Monday, 20 January 2014

Pamper Time | Nut Oil Masque - Montagne Jeunesse

I love a good ol' pamper sesh and I opted for this face mask out of my ever growing collection. I remember going Superdrug alot just to buy these masks but then I started using other brands and trying new types of masks but you cannot beat this much loved brand - Montagne Jeunesse.

Product description:
Feed your skin with this African delight, you’d be nuts not to. The goodness of nourishing Baobab Oil sourced from the African ‘Tree of Life’ & miracle Marula Oil penetrates deep down to reveal glowing & nourished skin.

Now it sure felt good opening this packet, definitely had a lil reminiscent moment... When I was buying these masks years ago, the range wasn't as big and I used to stick to the peel off masks but lately looking at their website I was amazed to see so many types of masks which I definitely need to get my paws on... woops rambling on here! Best get back to the review ^^

With this mask you will achieve hydrated, nourished and glowing skin. Right now I will say YES! it definitely ticked all of the boxes.
This contained baobab oil and marula oil and I had no idea what it was going to smell like, I guessed that it would smell all herbal and not that appealing but I was wrong...
This smelt so scrummy! I would describe the scent as a nutty vanilla cookie to be precise YUM! 
Scent aside, The mask itself was so creamy and thick that I couldn't finish the packet. I think I have used atleast a half of it but I have clipped it so that I can use it next week, It's great because I will get two uses out of it :)
The mask's colour starts off as a pistachio green and once dried it turns into a bright white shade.
Removing this was surprising easy, with a damp and warm flannel I simply removed the mask using circular motions and nothing was left on my face! usually after some effort everything is removed and the best part? My skin looked and felt renewed and my complexion was looking as bright as a lightbulb! (no exaggeration there!)
Normally with clay masks, the feeling of your skin after washing it off can possibly feel tight, dry or uncomfortable but this one was the total opposite.
My skin was transformed. Smoother and brighter skin that felt comfortable. I did feel that this mask gave my skin more moisture rather than taking it away.

So in conclusion I am going to say that I am nuts for this :-p and I would definitely recommend this to everyone. It's only a £1.00 and it would be rude not to pick this one up!

Check it out here available at all major retailers and you can even check if this one is near you by simply adding your postcode onto the nearest retailer page on the website!

I would love to know what is your favourite mask from MJ?


  1. I love this brand of face masks! I've not tried this particular one though. It seems like it would be perfect for me as my skin is hella dry!

    Corinne x

  2. @Corinne yay! ^^ definitely give it a try :) I didn't experience any tightening/lack of moisture and my skin felt balanced so it should help your skin too :) xx

  3. Great post. I always find masks hard to remove after. This one sounds great

  4. @Jodi H Thank you! Me too, this one was surprisingly easy. It didn't require as much effort ^^ xx

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  6. Sounds like a really great inexpensive mask!

    Ray |

  7. I used to use those masks all the time but recently my skins gotten a bit more sensitive so I've had to stay away! This one sound lovely though, feeling tempted to give it a go :)

    Rachel [at] AMomentInTime.


  8. @Raizel Greco <3 definitely since you do get TWO uses out of one! <3 xx

  9. @Rachel Louise Ooh! definitely test a lil bit before applying to the whole face, Am sure this one won't cause a thing ^^ x


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