Friday, 19 December 2014

Live It Loud Volumising Hair Piece By Hair Raisers* | Review And Discount Code

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

Ever wanted to try out hair extensions? well you've come to read about it at the right place! I was contacted by hairaisers and was sent a volumising hair piece to trial out and review. I have never tried extensions and so this was quite exciting as I could not wait to experiment with different looks. From this product I wanted to achieve length and volume since my natural hair is already so thick
I was sent the Live it loud, 22 inches straight hair piece in the shade 1B.

This particular product is a two in one piece. It not only can be used as a hairpiece but it also doubles up as a ponytail piece. This is so handy since you do not need to purchase more than one style of hair pieces.These extensions are made of premium quality high heat fibre and it performs just as well as human hair. My natural hair colour is not exactly jet black so I chose the next colour down and that matched perfectly!
Putting these extensions in was so easy and quick. You simply straight section your hair from the front. Clip in the piece on the parting, take your front hair back and backcomb it to hide any possible clips from showing through. Surprisingly this felt so snug and although the actual weight of the extensions is 250 grams, I did not feel as if it was weighing me down. Fist pump!
I loved how healthy and shiny these extensions looked and not only that, you can style it the way you want, whether it be straightened, curled or even crimped. You just have to remember that with daily use, these need to be taken care of and with a simple shampoo and conditioner it will remain just as new. This particular hair piece features a durable lace cap which ensures no shedding of hair. The craftsmanship really exceeds the price.
So how did I get on with these hair extensions? Well since recently having my hair cut to a midi length and it being such a blunt cut, I was still able to see my hair through the extensions. It did not blend into the hair piece like I had hoped however there are many factors that could of affected this a) my hair just being way too thick b) maybe using 2x the same hair piece instead of one or c) my hair being cut so recently so it was prominent. I found that me wearing the hair piece as a ponytail worked out better. As you can see in the images above, my hair looked more natural as a ponytail rather than the hair being open.
I will however continue to experiment even more and see how my hair looks once it's grown a bit more.

Overall I am very impressed by hairaisers,This is such a quality piece of extensions. It not only looks natural but you can style it with heated appliances and the range of colours that are available means that it can match any hair colour out there. I definitely achieved great volume and without the help of any haircare products, you can trust on these extensions for adding that extra oomph to any hair that lacks volume. I am honestly glad that my first ever hair extensions experience was with hairaisers.

The lovely team over at hairaisers have also given me a 20% off discount code for you all to use on any of the hairaisers products on their website, just a little something for my lovely readers out there! Simply type 'ZARACHAUHAN20' whilst checking out. I would love to know if you are thinking of purchasing anything!

Check it out here - link

Have you tried any hair products from Hair Raisers?

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