Saturday, 29 November 2014

Primark Winter Beauty And Accessories Wishlist

primark winter wishlist

Oh Primark! You never fail to impress me. So whilst browsing the Primark website I saw many things that I wanted liked and me being me I just had to make yet another wishlist out of the gorgeous items that are now available.
First up how damn cute are the socks?! They are so Instagram worthy and who says who can't carry on wearing pastels in the winter?! I just adore them and at £2 a pair, you really cannot go wrong.
Accessories accessories accessories! Primark have really upped their game in this department and I am forever being mesmerised at the quality and at how pretty everything looks and the two types of jewellery that I have been loving are the minimalistic bracelets and the rings! In my opinion you can just never have too many. Those rings are so eye catching and definitely looks Topshop worthy.
Lastly saving the best till last, the Primark beauty hamper looks amazing! and I really want to get my paws on it. I am not too sure if you can readily buy it like this or make your own but I really love the idea of having a hamper at home for those cozy pamper sessions in.

What are you loving from Primark at the moment?


  1. Primark have some gorgeous statement necklaces at the moment!
    xprincessjas | ♥

  2. Wait...What... You can see products on the Primark website?! Why didn't I know this?!
    I love those socks!! x
    Maria's Adventures

  3. Ohh the socks are the cutest! ^ ^

  4. THE SOCKS OMG I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE <3 ahaha they are awesome :D

    Caitriona Tighe

  5. Amazing just love the socks they would make great presents for Christmas xx

  6. Those Flump socks are brilliant! Love them!!


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