Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Monthly Favourites | September 2014

Here we are again! It's time for another instalment of monthly favourites - September! It really feels like I typed up August favourites yesterday but rambles aside here are my five chosen items that I have been loving throughout the month of September.

I heart stationery, FACT and whilst visiting Ikea I had a look around the stationery aisle and I instantly added this beautiful notebook into the shopping bag, You can never have enough notebooks and this looks so pretty on my dresser. I have not yet decided what to use it for, maybe blog post ideas? but nevertheless this had to be included in my favourites since I like to add non beauty items too!

Glo Minerals Under Eye Concealer in Golden*
Concealers are a must in my daily make-up routine and since I switch my concealers around depending on the coverage (this one is medium but can be buildable), I have been using and loving this alot! Not only does the creamy formula cover all the blemishes and darkness around my eyes but it also contains vitamins which helps the skin to improve it's appearance. I am all for make-up with added benefits to the skin so this definitely gets top marks.

Bourjois Illuminating Touch
Adding a highlighter into my daily routine has been the best thing yet! This cute lil pot of sparkly-ness adds luminosity to my complexion and it looks great when the light hits the areas where I have applied it. I am not too sure if this is still available since I couldn't find anywhere that stocks this product but i will need to find a dupe for this since it has the perfect ratio of shimmer to powder without looking OTT.

Clarins Perfect Eyes and Brows Palette*
I was recently sent this to try out and trust me ever since I had received this all you ever need for perfect brows palette I have not been able to put it down. This really is THE perfect kit to help you achieve lovely groomed and sculpted eyebrows. I will be reviewing this in more depth soon so you can see why I use it daily. I especially love the pink highlighting shade that Clarins have included because it really gives the effect of high brows. I believe every woman needs this because with the help of tools and certain make-up shades you can really enhance your features without having the need to do something drastic.

Weleda Skin Food*
A must-have and you will definitely find this in my handbag, change in weather means dry skin and I turn to this when my skin needs a bit of TLC, A product loved by many. This really penetrates deep into the skin which means your body is left feeling replenished and hydrated. I use this on my hands and anywhere I feel there are dry patches and trust me, just in one application I am able to see and feel the difference. A bedside table must!

What Have You Been Loving This Month?                                                                          PR samples*


  1. Aww the notebook looks so cute! I've never heard of Glo Minerals before. Might have to try the concealer! X

  2. Some lovely products! Iv just finished my september favourites too! x
    Emma | Everything Beauty

  3. Love trying different highlighters, may give this one a go!

    JaynieShannon Beauty And Style


  4. Was just at Ikea and completely missed that section. Shoot!

  5. always wanted to try skin food!

    from helen at

  6. That highlighter looks and sounds really nice, I hope its still available! x

  7. You can't beat a good notebook! It always takes me ages to write in new ones though, I don't want to ruin them haha. The Glo Minerals concealer sounds amazing :) xx


  8. I have Skin Food! It's the best isn't it? Super emollient! I tried the sample you have and immediately bought the big version. I find the sample really nice as a lip balm for especially dry, chapped lips.

    Tiff | AMtoPM

  9. I need to try skin food, heard so many fab things about it! x


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