Saturday, 23 August 2014

Mini Maybelline Haul ★

Don't you just love the 3 for 2 offers at Boots? I know I do and as a little treat to myself I came home with these goodies. I adore the brand Maybelline, for it's purse friendly prices to the quality of the products.
The first product that I popped into my basket was the Eyestudio Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner In Black Chrome (£7.99), I have always wanted to try this particular product out and try out a new gel liner since I am loving my liners again. I also love the fact that it comes with a brush. I will be reviewing this in more detail as soon as I feel that I have used it for some time.
The second product that went straight into my basket was without a doubt the Fit Me Concealer In 20 (£5.99), this is actually a repurchase because I got on so well with this concealer the first time round and I happen to go through concealers so quickly.This product gives a light to medium coverage and the creamy texture ensures that your flaws are covered up really easily. I also love the longevity too which means less time fixing my make-up up.
Lastly I'll have to admit I wasn't going to cave in by buying the much hyped about baby lips but this particular one was screaming my name and the next minute I was at the till buying Baby Lips In Pink Punch (£2.99), because of the offer this product came free so what better way to try and test out products. Overall I am very happy with my purchases and I shall be blogging about it all very soon. 
NOTE: The 3 for 2 offer is still on at Boots so if you are in need of some new make-up then do check out Maybelline since I have gotten so well with the brand and the products.

What are your favourite products from Maybelline?

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

REVIEW | Simple Kind To Skin Hydrating Light Moisturiser ♡

I remember using Simple a couple of years back and I had stopped using the brand simply because I ventured out into trying newer brands but ever since my favourite Burt's Bees facial moisturiser had come to an end I was on the look out for a new daily moisturiser. Whilst shopping around in Asda I saw that they had an offer on all Simple skincare products and after having a quick read on the packaging I was sold!
The product claims to give you happier and healthier skin thanks to the active ingredients and vitamin goodness, Skin is left feeling hydrated and nourished all day long and it even claims to be perfect for sensitive skin too.
This glorious moisturiser contains two vital vitamins: Pro vitamin B5 and Vitamin E. The pro vitamin B5 restores, softens and smoothes and vitamin E moisturises to improve the skin's condition. Not only that guys but this cream also contains two skin loving nutrients: Glycerin which hydrates and moisturises and Borage seed oils which helps the skin to renew and regenerate. The actual moisturiser is also free from perfume and colour which means it is a fuss free product that is loaded with nothing but goodness for the skin.
I have been using this day and night for a couple of weeks now and I can say that I have been feeling very positive about this product because it has now become a necessity rather then a essential. The moisturiser is so light weight in texture which means no greasy hands and no need to wait around for the cream to soak into your skin. I apply this prior to applying any make-up as it ensures a fresh and clean base to work on. Also whilst being pregnant I have had many dry patches on my face and this has really helped to banish them. My skin is alot more softer, smoother and it feels hydrated throughout the day.
Though I like scents in my skincare I have now grown to ignore it in this case because I know that the vitamins and nutrients are working to help keep my skin fresh and healthier.
So if you are thinking to buy a new moisturiser then definitely do pick this one up to try, I couldn't be more happier with the results and this is the product to turn to if you are looking for a cream that has no artifical-ness and more skin loving ingredients. What more could you want from a purse-friendly product?
Check it out here | Link
Have you tried this moisturiser before?

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Essence Cosmetics.

Essence cosmetics is another brand that I have seen alot on my blogger news feed and I was yet to give this affordable and fun brand a try. Though this make-up brand is aimed at teens, there is certainly something for everyone. Essence offers everything you could possibly imagine and at such affordable prices too!
I was lovingly sent a handful of products to try out: All In One CC Cream Clear And Correct in 10 Natural* XXXL Longlasting Lipgloss Mirror Shine Effect in 04 I love Pink* Get Big Lashes! Triple Black Mascara* Colour And Go Nail Polish in 172 Splash!* and Blush Up! Powder Blush in 20 Pinky Flow*
Once I had opened up the parcel I knew it was going to be fun testing and swatching these products, Just look at how eye catching the packaging and colours are! 
I definitely have a favourite out of the bunch and that has to be the ombre Blush Up! Powder Blusher simply because it is so pretty to look at and it has said to provide a three dimensional colour effect.
Whilst looking up Essence online I couldn't help but notice how cheap the products actually are, The price ranges from £1 - £4 and you would think that with such cheap price tags the quality of the products will not be as satisfactory but whilst I was handing the products and swatching away I could see that Essence have really surprised me with super pigmented results and decent, sturdy packaging.
Another great thing is that for a tenner you can buy a range of products to try out, you could even buy a whole look in that price too!
You can find Essence online here and the products are now available to buy in store at Wilkinson, Westfield in London and at the Arndale in Manchester.
I will be reviewing each product in more detail soon, I would love to know if you would like to read about a certain product first so don't forget to comment and let me know :)

Have you tried anything from Essence?
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Wednesday, 13 August 2014


NYX is a brand I have always seen and read about and from what I know it is loved by many make-up artists and bloggers. I was lovingly sent three popular products to try out and what a way to get me hooked onto this brand because I could just see myself becoming a NYX convert any time soon.

The three products that I was sent are: Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk*, Extreme Lip Cream in Natural* and a Powder Blusher in Peach*. Here are a few initial thoughts on the products (individual full reviews will follow shortly)
After researching about these products I saw that one of the most well-known products by NYX is their Milk eye pencil, because it can be used as an eyeshadow base to make other eyeshadow colours stand out if it is lacking in pigmentation and it can be also used as it's primary purpose - an eye pencil . I was amazed when I swatched this because the colour pay off was brilliant and texture-wise it is so creamy so you imagine how easy it is blend. I have heard alot about NYX's lip creams and now I can finally say that I own one! Again I was impressed with the pigmentation and the lasting power of this product. As you can see I am nearly won over...Lastly the powder blusher, Another loved product and I can see why. From the packaging to the colours available it's shocking really to see how amazing the quality is for the price. A little goes a long way with all of these products and I cannot wait to review these in more in depth for you all.

I have definitely been converted over to NYX and I cannot wait to try out more products but I have no idea what to choose so please let me know in the comments below your favourite NYX products <3

This post contains PR samples.

Sunday, 10 August 2014

REVIEW | Baby Lips In Pink Punch.

And so I finally caved in and bought myself a baby lips... Whilst browsing in boots I saw the 3 for 2 offer (which is still on!) for all Maybelline products and I thought why not since I 'needed' another product to test out and I am a huge collector of lip balms and salves.

Product description:

No more basic lip balm.Our exclusive formula moisturises lips for a full 8 hours with SPF20 lip protection balm.

Available in 6 varieties - Hydrate, Peach Kiss, Pink Punch, Cherry Me, Mint Fresh and Intense Care.
New Baby Lips lip balm from Maybelline New York gives intense care and 8 hour hydration, and is nourishing for baby soft lips. Its clinically tested formula has a hint of colour and leaves lips feeling soft and smooth.

The packaging is adorable, some may think it looks cheap/tacky but I certainly think that the colour schemes of all of the baby lips makes it a whole lot easier to find in your make-up bag plus it brightens up your contents too!
These balms may not be heavily pigmented but they sure do deliver the perfect sheer wash of colour to the lips. Pink punch is a gorgeous cool-toned pink that actually looks lovely on the lips, alot more than I had initially expected. The colour seemed to have given me that rosy/au naturale look without the effort which I loved!
Texture wise, this glides onto the lips so effortlessly without feeling waxy/stiff, The consistency is neither heavy nor greasy but pleasant and comfortable without any heaviness. I did however feel that the product just 'sat' on my lips and this could be due to the fact that it contains petroleum which is also found in vaseline, in one way it's good because the longevity is a bit more than a usual lip balm but it does not really treat chapped or cracked lips because it is unable to penetrate. I did however feel that my lips were hydrated and moisturised but definitely not up to the claimed 8 hour mark, for me I would say maybe 2-3 hours at the most before having to re-apply.
Pink punch smells AMAZING! Almost like a tropical fruit punch and it certainly does live up to the name. It instantly reminds me of hot summer days so that's advantageous for days when it may not be so summery.
Overall I don't think baby lips is the next revolutionary product but having said that there are many plus points, one being a great travel, purse and even money friendly product to the decent amount of pigmentation that this particular shade delivers. It also contains SPF, shea butter and it's paraben free but the only downside that I can find is that it is not able to treat the lips if chapped or cracked. So if you are looking for a fun and easy product then I say check these out since baby lips are good for when your lips just need a hydration and a colour boost.

Check it out here - link/£2.99
Do you own any baby lips & what are your thoughts on this product?

Monday, 4 August 2014

REVIEW | Bourjois Volume 1 Seconde Mascara*

I love swapping and changing my mascaras all the time - it's one of my beauty must haves! And when I was given the chance to review this NEW* offering from Bourjois I simply could not resist!
Product Description:

Bourjois’ NEW Volume 1 Seconde mascara has a unique brush with spherical bristles to wrap every lash in a 360° motion and straight bristles to create clump free definition. Apply in a zigzag motion to your top and bottom lashes for an instant eye-opening look.
I'll have to admit, this is my first ever try at a Bourjois mascara so I really had no expectations towards this product. First off I would like to commend the packaging of this mascara, it's so eye-catching with the chrome bottle finished off with a pop of 'sorbet' shade to really give that feeling of summer. 
There are two types that are available to buy - intense black and intense black waterproof and both of these features a unique brush which has wrap around spherical bristles which means no more clumps! and easy to achieve volume from every angle possible.
I absolutely heart this unique brush simply because I am able to achieve voluminous lashes within moments and without any clumpage. I have also found that my lashes are not stiff to touch, there is still movement and flexibility which I love!
With this mascara you are assured that lashes are coated evenly with the perfect hold, my lashes tend to droop downwards unless I have used a eyelash curler beforehand but I really did not need to use a curler with this, I was shocked really because this may be the 'push up bra' I needed and not to mention it requires less effort since you can skip the curling your lashes part.
The longevity is also commendable, I did not see any flaking or smudging just excellent hold and the ability to last a whole day. Bourjois claims that this mascara can hold upto 16 hours and I can see why! Though I kept mine on for less than 12 hours, probably 9-10 I can see that it can go up to the 16 hour mark. It stayed on like a dream but you must be wondering if taking it off was a pain, It really wasn't.
Using my usual eye make up remover, I was able to remove each and every trace of the formula from my lashes and well, Let's just say this mascara did NOT disappoint at all.
Overall I loved and enjoyed using this mascara, It was super easy to apply and with minimal time and effort you are left with big fluttery lashes that am sure will get everyone noticing.
Check it out here - link/£9.99*

Have you tried this mascara? What were your thoughts?
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