Friday, 5 December 2014

Custom Cookie Co* Review

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Today on Bows & Pearls I decided to publish a lifestyle post for you all and it has been a while since I last reviewed something so cute and oh so yummy!
The guys over at Custom Cookie Co kindly sent over some biscuit cards to review for you all and I honestly had no idea what the biscuits were going to look like so it was twice the fun when I received them.
Custom Cookie Co specialise in baking fresh cookies to suit your needs whether it be for a birthday party or for a corporate event. Either way these guys have got it all covered. 
There are three scrummy flavours to choose from: Chocolate brownie, Real vanilla and ginger. You can even personalise the cookies so it just makes it that extra bit special for the person receiving it.
Cookie cards make such great gift ideas and makes gift giving so much fun (way better than the traditonal card/flower combination) There are so many to choose from and what's better is you get to choose and design the cookie how you want.
I was sent two cookie cards and I was instantly impressed at a) how the cookies were packaged because there not a breakage in sight and b) the detailing of the cookies. Being hand decorated sure shows how much effort goes into each and every one of them.
The cookies are so eye catching and from £8.50 each, it hardly breaks the bank. Now onto the taste test, I made myself a cuppa and tried a few of the smaller cute flowers. The ginger biscuit was actually not that bad! I could even detect the cinnamon which gave it a nice kick, It was soft in texture though I originally thought that the biscuits were going to be crunchier, but having said the icing does make up for lost crunch which did make the tasting experience delightful. The taste of ginger was definitely obvious but it wasn't too overpowering. The chocolate brownie flavoured ones were much more enjoyable. It was decadent and these did not last that long! I would of personally opted for the vanilla and chocolate choices over the ginger.
All in all I thoroughly enjoyed trying these out and the detailing and thought that goes into each cookie is truly commendable. A thumbs up from me!

Check them out here

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