Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Lust List #1 BAGS

Lust List#1 Bags

Hi Lovelies!
It's no secret, I love a good bag to finish off my outfits and these five top picks are so drool worthy! I really want them all! I love to browse the Selfridge's website to see what's on trend and most importantly to see the make-up and bags. I have put together this small wishlist of the bags I am loving at the moment, so let's see what bag is up first...
SAINT LAURENT Small velvet monogramme shoulder bag - £1,200

I absolutely heart this one! Such a lovely bag for evenings/nights out. I love how pretty the gold hardware looks against the striking black. It's velvet too which also means it's an on-trend autumnal/winter bag.

MULBERRY Bayswater soft tan leather tote - £1,200

A classic. I really want to own atleast one bayswater but the colour choices leaves me feeling more confused as they are all so equally tempting. However this soft tan colour is a great choice for a day time/office bag and I am sure I can fit EVERYTHING in this!

CHLOE Elsie mini chain bag - £615

Such a cute bag! I love the pastel pink shade, gold detailing and the chain strap is to die for! Gotta love Chloe for their bags, Just wished this wasn't so expensive for such a small bag.

MOSCHINO Logo-detail envelope clutch - £320

I am loving the whole barbie inspired look of this bag, I can imagine that some may love this and some may not but I definitely like this as it can add a lovely pop of colour to any outfit.

VIVIENNE WESTWOOD Cara oilslick patent leather purse - £135

This 'oil spilt' look is amazing, it definitely reminds me of oil puddles you sometimes see when it has rained and this leather purse is just so striking to own, it will definitely get some compliments.

I would love to know what designer bag you are loving at the moment! Comment below! 

Monday, 20 October 2014

NYX 'Peach' Blusher

My love for NYX officially started here and since then I have been reading so many other blogger reviews of NYX cosmetics, The one product that I came across alot was their powder blushers and how lucky was I to be sent a blusher and in a popular shade too! - Peach.
The first thing I noticed was the name, the shade is no way near how a typical peach shade should look but nevertheless the colour is definitely 'me' since I hoard all kinds of pink shades and seeing as this is my first ever NYX blusher I could not wait to incorporate this product into my everyday routine. 
I have to mention that I even like the packaging, It's so small and sturdy and the fact that it has a clear lid means you can easily see the shade inside. The powder itself has a 3D pyramid design which looks more interesting than how a flat blusher would look and each blush weighs 0.18 oz / 5.2 g.
In my own words if I had to describe 'peach' I would say it's a rather pretty matte barbie pink with blue undertones which I think can suit any skin tone and seeing as this blusher is incredibly pigmented, you only really need a small amount to create the ultimate flush of colour that also looks natural too. The silk-like powder means you are able to blend effortlessly, which makes the formula a real winner! I have also noticed that my complexion looked alot healthier and glowy but without the need of any glitter/shimmer. This lasted for such a long time on my combination skin, the blush lasted a good 7-8 hours which is pretty remarkable.
I don't think I could ever find a flaw in this product even I tried! I can honestly see why these blushers are loved by many and seeing as NYX is a cruelty free brand, it gives everyone another reason to love NYX products and not forgetting to mention how affordable it is too!
I love this blusher and I can easily see myself collecting more shades, I really do recommend trying out a NYX powder blusher so you can see for yourself why it is loved by many.
Check it out here - Link - £6*

Have you tried a NYX blusher before & what is your favourite shade?

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  PR Sample*

Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Stationery Haul ✏ ♡

Hands up if you adore stationery! I know I do and I 'needed' some new bits and bobs simply because I have started a new obsession and that is organising and updating my filofax. I own a personal domino filofax and it was just kept away, unused and unloved. Watching alot of youtube videos and seeing other filo-mad people on instagram made me want to start it too. I mean if you are going to write down notes, all those important appointments and to-do lists then you might as well do it but with washi tape, sticky notes and all those cute paperclips ^^
I recently went and bought all these super cute things from Tiger and Paperchase. Paperchase had a sale on earlier so it was a good time to browse because I was able to find some amazing ring erasers which only costed £1.75, it would of been rude not to pick these up and I needed a new refill for my filofax so I was able to pick up an 18 month planner refill which only costed a mere £2.80! I am now able to write my day to day activities and the coloured paper that was also included in the pack can be used as note paper to write my blog post ideas.
Tiger has always been my favourite place to shop for unique and quirky items, since discovering it two years ago in London I knew I had to stop by and pick up some much needed stationery items so I ended up buying two washi tapes, a huge sheet of stickers, some cutely numbered paper clips, decorative paper, novelty food shaped erasers, mini markers, page markers and a post it notes page which I can easily clip into my organiser. Altogether It costed around the £13 mark and that my friends is £13 well spent! 

What are your favourite places to go to for stationery shopping?

Monday, 13 October 2014

Emily Fruit Crisps* Review

Hi lovelies!
Today I am featuring a very cute company to all you health concious lot out there, trust me once you reach to the end of my review you will want to go and purchase these! (Warning: You may start to feel peckish and you may get the urge to buy girly packaged fruit crisps)
When I first came across Emily Fruit Crisps I was first blown away by the packaging, I mean how cute and girly does the packaging look?!? I absolutely adore the colours and the floral/fruit print that has been used because it definitely stands out and makes the product look unique. I knew I had to sample these in my life and I believe Emily fruit crisps will change the way you think about fruit crisps.

The story behind Emily Fruit Crisps:

"Emily is an exciting new range of snacks that have all the goodness of fruit with the crunch of a crisp. Named after one of the co-founders, these Fruit Crisps are something of a little love story. While she and her lovely partner, Alex were travelling in the Far East, they found an astonishing way of making crisps in a vacuum that preserves all the good things in fruit while still being amazingly crunchy… They decided to make their own and Alex named them after Emily so he could see her name wherever he went…"

I always turn to crisps when I am feeling a bit peckish and I know sometimes it is 'hard' to get fruit into my diet (oops) So this is the best thing yet, Not only does it contain the same amount as a 30g pack of walkers crisps but these are so scrummy and this actually helps to make me eat more fruit, be it fresh or dried like these crisps. The fact that these are just like crisps, makes it a whole lot easier to reach out to and snack on and without any effort too!
Once I opened the packets, I saw that the fruit crisps seemed ripe! Astonishing... Because when you tend to think of dried fruit it normally lacks moisture and/or colour so this was something new. The fruit is cooked in non-hydrogenated vegetable oil in a vacuum which means the fruit isn't greasy but more crisp-like and with that being said each bite sure was flavour full and so concentrated almost like eating fresh fruit. I also love that it does not contain any nasty preservatives, additives, no added sugar and no e numbers either! These are simply just moreish snacks that need to be tried. Out of the three, apple and pineapple was my favourite.
You can easily get your hands on some at Selfridges (London, Manchester and Birmingham) and at whole foods market in London. Not only that, if you cannot wait to try some then you can also order online at Emily fruit crisps, 12 packs of your choice for £25 and that includes shipping but it is UK only. I am sure these will be stocked at other places too because I can definitely see all the ladies carrying this in their handbags <3

Check out Emily Fruit Crisps here and let me know in the comments, what are your thoughts on this new innovation and would you try these?

NOTE: Thank you Em, for sending these treats over! These products were sent to me for review purposes, but the opinions expressed are my own.

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Rings And Tings Jewellery* Review

Hi Lovelies! Today I have for you a product review from the company - Rings & Tings
Rings and Tings is an online shop that stocks amazingly affordable accessories and other fashionable items. This company has also been featured in top publications such as: Teen Vogue, Glamour and Seventeen! I was sent a mini surprise package to review for you all and I had no idea what was going to be sent so it was even more exciting. I was sent three items in total, a set of midi rings, a rose gold bow bracelet and a woven strap bracelet. It took some time for the package to arrive but everything arrived safely thanks to it being carefully packaged. Once opening the lil parcel you come across a small business card which adds a nice touch and it also had the company sticker stuck on the front too.
In terms of the quality, you really get what you pay for but in this case I think the jewellery items that were sent was actually not that bad, you can definitely still play up your look even if you are on a budget and Rings and Tings is THE place to get it from.
The jewelled midi rings are my favourite out of the selection that was sent, I actually needed to purchase some and these came at the right time. I have only just started loving the whole midi ring hype and these simple rings are perfect for a minimalistic look or it can also look great whilst being piled up with other rings. The four different coloured jewels meant that I could match the rings to my outfit too! The rose gold diamond bow bracelet is indeed a very pretty piece of jewellery and I can totally see myself stacking up a few bracelets with it, The bracelet is stretchy so it is able to fit any wrist size and it definitely looks more expensive than it's actually worth. Lastly the two toned woven strapped bracelet isn't something I would personally choose but I am sure I will get some wear out of it either on it's own or piled with some other bangles and bracelets. Overall I liked the pieces that were sent and I would definitely recommend this gem of a company to all you fashion and budget concious lot! Did I forget to mention that Rings and Tings do free worldwide delivery and even stock personalised lucky dip bags! So do check them out here and let me know in the comments what you think about Rings and Tings.

Monday, 6 October 2014

REVIEW | New Impulse Rock & Love Body Spray*

Impulse Rock & Love, £1.99* available exclusively from Superdrug online and in stores now.

Impulse body sprays have always been a firm favourite staple in my bag and I go through them like crazy and when I was recently sent this NEW scent to try the lil school girl in me screamed a little and I actually needed a new body spray, good timing!
I remember using Impulse at school, and from what I remember the scents were very girly and definitely aimed towards the younger generation but this rock and rose scent is something very different and unique. Let me elaborate, Impulse have released this new scent from a growing range of reformulated designer fragrances and this scent is described to be "an oriental scent which features a mix of fresh and fruity fragrance notes, including amber and orange blossom, which combine to produce a bright, sparkling scent." I can definitely say that this smells more grown up, the scent is definitely warm and quite autumnal if I had to describe it, I am also able to detect the top notes of the orange blossom and amber. It does not in any way smell like a cheap chemical cocktail of ingredients. This has all been possible thanks to the fragrance expert - Ann Gottlieb who is the 'nose' behind such designer fragrances like Calvin Klein, Marc Jacobs and Oscar De La Renta. So expect nothing less, Impulse have really upped their game and seeing as the fragrances are now reformulated and contains real perfume oils, you can really count on Impulse since the scent can last from day to night. If you are in need for the perfect on the go fragrance boost then I recommend trying out this new scent from the Impulse family because I certainly love it!

Have you tried Rock & Love yet?
PR Sample*

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Monthly Favourites | September 2014

Here we are again! It's time for another instalment of monthly favourites - September! It really feels like I typed up August favourites yesterday but rambles aside here are my five chosen items that I have been loving throughout the month of September.

I heart stationery, FACT and whilst visiting Ikea I had a look around the stationery aisle and I instantly added this beautiful notebook into the shopping bag, You can never have enough notebooks and this looks so pretty on my dresser. I have not yet decided what to use it for, maybe blog post ideas? but nevertheless this had to be included in my favourites since I like to add non beauty items too!

Glo Minerals Under Eye Concealer in Golden*
Concealers are a must in my daily make-up routine and since I switch my concealers around depending on the coverage (this one is medium but can be buildable), I have been using and loving this alot! Not only does the creamy formula cover all the blemishes and darkness around my eyes but it also contains vitamins which helps the skin to improve it's appearance. I am all for make-up with added benefits to the skin so this definitely gets top marks.

Bourjois Illuminating Touch
Adding a highlighter into my daily routine has been the best thing yet! This cute lil pot of sparkly-ness adds luminosity to my complexion and it looks great when the light hits the areas where I have applied it. I am not too sure if this is still available since I couldn't find anywhere that stocks this product but i will need to find a dupe for this since it has the perfect ratio of shimmer to powder without looking OTT.

Clarins Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette*
I was recently sent this to try out and trust me ever since I had received this all you ever need for perfect brows palette I have not been able to put it down. This really is THE perfect kit to help you achieve lovely groomed and sculpted eyebrows. I will be reviewing this in more depth soon so you can see why I use it daily. I especially love the pink highlighting shade that Clarins have included because it really gives the effect of high brows. I believe every woman needs this because with the help of tools and certain make-up shades you can really enhance your features without having the need to do something drastic.

Weleda Skin Food*
A must-have and you will definitely find this in my handbag, change in weather means dry skin and I turn to this when my skin needs a bit of TLC, A product loved by many. This really penetrates deep into the skin which means your body is left feeling replenished and hydrated. I use this on my hands and anywhere I feel there are dry patches and trust me, just in one application I am able to see and feel the difference. A bedside table must!

What Have You Been Loving This Month?                                                                          PR samples*