Monday, 8 September 2014

Pastels And Monochrome | Poundland Haul

Moving is such a great thing, You get a chance to start afresh and you get to go through all your things and bin whatever is not needed. I recently moved house and I believe this is the first couple of things I bought for my own personal use and for my new home. I can spend forever in Poundland, picking up bits and bobs. I actually went in to buy some cleaning products to thoroughly clean the house before shifting my stuff in but then I wandered off into the homeware and stationery aisles and well... this happened! First off the homeware items that Poundland currently stock are absolutely adorable! From the pastel themed baking items to the cutely designed macaroon sets for the kitchen. I just could not stop oohing and ahhing. I ended up picking up the set of 4 macaroon coasters for the living room and a love hearts candle for the bedroom. Though it's only two items at the time I was feeling pretty excited to this new beginning. In the stationery aisle I came across these new items and they were stationery sets, there were three to 'collect' but I chose those two. One included a gluestick, tape and tippex whilst the other tin had a collection of pencils, a pen, an eraser, sharpener, ruler and a mini pink highlighter. All that for a mere pound! I thought that this would be great to keep on my dresser for those all important note writing and to go with the sets I also bought a A4 box file and a new 2014/2015 diary to keep all my lists and memos as well as important paperwork. I guess i'm sorted for stationery then... until next time.

Have you checked out the homeware & stationery items at Poundland recently?


  1. OOH you did really well in poundland, mine has nothing like this in there x

  2. i also could spend forever in poundland, looks like you've got some good items i love the diary! x

  3. So cute! I love a good nosy around the pound shop! Especially for Halloween stuff x

    Laura Kate | Beau La Belle

  4. Suddenly I'm sad we don't have Poundland in Spain! You got some lovely bits and pieces - I'm a loser for stationery stuff!

    Tania x |

  5. Loving those coasters! Poundland can be fab for cute bargains!! Great post xx

    Kate | Kate Emma Loves.

  6. Poundland is the best, I used to think I was hilarious going in there as a teen and asking the staff members how much things were haha. Their stationary is so cute at the moment


  7. My pound land never seems to have anything exciting! These look great!


  8. What amazing bargains!!!



  9. We don't have a poundland where I live but I wish we did if it sells cute stuff like this!


  10. Those macaroon coasters are so so cute! You would never know that they were from Poundland. Good spot! :) xx

  11. You bagged some really nice items! I think I'm going to have to take a trip to Poundland soon! :)


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