Wednesday, 9 July 2014

IN THE NEWS | Simpsons For MAC Cosmetics

What's this?! YES, you've seen correctly, MAC cosmetics have teamed up with The Simpsons to create this fun 10-piece collection (some products are not pictured above)
This quirky collection is set to be released on the website on 28th of August and in stores on September 4th
However you lucky Americans will get to see a sneak peek and take advantage of the one day sale at the MAC store in San Diego during Comic Con which will take place at the end of this month! (July 26th)
I personally love this collection, it's so out there with the bright eyeshadows and the yellow lipgloss!!! Definitely not your average collection.

What are your views on this collection?

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  1. Really!!! this is very cool!!!

  2. @Kallie haha i know right!? my exact reaction lol xx

  3. @Andystyle :) <3 it's such a fun collab <3 x

  4. I think this collection looks fun and different, but don't undertstand why MAC have decided to collaborate with The Simpsons, it just feels like a weird mix of brand values.
    Ameera x

  5. SO BUYING THIS!!! followed ya btw :D (got your link from you on twitter #bbloggers chat) xxxx

  6. @talkbeautyblog i agree to an extent but i think they have collaborated because it's never been done before. xx

  7. @Alicia Jade haha love how you have typed that in capitals haha, awww thank you! xx


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