Friday, 2 January 2015

Sure Invisible Black & White Blogger Challenge

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

Here's to a happy and healthy 2015! Expect nothing but better content here at Bows and Pearls and to kick off the new year I wanted to post this rather fun collaboration I did with Sure.

So to celebrate the launch of the NEW Sure Invisible Black & White Diamond, I have been asked to post a filtered image of an active moment depicting my life in black + white. Without a doubt it would have to be a moment spending time with my newborn son. He was born later last year and I now cannot imagine my life without this lil bundle of joy. I captured this bonding moment on my phone and thought 'this is it!' Since I am now an on the go mommy, I need a deodorant to match my super fast lifestyle.

'With an improved formula superior to Nivea against yellow stains, Sure Black + White won't let you down when it comes keeping sweat and stains at bay'

What I love about this particular deodorant is that it leaves no white marks whatsoever and you no longer have to fret about any marks/stains being left on white and black clothing. This spray keeps me fresh all day long whilst doing mommy chores and so far so good!

It shouldn't be hard to find a deodorant that actually works, you can be assured that with this new offering from Sure, marks/stains will be a thing of the past, you'l be feeling fresher for longer and the fresh unisex scent can go down well with both boys and girls. The fact that this is compressed also means that you can easily fit this into your handbag, locker or desk drawer! I use this daily and it works well for me, it may work well for you too!

Available at Superdrug and Boots - £3.99*

Have you tried this out yet?

In collaboration with Sure*


  1. Aww what a cute picture! I'm looking forward to see what you have in store for 2015 as a new reader. (-:

    Lots of Love,
    Manpreet || Simply-M

    1. Aww thank you so much lovely! Such a sweet comment! Glad to have you on board my blogging journey <3 xx

  2. That's the cutest moment! What a lovely idea for a campaign, well done Sure!
    lily x

    1. Thank you so much! It sure is ingenious! <3 xx

  3. Super cute photo! x

  4. What a cute photo! Lovely post, Zara! :)

  5. Lovely post! A very different post! x

  6. Great Post! Follow each other on GFC, Google+, Twitter, facebook, Instagram and Bloglovin? If yes, follow me and i follow back as soon as i see it. Let me know with a comment on my Blog

    Keep in Touch xx Rabea


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