Friday, 30 January 2015

Essence Get BIG Lashes Mascara* Review

Hi Lovelies, hope you all are well!

If you know me well, you'll know that I have to have two things on a daily basis and they are: caffeine and mascara, lots of mascara.
I have been testing out a few mascaras lately and this one seems to be the one I reach out to the most.

Product description:
Curly lashes! the large, curved fiber brush offers maximum volume, a gorgeous curl and thickens your lashes while the black texture ensures an intensive look.

As always I have to start by talking about the packaging, I am quite liking the bold red look since this does catch your eye, coupled with the yellow lettering, this mascara is very pop art colour-esque. Quite a fun packaging and I am liking the jumbo sized mascara and wand as this can only mean some serious volume boosting for your lashes!
Essence Get BIG! Lashes Volume Curl Mascara features a large, curved, fiber brush that offers maximum volume, curl and helps to thicken the lashes. The over-sized wand has a ton of bristles, with a wet and lightweight formula. This has the blackest formula which really ensures an intense, extremely pigmented look. It makes each lash look denser with more volume, while adding a ton of length and holds a curl throughout the day (it really does!) It doesn't smudge nor flake. Fist pump.
It's too good to be true.
Yet again the quality exceeds the price, why am I not surprised since this isn't the first make-up product from Essence that I have really liked. This is so inexpensive and it meets the likes of the much higher branded mascaras available.
I heart the brush. It really does grip the lashes allowing it to reach it's full potential and since the curve shaped brush follows the shape of your eyes it really does grip and volumise your lashes. Though the formulation seems a bit wetter than other mascaras, I have had no clumping but more of a defined look and of course you can build up the intensity of the volume by simply coating your lashes twice. I find this is enough to make your lashes look longer and fuller. Like I said before, Essence is a brand that I have really been enjoying and I cannot recommend this brand enough! It's love but in make-up form.

Check it out here - link & available to buy here - £2.30*/ link

What do you think of this mascara? Is it something you would want to try out?

Monday, 26 January 2015

REVIEW | Essence Eyeshadow In Starlight*

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

Warning: This eyeshadow is not for the faint hearted!

I have been really enjoying Essence Cosmetics recently and I have started to literally write review after review of their products. Obsessed much?! Truthfully speaking, This fun and affordable brand has some amazing products which not only look good to the eye but also performs just as well as higher ended brands.

Just look at how stunning this eyeshadow is!? (insert heart eyes emoji here) If you are a total magpie like me then you will be instantly attracted to this and you would want to swatch this.
Essence mono eyeshadows come packaged in a transparent, plastic compact with the Essence brand logo printed on the top and details of the shade name/number on the back. The flip cap locks securely so the eyeshadow pan remains safe and this makes it a very travel-friendly product. There is no mirror/applicators which ideally might be a good thing since I don't really use any of the applicators that are included with compacts and I have way too many pocket mirrors lying around in my handbag so I am not at loss. Though if a mirror was included, it could of been a plus point.
Starlight is a beaufiful silver shade with lots of micro glitter particles running through it. The glitters are so finely milled and the ratio of glitter to pigment is perfect.
Texture wise this is surprisingly buttery-soft, I assumed that the glitter would make my skin feel uncomfortable or that it would be gritty at touch but this feels so light and blends like a dream!
This shade is quite pigmented and you can build the colour depending on the look you are going for, two applications is more than enough I think!
The staying power is also commendable, the swatch in the above image is quite intense without primer, so imagine how stunning the colour will look if used with a primer. I was able to get 4+ hours of wear and I honestly did not think this was possible.
This is my second try at using a Essence eyeshadow and yet again this is another product added to the 'I love Essence' pile, I am yet to find a product that isn't of good quality and I doubt this will happen any time soon since the way it's going now, this might just be a brand i'll buy everything from! (no exaggeration there!) Another thumbs up from me!

If you are looking for a pocket friendly, amazing staying power and pigmentation. Easy blending properties, soft texture and not forgetting to mention the pretty silver sparkles then this eyeshadow compact is for you! This truly needs to be in everyone's make-up collection. This looks amazing with black winged liner and who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?

Check it out here - link / £1.60*

Have you tried this shade from Essence?

Friday, 23 January 2015

Lush Sale Haul

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

The Lush sale. The one I keep an eye out for every year. If you're a Lush fanatic like me then you'll know that Lush get rid of their xmas stock on and after boxing day and being half price on ALL of the items makes you want to treat yourself and buy that extra bit more. That's what happened this year. I have never bought six items all at once before and seeing as I missed out on it last year, I thought why not (best justification ever!)
I bought all of these products online and if you were one of those purchasing online, you will know that Lush were experiencing alot of technical hiccups, so I missed out on two products that I really wanted to try and they were: Butterbear and Holly Go-Lighty (fingers crossed for bringing these two back this year!) I did however manage to get most of what I wanted and I put it swiftly into my basket.
So here's what I bought and it's discounted price:

Shoot For The Star Bath Bomb: Was £3.50 £1.75
So White Bath Bomb: Was £3.50 £1.75
The Christmas Hedgehog Bubble Bar: Was £3.24 £1.62
Christmas Eve Bubble Bar: Was £2.94 £1.47
Drummers Drumming Bubble Bar: Was £5.24 £2.62
Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb: Was £3.50 £1.75

So, I was able to pick up all of this within the £15 mark and that's including the delivery charge too!
I am so happy with my purchases and I cannot wait to start using these bath products and to review them individually.
My top picks are the Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb and the Drummers Drumming Bubble Bar (Just look at how cute it is!)

What did you pick up from the Lush sale? and what product would you like me to review first? 

Wednesday, 21 January 2015

REVIEW | Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick In 23 Rose Petal*

Hi lovelies, Hope you all are well!

You just cannot have enough pink lipsticks in your life and carrying on with the spring theme from the previous Clarins review, I have the latest addition to the Joli Rouge collection for Spring 2015 to review and it does not disappoint.

Product Description:

This lipstick combines the transparent colour and shine of a lip gloss with the creamy texture of a lipstick. A unique extreme shine Maxi Lip Complex helps plump and hydrate for full, soft and supple lips, while the deeply moisturising and long-wearing formula provides the benefits of a balm with lip care ingredients.
The "Extreme Shine" MaxiLip Complex with: Mango Butter : for nourishment and shine. Renewing Tripeptide: for fuller lips. "Shine booster" pigments: for a multi-coloured effect.

I was sent the Clarins Joli Rouge Lipstick in 23 Rose Petal* and my oh my what a stunning shade of pink!
There are 2 new shades for Spring – 22 Coral Dahlia and 23 Rose Petal.
This soft pink shade is infused with silver micro glitter to give it a light sheen on the lips. I would describe this as a 'light candy pink'
The packaging is simply stunning, quite a piece of luxury, if I had to describe it. The bullet is encased in a rather sleek silver case that not only screams class but also perfection.
I have not tried a Joli Rouge lipstick before but from what I do know, the formulation is very moisturising and it's the perfect blend of a lip balm and a lipstick.
This particular shade can deliver a sheer wash of colour to a full coverage candied pink shade. The swatch in the image shown is what the colour looks like after many applications. Quite a versatile lip product since you can control the amount of colour you want to wear. What I love about this particular lipstick is that it has a lip balm feel, which makes it very comfortable on the lips and not forgetting to mention how easy the colour is to wear since you do not really need to look into a mirror to apply this.
My lips feel super soft and hydrated and that's due to the lovely ingredient - mango butter!
In term of wear-age, I am able to get two hours before having the need to reapply. Not bad at all!
Since there are mini glitters in the formulation, it can feel a little gritty but not too much that it is unbearably uncomfortable, My lips do look fuller too, this could be due to the glitter/glossy finish so this does balance it out.

All in all, a princess lipstick (as I would call it) should be given a swatch if you're out and about because I quite love this! Not forgetting to mention it also smells like raspberries! Using this makes my lips soft and hydrated and gives the illusion of fuller looking lips, What's not to love?

Check it out here | £19* each - link

What do you think of this new addition to the Joli Rouge collection?

Monday, 19 January 2015

Benefit's NEW Roller Lash Mascara & Free Sample!

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

I get so excited when Benefit releases a brand sparkling new product, I'm a sucker for retro/vintage packaging and of course the brand - Benefit!
So building on the success of They're Real lash-lengthening mascara, Benefit is set to launch the new Roller Lash mascara which is designed to lift and curl eyelashes the same way curlers lift and curl hair. The £19.50 mascara features a Hook 'n' Roll brush with tiny hooks on the bristles, which catch lashes, lifting and gently pulling them to create ultimate curly lashes. The ink-black formula contains Pro vitamin B5 and serin, known for their lash-conditioning benefits, and is said to provide a 12-hour curl-setting effect. Apparently you won't be needing eyelash curlers for this mascara and though it's not shown in this image, the actual pink end of the full sized product looks like an actual hair roller. I am loving the sound of this and I cannot wait to try this out!

If you want to get your hands on Benefit's latest release. Then you can try a sample of it that will be included in March's Elle magazine (released early Feb) but if you really do not want to miss out or worry that the samples will run out then you can pre order the issue here to make sure you get your hands on a sample.
Roller Lash will release in March 2015.

What do you think of Benefit's latest release?

Saturday, 17 January 2015

REVIEW | Clarins Spring 2015 Instant Light Lip Balm Perfectors*

Swatch Party! From L To R: My Pink, Coral, Red & Rosewood

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

One of my favourite things about spring is new make-up launches, think pastel shades, shimmery eyeshadows and fresh looking make-up.
Clarins have brought out a stunning collection for spring this year and one of the products from the collection that I am really loving are these lip balm perfectors.

Product description
This melting gel lip balm with a deliciously sweet taste glides on the lips effortlessly adding a naturally coloured glossy shine with a barely-there effect. Lips instantly look plump, smooth and luscious. 4 hours of non-stop hydration, lips look fuller and perfectly shaped. Wild mango butter: prevents dehydration, nourishes and delivers comfort and moisture. Shea butter: nourishes and protects the epidermis for a silky smooth finish.

First off can I just say how visually stunning these lip products are? A colour co-ordnated packaging depending on the shade of the lip balm and talk about a practical yet chic looking product! I'm in love... literally.

These NEW lip balm perfectors are a solid version of the much loved and cult classic instant light lip perfectors (squeezy tube version). There are 6 beautiful shades available, I was kindly sent 4 to try out: 03 My pink - PH reactive! Your own custom shade of pink depending on the PH of your lips! 02 Coral - Warm peach, 05 Red - pink-based red and 06 Rosewood - pink-toned nude.
These are just so much more than your average lip balm. Being quite pricey at £18 each, it is more of a little luxury to have with added benefits for your lips. Coupled with a sweet vanilla like scent, the formulation contains active plant ingredients such as: nourishing mango, moisturising shea, Vitamin E and natural peptides. This lip balm means business! Hydrated and nourished lips in a flash!
These lip balm perfectors also provides comfort, gloss and a sheer wash of colour that can look great on anyone. In terms of colour pay off the 05 Red is the most pigmented whilst the other shades are more of a sheer tint. You cannot go wrong with applying these either since these aren't heavy on the colour so you do not need to sit down and carefully apply this with a mirror, the precise tip on the bullet and easy to wear colours allows you to wear this just how you normally would with any lip balm. Win!
The gel-like texture means that this glides onto the lips with ease, I can assure you that this does not tug the lips nor does it feel sticky.

I honestly cannot think of anything that I disliked about these lip balm perfectors, they hydrate, lips look and feel plumper and soft, the longevity is great, lasted on my lips 2.5 hrs before needing to reapply and the gorgeous packaging! Quite a luxurious lip balm that everyone needs in their bag! I loved these and I honestly cannot recommend these enough.

Check it out here - link / £18* each

What do you think of these lip balm perfectors?

Thursday, 15 January 2015

REVIEW | Essence Sooo Glow! Cream To Powder Highlighter*

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

A while back I took part in the Essence's £10 make-up challenge which you can see here, and since being generously sent quite an amount of products,I was able to get familiar with the brand. One of the products that really caught my eye was this highlighter.

Now I never really used to use or own any highlighters until I saw the beautiful Hannah Maggs, she is so stunning and since she incorporates the Nars Copacabana highlighter into her make-up routine, I knew I had to a) try it out because it makes her look so dewy and fresh b) highlighters can really be your best friend by helping you achieve that 'outer glow' also perfect to use for ill/tired days.

Product description:
Glamour glow! The Essence Soo Glow highlighter gives your complexion a beautiful shimmer. Its creamy texture turns into a velvety, powdery formula upon application. easy to apply with your fingers, it sets gorgeous accents on your cheekbones, underneath the brows or in the inner corners of your eyes.

This Essence highlighter has not left my make-up bag ever since, this is my new not-so secret weapon because I am now sharing my to-go to product with you all!
For £2.80 you are getting 4g of product which actually sounds like a really small amount but seeing as I have been using this daily I have not yet hit pan and this stuff is really pigmented so you only really need a small amount. The highlighter comes housed in a surprisingly sturdy plastic compact. There is no mirror/brush just the actual product.
The shade that I was sent - 20 Bright up your life* is a beautiful icy light pink with shimmers and tiny glitters. This shade is actually so similar to Nars Copacabana! Now this makes me a very happy girl, since I did want to purchase the Nars one but costing at £22.50 it is not exactly a purse friendly option.
The formulation is oh so creamy! This literally blends like a dream and it allows you to use as little/more as you please since the product is not in bottle or tube, there is no wastage.
This highlighter has the right amount of colour and shimmers to make you look dewy. I can reassure you that using this will not make you look like a disco ball. Adding this into my make-up routine has been the best decision yet! I honestly don't know why I didn't use a highlighter before! This can really transform your look and add dimension to your make-up.

I have to say this is one of really good highlighters from Essence. I love the fact that the shimmer is pretty subtle and I love the very easy to use formula. It's a fool proof. You just dip your finger in, dab it onto the skin and blend away. The lasting power is better than average too, lasts a good 4+ hours or even more! Well done Essence, you have done it again! I truly recommend this for all you highlighter newbies or even for those who use highlighters religiously.

Available here - link

Have you tried this highlighter from Essence?

Sunday, 11 January 2015

REVIEW | P.S. Love Matte Long Last Lipstick

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

I have read alot of Primark beauty reviews and since most of it was positive, I picked up this rather gorgeous barbie-pink colour to try out. I was quite impressed and so I just had to review it for you all!

This particular lipstick has a matte finish, Which initially, I used to think that this would feel uncomfortable on my lips but still I decided to buy this because this is such a stunning pink that it just needed to be added into my collection. This matte lipstick actually applies and feels well. Not only that, it is also a long wearing shade which is perfect for such a statement colour and actually even more great for the price!
Sadly this particular product/colour does not have a number or a shade name which does let this product down ever so slightly and so if you do want to buy this then I would say look out for the barbie-pink shade. This shade reminds me of Mac's candy yum yum, it is some what similar and would make a great dupe for it too! This cool, blue toned medium pink will look amazing on all types of skin colours.
I have been testing this lip colour in two ways and for both ways it works just as well, Since I am not a statement lip kinda gal, I use this more as a tint. I simply dab this onto my lips until I feel my lips have gotten to a rosey-pink and using vaseline, I custom mix this to create a sheer wash of colour over the lips which can also pass as lipgloss. This is such a pigmented lip product that you really only need two applications for the colour to reach it's full potential.
This wears for atleast 3-4 hours which I think is quite amazing, seeing as this only costed £1.50! This is one of the few matte lip products that I have tried and so far so good! I can honestly say that this reaches the top of my list. I am going to pop back in Primark and get a few more shades. Lastly the packaging is also nice and I like how the bullet is housed in a gold-luxe style packaging since it makes it look more expensive than it really is. The added bonus is that you can see the shade at the bottom and that is very true to the colour it swatches. Handy for storage too since you do not need to open the lid to see the shade. I honestly cannot think of anything negative to say (except there being no shade name) but for the price this truly exceeds in quality. Well done Primark!

What do you think of this lipstick/shade? Is it something you would like to try out?

Saturday, 10 January 2015

Lush Valentine's Day 2015 Collection

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

All you lush fans are in for a treat because I have for you a round up of this years Valentine's day collection and I must admit, I am quite impressed.

1. Cupid's love soap £4.25
2. Heart throb bubble bar £3.65
3. The kiss lip gloss £5.95
4. The kiss lip scrub £5.50
5. Unicorn horn bubble bar £3.25
6. Floating flower bath bomb £3.50
7. Love locket bath bomb £6.95
8. Prince charming shower gel £4.75
9. Lonely heart bubble bar £3.50

Like last year, we see the return of four products - Cupid's love soap, The kiss lip gloss, Love locket bath bomb and the prince charming shower gel. But I am mostly excited for the brand new items that are in this year's collection and it truly did not disappoint!
The first new addition to the collection is the Heart throb bubble bar, this products contains shea butter and the same fragrance which is in the Lush's african paradise body conditioner so expect soft skin and brightly red coloured water with this beaut!
Next up is The kiss lip scrub, Now I am a huge fan of Lush's lip scrubs and I would love to add this to my collection. This product goes well with the lip gloss since it has the same flavour as the lip gloss and this lip scrub contains caster sugar, sea salt, edible hearts and hundreds and thousands! What's not to love.
Next is my personal favourite, Unicorn horn bubble bar. This is such a instagram worthy product, Just look at how pretty it is! This bubble bar contains neroli, lavender, candy hearts and sparkling lustre. If you are into pastel/mythical things then this should be on the top of your shopping list.
Next is the Floating flower bath bomb, this product is multi layered and features a floral/jasmine fragrance, This will leave your bath water looking colourful with pink, orange and green colours. Stunning!
Lastly the Lonely heart bubble bar is a glitzy one! With lemongrass, bergamot, jasmine and ylang ylang this will leave you feeling uplifted and not only that, this turns your bath water an appropriate valentine's day red and the added cornflour will make your skin soft.

All in all I think this is another successful collection at Lush, What are you liking from this year's collection?

Check all of the products out here

Friday, 9 January 2015

Primark Accessories Haul

Hi lovelies! Hope you all are well!

Perusing in Primark is one of my favourite things to do and usually what happens to be a 'i'm just browsing' ends up in me buying a 'few' things. Why Primark why?! You'll definitely find me in the accessories department finding the must have statement ring or minimalistic bracelets in gold and silver.

Whilst visiting Primark in the sales, I picked up these items and I am so happy with my purchases. I bought the following: 1x 50 pack of black hair ties - £1, 1x pretty hair clips - £1.50, 1x black and pink make-up bag - £2, 1x jewelled eye lash curler £2, 1x matte pink lipstick - £1.50, 1x silver ring set - £3, 1x 9 pairs of pink and grey stud earrings - £2 and 1x 6 pairs of gold themed stud earrings - £1.50. In total it costed me £14.50! Not bad I think!


I always buy my stud earrings from Primark. Fact. I loved the pink/grey jewel themed set and without any further thought, I put this straight into my basket. I also adore rings from here too and I honestly thought that the silver ring set was so Topshop-esque! Love the pop of navy blue and red. I know I am going to get alot of wear-age from my jewellery picks. I honestly cannot recommend these statement pieces enough, accessories do not have to be costly for you to enjoy, sometimes finding a bargainous piece can be just as striking.

Other bits & bobs
Luckily I remembered to pick up some basic hair ties because I swear I am always either losing these or bobby pins. I swear those guys go for walkies because I just cannot seem to keep it all in one place. Please tell me i'm not the only one! I also saw the cute pink/white hair clips and since half hair up and half hair down is such a trend lately, I wanted to experiment with my newly chopped mane. I then went to the beauty section and saw three cute items that I just needed to 'get' first up was the make-up bag, and I know I already have way too many... but my excuse is I don't have a pink one! Ha! I then saw this incredible pink coloured lipstick and seeing as I have not tried a lip product from PS Beauty I wanted to give it a try since I have read so many positive reviews and lastly even though I didn't need it, I picked up a new pair of eyelash curlers simply because it's covered in gems! Practical and pretty at the same time.

I think I have enough accessories to last me until I next pay a visit to Primark, which shouldn't be too soon... I hope!

What do you think of my latest purchases?

Thursday, 8 January 2015

90s Lovin'

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

Since being born in the 90s, I often think back into my childhood and try to recall the things that I used to love. I wanted to document some products here and share them with you all so that you too can enjoy and remember these. A definite blast from the past. I have also compiled some pins on Pinterest (my gosh that is one addicitve site) *promote own link here* and found these! I really miss these items the most and really wish they were available again!

Polly Pocket
I really remember owning quite a few compacts and Pollys and a part of me really wishes that I should of kept them because I only just realised how stunning and pretty the compacts actually look! I just love the jewel toned colours and how Polly Pocket used to be. I know it still exists now but it doesn't look as pretty or collectable as it used to be. Lucky for those who still have held onto theirs!

Stick On Earrings
What a sight! This really made me remember the days when I used to collect so many of these cutely pastel coloured jewellery. I used to beg my mom to buy me sets of these often since I was quite a girly girl. I was forever playing with these and I still love and miss this concept.

Mood Rings
Collecting everything that changed colour fascinated me as a kid. Not only do I remember buying mood rings but also earrings and necklaces. I used to actually believe the mood stated on the packaging and just be amazed at the forever changing colours.

I really hope that you enjoyed this blast from the past lifestyle post as much as I enjoyed typing it up and featuring my most missed items from the 90s. So tell me what do you miss from the 90s?

Monday, 5 January 2015

FOTD #2 Fresh Faced Beauty

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

I am always swapping and changing make-up products around for my daily make-up routine and since I have built up quite a stash, selecting products depending on your mood can be so much fun! These are the latest products that I currently reach out to.
I have been sporting a much fresher faced make up look that gives me the no make up look but with more definition and a pop of colour.
First of I apply Benefit's Porefessional onto my complexion, this product gives me a cleaner and a fresher base to work on and not forgetting to mention this makes my make-up last a whole lot longer! I definitely recommend trying this out, a hero product that should be in everyone's make-up bags.
Next up I dab on my favourite concealer - Maybelline's Fit Me. This is such a creamy product that it really does cover up those pesky under eye circles and blemishes. This definitely matches the likes of the Nars concealer but it is way cheaper. This has good longevity, does not feel cakey and this product actually lets your skin breathe. Perfect!
My new obsession is highlighter, The soo glow! by Essence is just amazing! You can easily add luminescence to your complexion by dabbing this onto the higher part of your cheekbones or anywhere else you think needs a bit of a glow. Adding this to my foundation sure helps me to look more 'fresh' and radiant. I say fake it till you make it!
For definition and curled lashes I apply two coats of the Essence get BIG! Lashes mascara. This is a great everyday mascara because it does not clump,flake nor does it make your lashes feel stiff. I heart the formula and the brush of this mascara. It really does the job well!
I then finish off my eyes by lining my upper and lower lash line with the Essence Kajal liner. This liner is smudge proof and lasts a really long time. What I love about this eye product is that it does not tug the eye area. The quality really exceeds the price.
To frame my face I then turn to Benefit's gimme brow gel, This allows my brows to stay put after being filled in. You can be assured that once you use this, your brows will look very groomed, natural and it also is long wearing too!
Last but not the least, I finish off my look with a slick of Lipsmacker in Mini Milk vanilla. This looks so cute and smells delish! It keeps my lips soft and hydrated and it even has a milky/nude colour pay off so it also adds a pop of colour too.

Have you tried any of these products?

Friday, 2 January 2015

Sure Invisible Black & White Blogger Challenge

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2015! Expect nothing but better content here at Bows and Pearls and to kick off the new year I wanted to post this rather fun collaboration I did with Sure.

So to celebrate the launch of the NEW Sure Invisible Black & White Diamond, I have been asked to post a filtered image of an active moment depicting my life in black + white. Without a doubt it would have to be a moment spending time with my newborn son. He was born later last year and I now cannot imagine my life without this lil bundle of joy. I captured this bonding moment on my phone and thought 'this is it!' Since I am now an on the go mommy, I need a deodorant to match my super fast lifestyle.

'With an improved formula superior to Nivea against yellow stains, Sure Black + White won't let you down when it comes keeping sweat and stains at bay'

What I love about this particular deodorant is that it leaves no white marks whatsoever and you no longer have to fret about any marks/stains being left on white and black clothing. This spray keeps me fresh all day long whilst doing mommy chores and so far so good!

It shouldn't be hard to find a deodorant that actually works, you can be assured that with this new offering from Sure, marks/stains will be a thing of the past, you'l be feeling fresher for longer and the fresh unisex scent can go down well with both boys and girls. The fact that this is compressed also means that you can easily fit this into your handbag, locker or desk drawer! I use this daily and it works well for me, it may work well for you too!

Available at Superdrug and Boots - £3.99*

Have you tried this out yet?

In collaboration with Sure*