Sunday, 26 January 2014

Sweet Heart Matchbox Perfume* - My English Summer | Review

Time to review another hidden gem from My English Summer and this has to be one of my favourites from the selection that was sent to me. You can check out the products/run through here

Product description:

A solid perfume tablet that melts on contact with the skin. The fragrance is light and fruity.
Adorable vintage inspired packaging - makes a wonderfully unique and unusual gift!
Directions - Simply take the tablet from the box and rub it on your pulse points.
Heat will cause this product to melt! It is not recommended to keep the perfume in your pocket as body heat may melt the perfume.

I remember 'borrowing' my mom's solid perfume which she had kept in her collection. I was fascinated by it's art deco packaging and musky scent. Since then I have not tried another solid perfume and I honestly don't know why I didn't try to find a replacement but I have fallen in love with this one. It is quite an 'old school' beauty item and I love the idea of the perfume being solid so it's great for travelling since there will be less leakages and no unnecessary heavy weight in your handbag.

I love how this is packaged, It certainly is a unique looking item and it definitely has a vintage feel - from the old styled image to the handmade flower deco, this would make an ultimate gift idea for all the vintage lovers out there.

This is a very 'hands on' product because unlike normal perfumes that need to be sprayed this hasn't got a man-made approach to it,which I love! The 12g tablet is simply rubbed onto your pulse points. It warms up with your body temperature to release the gorgeous fruit scented oils. For me this took quite some time to apply simply because I am not that warm blooded (I always have cold hands/feet) but with the help of a heater I was able to apply it on my wrists and all of the scent was transferred onto my skin.
When you smell the actual tablet it is quite strong, but in a good way since it is supposed to be a concentrated concoction.
This smells amazing! I would describe this scent as a tropical fruit like scent with a hint of a citrus note <3 If you love fruity scents then you will absolutely love this.

The scent lingers on for quite some time and I love that once you move around you do get a whiff of it. This definitely means that this has a decent amount of scent to be a called a solid perfume.
My English Summer sell two versions, this scent and a Pomegranate one which is a sweet but spicy scent ^^

A definite recommendation from me!

Check it out here/£4.95* >> Link

Have you ever used a solid perfume before?

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  1. that sounds adorable. i just cant stop reading your blogs. thanks. p.s. can you pop over to my blogs and give them a read maybe leave a comment and subscribe it would mean so much. thanks again and happy blogging

  2. I saw your blog from the Bright Side Beauty Blog Hop! Your blog is super cute and I love the content! I don't own a solid perfume, but have always wanted to try one! I know Lush carries some as well! I'll probably be checking those out soon :) just followed your blog!

    you can also check my blog:


  3. Hi Lovely, I'm just letting you know I nominated you for a Liebster Award! All the details on what you have todo up are up on

    Danielle xo

  4. Wow that packaging is beautiful!

    Shelley x

  5. @Queen of the lions aww thank you! sure ^^ will pop over :) xx

  6. @Wendy So aww thank you so much! ^^ you know what.. I actually forgot Lush make those! I usually get bath products then body items <3 will definitely have a look now! xx

  7. @Beautyqueenuk :) definitely, looks one of a kind doesn't it? <3 xx

  8. @Danielle mac mahon aww thanks! will take a look :) xx

  9. @Shelley cross ^^ It sure is <3 it's one of the things i love about this product xx


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