scented bubbles. Delectable!"
This was a Christmas 2013 product and is no longer available but Lush do have five other colours/scents that are available all year round :)
Fun is quite an interesting product and I was excited to try it out in as many ways as possible. The first thing I did was use it to a make a cute bear, Lush encourages you and the kids to play with this since it brightens up dull bath time. This was just like playdoh but alot more softer and it did crumble many times but it is able to mold firmly after a few rollings and squeezes.
Secondly I tried using this as soap, using two of mr bear's arms I molded it to a usable shape and I was quite surprised at it's ability to become soap. After adding water, the gold fun produced soft bubbles leaving my hands feeling clean, soft and slightly fragranced. If I could, I would replace the ordinary bathroom soap with all the colours of fun, adding alot of colourful shapes onto a soap dish would seem rather pleasing towards any house guests too.
Lastly I used this as a bubble bar to create bubbles for a hot bath. I simply used the rest of mr bear and a bit more from the packet and crumbled it under the tap. Within moments my tub had quite an amount of soft toffee/caramel smelling bubbles. Again I was quite shocked at it's ability to do so because essentially I just saw this as a gimmicky toy like product but I take my thoughts back because this may be something worth looking into.
This has the scent of 'honey i washed the kids' which is by far my favourite scent. A very scrummy toffee scent that is loved by many. My bath had a yellow tint and it even had a gold shimmer running through it from the gold lustre which was pretty cool! 
Now what is actually inside this gold fun? well, it is comprised of comforting sweet wild orange oil, uplifting bergamot, softening cornflour and plenty of gold lustre ^^

I really enjoyed using this, this was the first time I have ever used a fun bar from Lush. I have never tried any of the other colours/scents so I cannot compare a 'normal' fun with this lustred limited edition one however I am now eyeing up the blue fun since I do not have a relaxing scent for bedtime... a valid excuse right?

Check out the range here

What do you think of Lush's Fun?


  1. i still have a bar of this to use! they always smell so nice

    from helen at

  2. @Helen G :) I honestly want the blue one now, I quite liked this multi tasking product :) xx

  3. I have some of this waiting to be tried- great review (and the bear is very cute!)

  4. @Shell Senseless aww! trust me you'll love it <3 thank you!! ^^ xx


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