Wednesday, 16 July 2014

REVIEW | Clarins Eau Des Jardins*

When this *NEW* Clarins fragrance popped through my letter box I was ecstatic to try it out because this is my first ever try at a Clarins fragrance and believe me I was not left feeling disappointed.
Clarins have created three fragrances that are fit for this lovely warm summer season - citrus, floral and woody.
The one that I will be reviewing is the floral scent.

Product description:
Uplifts, refreshes, captivates.
A surprising combination of essential oils and plant extracts with aroma and phytotherapy benefits. The sparkling freshness of fruity zests, a captivating note of wild rose and the scent of comforting wood. All the charm of a dream-like garden combined with the skin care benefits of beech, sorbier and blackcurrant bud extracts. Moisturises, soothes and ensures beautifully soft skin.

Clarins also state that each of the three fragrances are unique and that they all offer essential skincare benefits. You instantly feel refreshed and spraying this from top to toe can really enliven your senses, whilst their non-photosensitizing formulas allow for them to be safely worn in the sun.

You can trust Clarins to do such a wonderful thing.
Another interesting thing about this perfume is that it is known as a mood-shifter as the bottle promises to uplift, refresh and captivate. It smells so airy, summery, invigorating and fresh. Its got citrus notes such grapefruit, lemon, orange and bergamot and floral notes like rose, mint and bay leaf and it has a garden, woodsy, beachy smell all in one. It also contains skin care benefits of beech, sorbier and blackcurrant bud extracts which means it moisturizes,soothes and ensures beautifully soft skin. This perfume really has got it all and it really does uplift your mood! one sniff and it automatically makes me happier and leaves me thinking about hot summer days and sandy beaches.

I am also loving the bottle too, the red-orangish colour that meets the yellow-green really makes it look like the ultimate summer scent and not to forget eye catching too!

Clarins have nailed it with these fragrances and I think I have found my signature summer scent, a definitive recommendation from me.

Check it out here - link/£32*

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  1. I really like the packaging too, it reminds me of those lollies I used to get when I was little that was round and was red, yellow and green. Used to call them "traffic light lollipops". This fragrance sounds really nice, I love a fruity scent! x

  2. That bottle is gorgeous and the scent sounds really nice as well!

    xo, alison*elle

  3. Pretty bottle, and how amazing that it also has skincare benefits!

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  5. I adore the shape of the bottle and the fragrance notes sounds like a blend that I'd enjoy wearing! Thank you for sharing :)

    Anita @ AllThingsAnita

  6. I didn't even know Clarins did fragrances! I will have to try this, I love their skincare. Great post :D

  7. Lovely review! x
    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know! xx


    Head Enough

  8. love the print on the bottle, it's super cute! xo


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