Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Primark Accessories Haul

Primark have really upped their game in the accessories department and I have always found myself perusing through the jewellery sections for hours on end, I simply love the range much more since it looks alot more expensive than it really is. 

Products featured:
Pack of 4 midi gold rings, sized M - £1.50
PS Beauty, french manicure nails - £1
Pack of 3 silver delicate chained bracelets - £1.50
Pack of 6 'jewel toned' studs - £1.50
A pink bow headband - £1.50
A small grey purse with rose gold detailing - £3.50
Altogether worth only - £10.50!

I am really into wearing rings at the moment and particularly the midi style ring, I saw these cute gold ones and instantly picked it up. For the price, the rings look and feel so sturdy and the assortment of designs are great for mixing and matching looks. My favourite one out of the designs is the heart shaped one which has little diamantes on it. You really cannot go wrong with the price and the fact that there are 4 rings makes it a bargain of the day. 
If you know me well, you will know that I heart minimalistic jewellery which means delicate chains and simple studs, so when I saw the pack of three silver chained bracelets with small charms. My face looked like that emoji with the heart shaped eyes. It is such a lovely lil set that you can wear alone or paired with other bracelets, almost like an arm candy party on your wrist. 
You can always trust Primark to have beautiful stud earrings especially the ones that come with alot of colours and designs and I picked up the pack of 6 simply because I loved the colour scheme, it is so autumnal and looked 'ethnic' which I adore.
I have heard alot about Primark's false nails and I have heard good things so I wanted to try out the french manicure style to start off with, I like how these look so real and the fact that they aren't too long is great because I never liked having really long nails which can look claw like (yikes) 
The last two must have items that I needed was the cute pink bow headband which I thought would be great for lounging in and great for when applying make-up or face masks since my hair always gets in the way and lastly this cute mini grey bag is great for running errands and sometimes I only just need my phone and wallet. I know I am going to get a good use out of all of the things that I chose and before you know it I will be posting yet another haul because Primark is just that addictive...

So that's everything! I hope you enjoyed having a little nosey. Have you been loving the accessories section at primark?

Monday, 29 September 2014

REVIEW | NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Eye Pencil In 604 Milk*

I am completely new to NYX Cosmetics and when I was sent over these lovely three products to test out (link), I couldn't decide which one to review in detail first. After having a good play around I decided to review this 'hero product' - Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk* NYX claim this product to be loved by nearly everyone! From bloggers to make-up artists, this one pencil seems to have taken everyone's hearts and I knew I had to see for myself what the hype was all about. Looking at this eye pencil it definitely is an informative product and not forgetting to mention you get a good grip when handling this product. I tend to steer clear of chunkier make-up products simply because of the weight or the inability of the product to define anything. So far so good because I am able to use the product with much ease. The shade is a brilliant white, just like a 'hollywood smile' and whilst swatching this I was purely amazed at how pigmented it was and how bright it looked too, and at this stage I totally fell in love with this eye pencil and I can see why there is a hype behind this. The texture is very creamy and very far from being chalk-like which you can find in other pencils. This glided across my eyes very easily without the occasional tug and pull which can be very discomforting. After thoroughly testing this pencil out I had one thing to do and that was to conduct a little experiment with some eyeshadow colours, this pencil has been said to be a brilliant product as an eye base too so this meant that if your eyeshadows were not looking as pigmented, you can use this prior to any eyeshadow application to enhance the colour and to even make the pigment last longer too. From the swatch above you can see that this NYX pencil really did that! The baby pink and midnight blue eyeshadow colours were really 'amped up' and notice that the pigment really stuck onto the swatch, meaning that any loose pigment around the swatch was barely noticeable. Wow, Just Wow! Imagine the staying power of the eyeshadows with the white base too, I can predict a really good wear time, probably until you have to physically remove it. I cannot recommend this eye pencil enough and now I am left searching for more colours to try out since you can never have enough coloured eye pencils. NYX you have yourself a new fan!

Check it out here / link - £5.00*
Have you tried this product out before? What were your thoughts on it?

This post contains press samples.

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

THE EDIT | Minimal Make-Up.

Minimal make-up is a look I have been using alot recently and it's perfect for days when you just need a quick pick me up to enhance your natural features rather than making you look like you've made that extra effort. This is great for days when you need to go run some errands, sick days and it can even be your daily routine. I always use this look because I not only feel comfortable in my own skin but I also think that it is great as a speedy make-up routine which I am sure I will be using once the little one arrives. Having a clean base is not only an essential but a necessity so I first moisturise my freshly washed skin and apply some Benefit's The Porefessional all over my face just so my pores can be reduced and that my make-up has something to 'hold' onto as this makes the look last much longer and so you also achieve an even base to work upon. Next up using my trusty Nanshy Flawless Foundation Brush I apply my much loved Bare Minerals foundation in Light. There is just something about mineral make up that I really find satisfying and paired with the Nanshy brush, it is like the ultimate duo because the foundation really covers EVERYTHING and the brush really helps to buff the product into the skin beautifully. My skin looks flawless within moments. Next up I reach out to one of my most used and favourite concealers of all time - Fit Me by Maybelline in #20, I can totally understand why this has been named a dupe for the Nars creamy concealer because it has such a creamy consistency which helps to cover up any flaws and the longevity is remarkable, for a high street product that is! I now turn to the beautiful limited edition Opalescence Face and Blush palette by Clarins and sweep the finely milled powder all over my face to take away possible shine and to set my make-up once more. The last product I use for my complexion is Revlon's Photoready Cream Blusher in Flushed Rougissant #200 and I adore this product and colour! A stunning fuchsia pink which instantly adds vitality to my look. I also like to pat this product onto my lips and use it as a lip tint. A multi-use product that blends like a dream and has incredible colour pay off?? what more could a girl want?! Now onto the eyes! Using my MUA Brow Kit in Medium, I fill in my brows and shade them in lightly just so they look more defined and groomed. I believe no look is complete until your brows are in proper shape and are filled in just so they are not looking sparse and untidy. My secret weapon for tired eyes is my trusty Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal in Nude I love this because it isn't as harsh as a white liner, this instantly makes me look awake for when I'm feeling rushed or ill. Just simply line your waterline with this and you'll see the difference. Lastly my minimal make-up look is finished off by using the MUA Mascara in Shade #4 Brown because black can seem too harsh for this look and you really just need some definition and a teeny bit of volume to really open out your lashes, This looks really natural, hence why brown mascaras are a must for just minimalistic looks.

These were my go-to products for a natural no make-up but make-up look, what's yours?

Saturday, 20 September 2014

REVIEW | Lush Blackberry Bath Bomb

It has been a while since I last posted a review on a bath bomb and let's just say it was well over due. Moving houses can be a stressful time and the amount hubby and I did in a matter of two weeks was remarkable. Seeing as our baby is due next month ment that we had to do things at a more faster pace. I finally got to fit in some me time and decided to take out a bath bomb from my packed boxes and was I pleased to see that nothing was broken. Rambles apart, I wanted a Lush bath for so long and so I turned to this - Blackberry bath bomb.

Product Description:
As soon as you drop this into your bath, tension is banished as the bergamot and frankincense oils are released. Bergamot is used in aromatherapy for anxiety, depression and nervous tension, and is both relaxing and uplifting as well as antibacterial. You’ll soon feel calmed as frankincense oil helps slow down breathing and induces a feeling of wellbeing.

Though it seems like an ordinary bath bomb there is so much more to this, which I will explain further on in this review. This bath bomb fitted in well with how I was currently feeling. Exhaustion and the unnecessary thinking that you end up doing needed to be banished and this bath bomb really gave me that pick me up that I needed.
When you throw this into your bath water expect alot of fast fizzing, this didn't last that long but nevertheless it was a sight to see.
I could instantly smell the lovely essential oils (Bergamot and Frankincense) and it truly made my mind drift away. My mind and body were both at ease. The scent was absolutely delish! It smelt exactly like blackberries and it wasn't overpowering because that can be the worst thing ever! To have alot of scent and it could of even smelt artificial but rest assured there was just the right amount of scent that smelt natural.
I simply adored watching the bath water turn into this beautiful purple colour and laying in this purple coloured water sure felt a bit bizarre since this was my first ever try at using a blackberry bath bomb.
Once the bath bomb had fizzed away I could see a small piece of paper emerging and floating up to the top of the bath water, I absolutely loved this little novelty idea, the note said 'Boom Boom' which I thought was genius since it gives the bath bomb a real bomb like feeling if that makes any sense. After having a good ol' soak, my skin was left feeling very soft and actually moisturised thanks to the lovely essential oils. I truly didn't feel the need to moisturise as much and my skin also had a subtle scent of blackberries, Win! But I came across some stain-age, due to the bath bomb being such an incredible colour, it left some stains which ideally wasn't great because it ment a bit of elbow grease after a relaxing bath. The stains came off easily but in reality, I'm sure no one would want to clean up as much after using a bath bomb.
I truly do love this bath bomb but I don't see myself repurchasing it any time soon, I will however look out for other alternatives if not then I will just buy some other bath bombs from Lush which I have still not tried out yet.

Check it out here | Link | £2.95 each.

Have you tried this bath bomb before? What are your thoughts on it?

Thursday, 18 September 2014

REVIEW AND SWATCHES | Essence Blush Up! Powder Blush In 20 Pinky Flow*

Blushers have always been a firm favourite of mine, I rotate my blushers daily depending on my mood and choosing from a range of pinks, corals and reds is always fun since it gives such a healthy and radiant glow to my complexion. When I was sent an array of products to try from Essence, which you can read here I found myself reaching out to this blusher alot and let's just say being impressed is an understatement. I LOVE this and it currently sits looking proud in my ever growing collection. 
It sure is nice to see the ombre trend being incorporated into cosmetics, it just looks so pretty. This Essence blush in #20 pinky flow is a one toned blush with an ombre effect. The dark pink effortlessly gradates to a much cuter and bubblegum like pink, the fading really is nicely done.
One of the things that has really impressed me is the pigmentation, if you see the swatches on my wrist in the images above you can really see the impact of the colours without having to layer it on. You can easily create many looks with just this one blusher. Either choose to swirl your brush so that you get a mixture of pinks or apply each colour separately each time.
I have found blush up to be an incredibley smooth product, the texture is just so silky and an absolute dream to apply, So far I have been using the lighter side of the pink spectrum which you can also see in the last image and it seems to have given a healthy sheen-like glow to my cheeks which I have to admit I am loving. No need for highlighters then... The bizarre thing is that I am unable to notice any shimmer or glitter in the actual pigment so this is great for anyone who wants to achieve the dewy look without the help of any shimmer or glitter which can look OTT. 
The longevity is amazing! I was able to get a good 5-7 hours wear time out of this and I didn't even have to re-apply during the day. To be honest you do not even need to pack so much product onto your brush to achieve the full on effect, just using light brush strokes ensures that the colour is applied evenly and with the right amount too.
This blusher is available at all Wilko stores and I highly recommend it! It is such an affordable product and you can achieve so many looks from just this one blusher. So far so good Essence! 

Check it out here | Link | £3.50*

Have you tried this or any other blushers out from Essence before?

*This product was sent to me, however all opinions are my own. I was not paid for this review

Monday, 8 September 2014

Pastels And Monochrome | Poundland Haul

Moving is such a great thing, You get a chance to start afresh and you get to go through all your things and bin whatever is not needed. I recently moved house and I believe this is the first couple of things I bought for my own personal use and for my new home. I can spend forever in Poundland, picking up bits and bobs. I actually went in to buy some cleaning products to thoroughly clean the house before shifting my stuff in but then I wandered off into the homeware and stationery aisles and well... this happened! First off the homeware items that Poundland currently stock are absolutely adorable! From the pastel themed baking items to the cutely designed macaroon sets for the kitchen. I just could not stop oohing and ahhing. I ended up picking up the set of 4 macaroon coasters for the living room and a love hearts candle for the bedroom. Though it's only two items at the time I was feeling pretty excited to this new beginning. In the stationery aisle I came across these new items and they were stationery sets, there were three to 'collect' but I chose those two. One included a gluestick, tape and tippex whilst the other tin had a collection of pencils, a pen, an eraser, sharpener, ruler and a mini pink highlighter. All that for a mere pound! I thought that this would be great to keep on my dresser for those all important note writing and to go with the sets I also bought a A4 box file and a new 2014/2015 diary to keep all my lists and memos as well as important paperwork. I guess i'm sorted for stationery then... until next time.

Have you checked out the homeware & stationery items at Poundland recently?

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Monthly Favourites | August 2014

Welcome to a late but a fresh and new monthly favourites! I have just recently moved house with the Mr and it has been so hectic, running errands and unpacking but I finally have the internet up and running and so I had to post a favourites as soon as because in the midst of all this running around, I have managed to accumulate a few favourites to perk me up during this new change.
First up is the Living Nature Vitalising Cleanser, I recall receiving this sample via a monthly green beauty box called Souk Souk and it has been my saviour ever since. Whilst having all my other toiletries packed I luckily had this lurking around my toiletry bag and it does the job well. My skin is left feeling fresh, clean and somewhat brightened. Say goodbye to tight and uncomfortable skin which you may get after using some cleansers but this is so creamy and gentle that you do not need to worry about any moisture being taken away from your skin. A great daily cleanser I think!
The Miners Maxi Mascara* is a new product that I have been trying out and so far so good. In terms of it volumising my lashes it doesn't really do so but I heart the formula and the ability of this mascara to define and lengthen my lashes which also makes it a good daily staple. I turn to this when I want to look 'awake' rather then done up.
Baby Lips is something that I have been really enjoying lately, what's not to love about this? From a delicious tropical scent to the colour pay off, A wonderful cheap and cheerful product that needs to be tried out.
Say goodbye to tired and puffy eyes thanks to the Simple Eye Roll on, I use this every night as part of my evening skincare routine and let's just say I look forward to sleeping because I get to use this. Crazy I know but this product is actually a hidden gem that actually works. With consistent use I could actually see a slight difference to the darkness underneath my eyes and I know I will be re-purchasing this again.
Lastly my love for lip and cheek tints will never fade because ever since I was sent the Me Me Me Cupid's Kiss Tint* I feel that I have mastered the whole dewy, not over done look. I also am a huge fan of multi-use products and can I also mention the fact that this is one GORGEOUS shade. Very flattering and long lasting. I will have to review this separately so that you can see why I love it so!
So these were my 5 hero products for the month of August, what were yours?