Wednesday, 25 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Mascara*

Roller Lash mascara | £19.50*

Back in January I was lucky enough to attend the Roller Lash launch event and was given a full-sized Roller Lash mascara* in our goody bags to try out. I have used this a couple of times and now it's time to report back and tell you why you need this mascara in your life!
Benefit have really set off 2015 with a bang! Seeing as the new products Puff Off and Roller Lash already seem to be loved by many! I sure am excited to see what's next!
This new offering may well be the next favourite alongside They're Real which has become a cult product.
The mantra for this new mascara is "Hook 'n' Roll" which describes the product well since this is said to open the eyes by grabbing each lash to lift and curl whilst the specially designed formula keeps them in place for 12 hours, now that's some serious holding power!
The formulation also contains two key ingredients - Pro Vitamin B5 and Serin which are both known for their lash conditioning benefits. Not only will your lashes have that hold but they will also be treated with those fabulous ingredients.
Alongside Badgal and They're Real which is UK's No. 1 best selling mascara, Benefit have added this to their mascara family and boy! Does it not disappoint!
They're real is a firm favourite of mine so I was excited to see how Roller Lash would perform. Like all Benefit products, the packaging is a real beaut! And is inspired by retro hair rollers. What's amazing is that Benefit have been working on this mascara way before the infamous They're Real was released and alot of work went into designing this. The official stats show that over 97% of women who tested it saw that it visibly lifted the lashes, 87% said it gave a long lasting curl and a massive 94% said eyes looked more awake and I couldn't agree more! This mascara ticked all of the boxes for me and it matched all of the qualities that I look for in an ideal mascara.
At first use, I was blown away. Amazed and I just couldn't believe the length of my lashes. I applied two coats and I was left with super curled and fluttery eyelashes and without the help of an eyelash curler! The patent-pending hook design of the brush really did grab every lash. You also feel a slight tug but nothing overly uncomfortable, it's just the brush ensuring that each lash is curled and coated. I call this a 'push up bra' but for your lashes because it's not only great for girls with short lashes but it's also great for girls like me who have straight lashes and need help from an eyelash curler prior to applying any mascara. My lashes did not feel stiff nor clumpy and neither did it flake or smudge which was another huge plus! The longevity is also commendable because the mascara claims that it will stay put for 12 hours and ladies! I can confirm that this is true! I apply this in the morning, say around 10-11 ish and remove it around midnight, at the most and it just looks like you have freshly applied it. Astonishing!
Removing this is was hardly a chore, I just use my usual eye make-up remover pads and the formula gently removes away. 
I am SO impressed with this new offering from Benefit and I cannot recommend this enough! This mascara has a new firm place in my make up and those eye lash curlers of mine, well.. they're back in the drawer.

Roller Lash is not due to launch in stores until tomorrow! So only one day left guys! Also if you managed to pick up a copy of ELLE magazine, then that's great because it included a free sample of Roller Lash, I'm not too sure if the magazine is still available but if you do see it, grab it!

Have you tried Roller Lash? What are your thoughts on it?
Press sample*

Monday, 23 February 2015

Boots Beauty Haul

So last week my mom came to visit me and my little family and we ventured out to Bullring in Birmingham to show her the sights and of course do some make-up shopping! When we went there, Boots had an offer on ALL of the brands, it was the perfect time to treat my mom and myself and so I bought the following six make-up and skincare products:
L'Oreal Triple Active Night Hydrating Moisturiser
Sleek Blusher In 926 Rose Gold
Bourjois Java Rice Powder
L'Oreal Lip Liner Couture In 285 Pink Fever
Revlon Photoready Concealer In 003 Light Medium
Natural Collection Moisture Shine Lipstick In Pink Mallow

L'Oreal Night Cream (£7.49 3 For 2 Offer)
I really need to take care of my skin and establish a better routine, I have already got day cream and eye cream covered but I needed something for my evening skincare routine. I saw this NEW night cream and after having read what it does, I instantly popped it into my basket, I am hoping that this cream works wonders whilst I sleep. It promises to hydrate, protect and restore my skin so I have high hopes for this!

Sleek Blusher  (Was £ 4.59 I Paid £4.04)
Ok so this one I didn't really need but it was oh so pretty! I remember when this first came out and being quite popular amongst bloggers, It was on my wishlist but wasn't that important. I saw that there was only one left and after swatching this I knew I had to add this to my already huge pink blusher collection. The gold shimmer is laced perfectly with the medium toned pink, it's just beautiful!

Bourjois Face Powder (Was £9.99 I Paid £8.99)
I finally got this! I actually ran out of my current face powder but wanted to try something new, I have heard alot about this and I love the packaging! This will be great for setting my make-up as well as keeping my skin matte. I swatched this earlier and it's oh so light and seems like it might just be my new holy grail (no exaggeration there!)

L'Oreal Lip Liner  (Was £3.99 I Paid £3.59)
Originally I had Rimmel's Eastend Snob Lip Liner on my shopping list but sadly they were out of stock! So I looked for what could be the next best thing? ok so it's not the nudey pink I wanted but this hot pink could also work well with my lippies and it's quite pigmented too so not all was lost. 

Revlon Concealer (£6.49 3 For 2 Offer)
I love Revlon concealers and I use the liquid one the most, I saw this concealer in stick form and my shade was available so I thought that I should try this one out instead, I really want to use my concealer brush more so this will work well with it.

Natural Collection Lipstick (Was £1.99 I Paid £1.79)
From what I can remember I always buy their face powders because the quality is good but I never really look at the other products, The lipstick range seemed to have grabbed my attention and I am so glad I picked up this cute milky pink shade, I honestly think natural collection is under-rated because I was amazed at the quality and pigmentation of this lip product, and for the price, it made me realise that I should of chosen another colour too!

I am so happy with my purchases and I will review each product featured here, do you love a good Boots make-up shop?

Friday, 20 February 2015

Loving Lately #1

These custom nail polishes with my blog name on it, how cool is that? will be reviewing these soon because they make a great gift idea and the colours that you can choose are stunning!
I've been getting my art on and I have been enjoying sketching again after so long, I saw this stationery illustration on Pinterest and started sketching and painting away, I quite like the outcome and my sketchbook isn't too far incase I feel like drawing something again.
 Pretty make-up is definitely one thing that I have been loving and the Benefit's Roller Lash mascara and heart blusher from Make-Up Revolution make a great pair, will be reviewing these two amazing make-up must haves soon!
Statement studs are one of the accessories that I have been rocking lately and I always turn to Primark to buy those pretty pastel and jewel-toned studs.
Stationery and organisation! I am forever writing in those important to do lists and blog post ideas. I also seem to be buying every pretty notebook I see! Obsessed much?

What do you think of my recent favourites?

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Non Beauty Wishlist

I seem to have accumulated a few lifestyle things that I love need and I wanted to share them with you all, I am saving up for these treats as well as some higher end make-up which have been on my wishlist for far too long, we all deserve a treat now and then right?!

I am all for taking snapshots and I really want a Polaroid but I have found the next best thing! This let's you capture a moment and it prints out straight away for you to keep! Since I use Instagram everyday, have a baby who's growing a bit too quick for my liking and have a cat that's always up to something - this would be so ideal since I am literally taking photos everyday. At around the £75 mark, it's not exactly cheap plus you have to buy the shots refill but it's something I know I will get a good use out of, the only problem is what colour camera should I go for? I quite like the pink, blue oh and hang on the yellow's cute too!

I discovered Kate Spade properly on Pinterest and I have been obsessed with this brand ever since! I am currently growing my coffee table book collection and this would make a lovely addition! From the stunning green book cover to the amazing photography content, It's hard not to want this book. I have read reviews of this book online and people seem to love it. At £20, again not something I would pay for a book but seeing a glimpse of this made me add it onto my wishlist.

This may not come as a surprise since every blogger that I know of LOVES this brand for candles. I am a huge candle fan and I have tried many brands, Yankee candles being one of my favourites but I think it's time to move on and try more sophisticated scents and I actually want a scent that will linger on and also be sweetly scented too! I have heard alot about this particular scent and I love how you can use the glass jar as a storage container afterwards. Another hefty priced item but it's something I really do want to try out for myself and see what the fuss is about.

A reasonably priced item out of the bunch, this mug is visually so cute! A daily tea-drinker like me needs this 'Instagram worthy' mug, simply because... sometimes you need to drink that tea with style!

What non-beauty items are on your wishlist?

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

The Body Shop Lip Butter In Chocomania

I really need to try more products from The Body Shop, I must of only tried 4-5 products (so bad right?!) So I was perusing the sales in December and I saw this lip butter which was chocolate scented! (insert heart eyes emoji here) and the next thing I know, I was at the till and paid for this half priced must-have lip product! I should of picked up two! It only costed me £3!!!

Product description:
This buttery balm melts onto the lips for instant hydration. It contains real cocoa butter and has a delicious chocolate flavour. Wear it, love it, but don’t eat it. Instant hydration Buttery texture Leaves lips feeling softer and smoother.

The packaging is just like the standard lip butters available at The Body Shop, A small dinky pot with the colour scheme to match the chocolate theme. The screw cap secures well and is great for on the go. Easy to open and apply but I see this as being un-hygienic since you are dipping your fingers in to apply the product, Suppose it would be better in tube form?
Texture wise this tastes and feels oh so buttery! Applies easily onto the lips, Hence the name of the product and it really does make my lips feel smooth, soft and very moisturised, perfect for the current weather in the UK now, since extreme cold wind can really ruin the condition of your lips. Using this can really banish those dry patches and flakiness.
The actual colour of the lip butter is a light biscuit brown which actually does show up on the lips as more of a nude colour. Win!
Now onto the scent/flavour! If I had to really describe the scent then I would have to say it really smells like the most decadent chocolate brownies you have ever smelt/eaten, I literally want to eat this, but of course you can't. Some chocolate scented products can smell artificial or even sickly sweet but this has just the right amount of scent.
This wears beautifully for a good 2-3 hours before needing to reapply which for a lip balm is actually quite good! I really wouldn't mind reapplying before that time though, any excuse to open the lid and smell the chocolatey goodness, haha!
The only little con I can think of is that there is no SPF, which could of been great if added but I honestly think the pros outdoes the one little negative.

I loved this travel friendly, cute, super moisturising and to die-for chocolate scented lip butter and I cannot wait to try more scents in the range! Sadly I only just checked and remembered that this was limited edition so it is not available to buy! I really do wish I picked up more products in this range, we can only hope that The Body Shop brings it back or another version of this sadly missed scent.

Have you tried this and what is your favourite lip butter from The Body Shop?

Monday, 16 February 2015

How To Beat Bloggers Block

Hands up if you have ever had bloggers block? I know I have and it has happened many times. With blogging you are always learning, whether it be html coding or a simple photography trick. Some days you just feel overwhelmed as to what to type - it's a vicious circle I tell ya!
So here are my top six ways to help banish that bloggers block and to let those creative juices flowing again! These ways have helped me so I hope it helps you out too.

Note it down: Sometimes you might find it hard to type the next blog post so whenever you do have an idea, write it down. Buy a lovely notepad just for blogging and scribble away your thoughts and ideas. I use gel pens, stickers and cute post-it notes to make mine look pretty and it makes you want to pick up that notebook to feel inspired again. You do not need to buy every single latest make-up product that releases to blog, honey! It's all about being creative and really using the products that you have and love.

Take a break: We are definitely not robots, so take a small break away from all things social media and blogging. Make a tea and read a magazine, Take a walk, make that cookie recipe you've saved in your bookmarks that you have been meaning to do. Once you come back from it all you will feel mentally refreshed and ready to start working again.

Organise: Tidy up that work space of yours! Too many things on your desk can really be distracting, so store away all those essentials and make space for a good notebook & pen with an optional mug of hot chocolate. Doing this has made me work more efficiently since I used to do everything but type that blog post! So remember girls, the less clutter, the better!

Be inspired: Now I'm not saying to copy another blogger's post but think what posts could you create? something creative? and what makes you read your favourite blogs? I usually go to Pinterest and seeing all those make-up/lifestyle images automatically makes me think of a post I could write. Recently I created a post called '90's Lovin' because I saw a Polly Pocket image and so I decided to gather some images and talk about what I loved in the 90s. I really had no idea it was going to turn out to be one of my most popular posts in the month of January! So never give up, There's always inspiration out there!

Take it easy: I know it's easy to get carried away and think that your blog is not good enough, I am so guilty of this and I was forever comparing my blog to the 'bigger' bloggers out there. It's not a race, instead just focus on creating quality content and the rest will just fall into place. I also used to watch my stats/follower count like a hawk but once you don't pay much attention that's when it increases, strange isn't it?

Zap exhaustion: When you’re tired, everything is more difficult. Sleep plays an important role in learning, memory, creativity and insights. So have an early night, have a mini pamper session, light your favourite candle or fit a nap into your schedule. Just having a few more hours of some bed rest can really work wonders on your thinking, you won't be feeling so groggy but you'll be feeling rather refreshed and ready to take on the daily blog chores.

What do you do when you have the bloggers block?

Saturday, 14 February 2015

January Purrfectbox - Go To The Wild West

You know your're doing something right when your cat starts to receive her own mail.

I was recently contacted by the team at Purrfectbox asking if I (and my cat) would like to review a one-off January subscription box and of course I had to say yes, I am all for spoiling my cat and this seemed like another lovely opportunity to have a bonding session with her since it's all about the little things.
The Purrfect box (£19 inc delivery) is a monthly subscription box that you can receive every month, each month being a different theme and in each you get 5-6 top quality toys, treats, grooming tools, food and training products and what's good is that it's custom made just for your pet because you fill in both your pet's age, breed and fur type. You know that everything in the box will be used and nothing will go to waste which is great!

What's In the box?
1x Clean wipes from sanicat
1x Fish & horse toy
1x 100% Natural foods from scheshir (tin and pouch)
1x Scratching post from wasabycat
1x Kitty treats from zolux

There are options to suit all pet owners out there! You can either go ahead with a yearly subscription, go for a monthly subscription or even buy a one-off box if you want to just try it out and see if you want to commit.
Unboxing this with Shonu was truly fun from start to finish and opening it together was special.
This month's theme was the wild west and I could certainly see that since one of the items was a horse toy.
It was really hard to capture this madam whilst unboxing the contents. She is a huge fan of feathered toys and treats so she was chasing the fish feathered toy and was munching away on the treats. It was like seeing one hyper kitten again. I am actually so glad that this box contained a scratching post so that I can teach her to use that and not my carpet, cats ey?!
The box also contained a mini magazine called Purr notes and inside you can read about the box itself to a cute DIY tutorial, I quite enjoyed reading the 'signs that your cat is happy' article.
The amazing thing about Purrfect box is that they also contribute finance towards helping less fortunate animals by providing them with better and happier living conditions. Watch this short one minute clip here to see how Purrfect contribute to providing cats with better homes.
Love the look and sound of this box but have a dog? then you'll be happy to know that they also make the same subscription boxes for dogs called Pawsomebox which you can check out here
As a cat owner/lover I found this box to be not only fun but a great help too! Shonu certainly felt spoilt and was alot happier, a small price to pay for those lovely felines. I couldn't recommend this subscription box enough!

What do you think of the Purrfectbox?

Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Cinderella For M.A.C

From L To R: 168 Large Angled Contour Brush - Studio Fix Lash (Jet Black) - Lipglass (Happily Ever After) - 6 Shade Eyeshadow Palette (Stroke Of Midnight) - Iridescent Pressed Powder (Coupe D'Chic) - Glitter (Reflects Pearl) - Lipstick (Royal Ball)
I sometimes heart M.A.C collaborations and sometimes I don't, however this time I am loving the newest collab entitled 'Cinderella'
M.A.C have collaborated with Disney to create a limited edition 17 piece collection (15 make-up products and 2 brushes) and I predict that this will sell fast!
The blue packaging was used to replicate Cinderella's ball gown and I honestly think this may be the best delicate and girly collection yet!
It's everything you could ever wish for from a make-up collection and I love the fact that the colour scheme is very wearable, from the pinkiest nudes to the smokiest deep purples. There's something for everyone. From the swatches I have seen online, it really does not disappoint. The shimmer is laced perfectly into the formulations and the inner magpie in you will want to try and grab as many of those beautiful pigments (the reflects pearl glitter is stunning!)
I have found that some previous M.A.C collabs were too OTT but there's just something magical about the powder-blue packaging and the shimmery products from this amazing collection
These are my top 7 picks from the collection as it would be something I would actually go out to buy and wear.
It will all be available online Feb. 26 and in stores starting March 5, just before the official remake of the Cinderella film comes to theatres on March 13.

What do you think about the Cinderella Collection?

Monday, 9 February 2015

Yves Rocher Perfume Comme Une Evidence*

"A concentrate of elegance in an extraordinary bottle."

Looking for an ideal perfume for Valentine's? Well, I think I have found the one you may of been looking for.

Product description:
The intense beauty of the chypre accord is revealed in this truly magnificent new fragrance. Intense and concentrated, its glamorous, collector's pear-spray bottle releases an elegant cloud of fragrance with undeniable presence.....perfect for evenings and special occasions. 
What is a chypre fragrance? The chypre fragrance is one of the treasures of the perfumery industry. Built around a floral heart of moss and patchouli, it is the symbol of total elegance and absolute femininity.

Top notes: bergamot, violet leaves
Heart notes: rose, jasmine, wild lily of the valley
Base note: patchouli.

Yves Rocher Comme Une Evidence is a lovely yet classy floral fragrance, The notes in the perfume are very flower orientated and it just smells so fresh and feminine at the same time.
The bottle is literally like a piece of art, I am loving the old fashioned pear-spray design which you hardly get to see nowadays and this vintage bottle happens to be a collectors item too!
This has a firm place on my dresser and I have decided to use this for special occasions only since it's quite concentrated.
The typical price is £51 for 30ml, but it is currently on offer for £25.50 so if I were you, I would definitely pick this one up! It will hardly disappoint.
You can also buy a less concentrated version of this perfume for much less at only £34 per 100ml but there's no fancy packaging like this one.

Check it out (here)

*PR Sample.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Lush Mother's Day 2015 Collection

Time for another Lush collection release and this is the NEW Mother's day 2015 collection. Quite a bright bunch of products and I have already chosen my top picks!

Top Image (From L Clockwise)
Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb (£3.50) 
Ultraviolet Bubble Bar (£4.75) 
Mother Superior Bubble Bar (£3.75) 
A Slice Of Love You Mum Soap (£4.25)

Bottom Image (From L Clockwise)
Love You Mum Soap (What It Looks Like As A Whole Instore) 
Bubblegrub Bubbleroon (£2.95) 
Yummy Mummy Shower Gel (£4.75)
Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner (£19.95)

Starting with the Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb, this is the ultimate choice if you want your mum to feel oh-so special, The bath bomb contains real rose petals and with soya milk powder, essentials oils such as turkish rose, orange absolute and rosewood it will make the skin feel very soft.
The Ultraviolet Bubble Bar is one of my favourites! This contains violet leaf and jasmine absolutes. Your bath water will be a stunning purple colour with loads of bubbles.
Next up the Mother Superior Bubble Bar, another favourite of mine! This is so cutely designed and you wouldn't feel like using it! This has a mixture of floral/citrus oils and scents. Perfect for daily usage to feel squeaky clean again.
The Love You Mom Soap is visually stunning, coupled with the bright colours are some lovely scents. This contains mimosa and jasmine absolutes with bergamot oil to uplift and refresh.
This cute lil thing is the Bubblegrub Bubbleroon which will give your bath water some shimmery bubbles and will soften your skin thanks to the shea butter. It also contains the scents sandalwood and earthy vetivert.
The yummy mummy shower gel looks amazing, a bright purple gel that will lather up to create sweet/floral scented foam and is filled with lustre for a touch of glamour! 
Lastly the Yummy Mummy Body Conditioner, this is the priciest product out of the bunch. It contains strawberry juice, almond oil, orange oil and murumuru butter which actually sounds like a lovely cocktail of ingredients.

I quite like this year's collection and you can check out all the products here - link

What do you think of Lush's Mother's day 2015 collection?

Saturday, 7 February 2015

Benefit Roller Lash Event

So last week, I was lucky enough to attend Benefit's latest event for the launch of their new mascara - Roller Lash.
The event took place in Victoria Square, Birmingham. On a truck! Yes you've read correctly but not just any old truck, it was beautified in pink and had the roller lash logo and image printed all over it. You definitely could not miss it since it was so unique and eye-catching.

We was then invited inside and the way the interior was designed, truly was fabulous. Just like a retro hair salon from the 50s. Benefit really know how to do the best product launch events. Like EVER. I loved the unique looking hair dryer lights, the neon 'Roller Lash' sign, retro tv screens and the salon decor.
With bubbly, fruit juices and cute cupcakes on the menu, we sure did feel special.
I chatted to some of the Benebabes who were sporting these retro curly blonde wigs and they all were wearing the mascara which did look pretty amazing. I was given a small talk about the new mascara and I was shocked to know that Benefit were working on this way before the infamous They're Real mascara was born! I am a fan of They're Real so I am excited to see how this new offering performs!
We were all given goody bags which had the full-sized product itself and I just loved the packaging!

I will of course be reviewing the mascara in more detail soon, after a couple of uses I shall report back. I really had a lovely time meeting everyone there. Thank you Benefit! For this lovely evening. It truly was needed. I also picked up an Elle magazine, so I now have two Roller Lash mascaras! 

Thursday, 5 February 2015

Kate Spade Wishlist

Small square stud earrings - £26.52 a pair
'Metro' crystal bezel heart dial watch - £157.02
'Skinny mini' bow ring - £32
'Cobble hill - ellen' leather crossbody bag - £173.07

Love Kate Spade? I know I do and thanks to Pinterest, I have been obsessing over everything by this amazing brand.
I mean I knew it existed but I had no idea how gorgeous the shoes, jewellery and bags were! Mind-blown.
I love stud earrings and the small square stud earrings sure are a beaut! I really wish I could afford to buy every colour in the range! These studs do come with a price tag and would make a lovely treat but the problem is, what colour to go for first?
I have been looking at watches lately and I am tired of seeing Michael Kors everywhere and so I have been loving the heart dial watch - so pretty and girly! I love how the actual strap is skinny and the actual dial of the watch is eye-catching.
I love bows and how could you not heart this cute ring? Definitely would look great on it's own or stacked with some other rings.
I have been loving shades of green at the moment, particularly emerald/forest greens and the leather crossover bag looks like it would make a lovely addition to my collection. I have way too many nude/blush pink/ black bags and it's time to move onto colour!

What are you loving from Kate Spade at the moment?


Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Nanshy Marvel 4 In 1 Make-Up Blending Sponge*

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

So a couple of weeks ago I took part in the #BHTWITTERPARTY and it was a lovely opportunity to talk to other fellow bloggers and be gifted by brands. One of the products that I was intrigued by was this Marvel 4 in 1 make-up blending sponge by Nanshy.
So I opted in to try this out and the package arrived quite swiftly, only took a few days for me!
This make-up sponge is now available to buy since it was released this month!

Product description:
The Nanshy MARVEL 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge is make-up application the Nanshy Way. Ours has to serve you, delight you, and exceed your expectations! We didn't want to put our name on any old sponge, (and wouldn't ever) especially one that only looks like beauty blenders. This 4-in-1 sponge, (yes, +1 more than the industry standard 3-in-1) a lot of effort went into research, extensive testing, and developed to be your ultimate beauty sponge and new ‘fave’.
Easy to use, easy to care for – washable and re-usable.Tremendous Quality over similar products and Value at a much lower price. Latex free, non-allergenic and odour free, works it's wonders with all kinds of make-up: Liquid Make-ups, Cream Make-ups, Mineral-Based and Wet-Dry Powders PLUS Cream Blushes!
Get a look that combines hand application detail with airbrush application smoothness.

I am going to review this make-up sponge in two parts: This review which your're about to read now is talking about the sponge (trust me it's so indepth and it's useful to know!) and my first impression. The second review will be about my experience using the sponge in my daily make-up routine which will be posted shortly after. I have never used a make-up sponge like the beauty blender or such so I am excited to see how I get on with this!

First off let's talk about the packaging. The cute mint-green sponge comes packaged in a small black box that has a see through window so the sponge is visibly seen. Once you take the sponge out, you'll see a damask pattern printed at the back. I am loving the colour scheme of this product and the Nanshy logo on the front, really is quite striking and grabs your attention. It's all about the little things.
The sponge itself is SO soft and it fits perfectly between your thumb and index finger. This product is meant to be extremely easy to clean and is apparently easy to hold due to the design, the 'waist' is where you hold the sponge and no matter what angle you use it, you won't be feeling uncomfortable but in control of the application. I will however go through these points in my second review where I actually will use the sponge.
Now Nanshy describe this to be a 4 in 1 make-up sponge and that is due the design because you can use it in four different ways! Pretty neat huh?! (see image above)

The Nanshy exclusive, flattened rise up top comes to a fine tip, ideal for covering imperfections, and perfect for blending in corners and smaller hard to reach areas. The second feature is its 45 degree-angled, rounded, flat shape that allows for wide-flat stippling, for easy-grip, and clean fingers. By neatly taking the place of the bottom shape, you can stand your 4-in1 on its bottom to dry, or during application, and not have to use that surface on your face.
If you prefer the large, round bottom, and need to place the Nanshy MARVEL 4-in1 on its side, the additional surface inhibits rolling. No more falling into places you don’t want your beauty blender sponge to be.
Nanshy Make-Up Blending Sponges’ 4-in-1 shape makes application fool-proof: flat edge for contouring around nose and eyes, rounded-flat for blending large areas of the face, and to roll on your foundation. No matter which of the four you need to use at the moment, the Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 Beauty Blending Sponge’s indented waist, in the centre, is easy to hold, in the perfect place, very ergonomic. Always easy to grasp, no matter how challenging the application.

So far so good! I am loving how this sponge looks and feels, I love the tapered point which I know is going to help me with concealing and contouring and at the price of £5.95, it's a such great buy since the quality feels so much more expensive. Keep your eyes out for part two of this review, You won't want to miss it!

Available to buy here - £5.95*/ link

What do you think about this 4 in 1 make-up sponge? Have you tried this?

This was gifted to me for reviewing purposes, thank you Nanshy and Bloggers Love Hub*

Tuesday, 3 February 2015

January Favourites

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

Wow, a fresh new monthly favourites for the year 2015, Yet again time seems to fly by so quick and it's already February! 
Here's a round-up of the products I have been loving throughout the month of January, There isn't many make-up products this month because I have been using the same products pretty much everyday so there wasn't anything worth mentioning although I have new products to test out this month so if there is anything that's worth some love-age, you'll definitely hear about it here! 
Ok enough with the rambling! Let's get on with what I used and loved throughout the month of January!

First up, The Clarins Instant Light Lip Balm Perfector in My pink 03* Ever since I reviewed these new lip balm perfectors from the Clarins Spring 2015 collection I have not been able to put these away, I love lip balms and this is one luxurious product that I think everyone should own, this is one pricey product but it's worth every penny for it's moisturising and hydrating properties. This particular shade gives you your very own custom shade of pink since it reacts to your body's PH levels, neat non?
Next up is a bedside table must and that is the Boots own brand Vitamin E Eye cream. I use this twice a day and I have seen a difference towards my horrible eye baggage and dark circles. This cream has a lightening/dewy effect which also helps to an extent. This eye cream hydrates,moisturises and helps make those dark circles seem less prominent, what more could you want? I will be doing a full review on this soon!
I am an organisation freak so I have to write down all those important lists and appointments. I have been using my Filofax alot lately and I am really into stationery at the moment so I need to buy all those stickers/ washi tapes/ sticky notes and cute pens to make writing tasks more enjoyable!
Accessory wise, I have been loving my Pandora-esque bracelet which you can read about here and I hardly seem to take it off, I love the contrasting colours and designs on the individual beads and since each bead has a meaning behind it, it means so much more.
Lastly, I have been into drinking hot chocolate. Alot of hot chocolate. I saw this Twinings one on offer at Tesco so I picked it up to try it out. I quite like the taste and it sort of reminds me of the hot chocolate at Costa. With lashings of whipped cream and topped with rainbow sprinkles makes this an obligatory treat which can be enjoyed everyday.

I hope you enjoyed my favourites, though it was quite a mixed bag of things.

What have you been loving in the month of January?

Monday, 2 February 2015

The Many Uses Of Sudocrem Skin Care Cream*

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

I am a huge fan of multi-use products and I am always trying to find new ways to use household beauty products. Recently an email popped into my inbox regarding this product - Sudocrem Skin Care Cream and I was asked if I would like to try out this bargain beauty secret product which is used by celebs such as Cheryl Cole, Amanda Holden, Lara Stone and Jessica Lowndes.

Product Description:

Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is an everyday cream designed for teenagers and young adults with spot prone skin. It can also soothe little rashes and dry patches and is perfect as part of a daily skincare routine to help maintain beautiful, healthy skin.
Sudocrem Skin Care Cream is a ‘grown up’ version of the classic Sudocrem Antiseptic Healing Cream and uses the same key ingredients in different proportions. The handy sized tube makes it ideal for use in the home or out — just right for slipping into a handbag or travel bag.
It’s so gentle that it can be used as often as you need. In fact, some celebrities and beauty experts claim that applying a layer of Sudocrem Skin Care Cream before bed gives their skin a healthy glow the next day!

You may be familiar with Sudocrem being in the baby department but this particular beauty cream is aimed to help maintain your skin so that it remains healthy and can be incorporated into your daily skin care routine. This is suitable for all ages and skin type which makes this a universal product that can work wonders!
It is said that this is great applied onto spot-prone skin to reduce redness, a overnight face mask to give your skin a healthy glow, a moisturiser since the zinc oxide in the cream prevents moisture loss and the lanolin has super moisturising qualities too and as a soothing cream for all those nasty rashes/razor cuts and dry patches. Pretty amazing right?
So far I have used this dinky little tube three ways: as a moisturiser, face mask and as a soothing barrier for shaving rashes since my skin can be on the sensitive side. Using the Sudocrem Skin Care Cream was actually quite great since I know I have to reach out to only one product as this cuts the amount of products you have to use for various things.
I applied this onto freshly washed and dried skin, applied a very thin layer and massaged it into the skin. Now, I cannot emphasise the 'thin layer' part enough, this cream is very thick so you only need a small amount. Applying this to my skin, I instantly felt soothed and protected, almost felt like another layer of skin which made me feel comforted when I wore it as a mask (goodbye dry patches) aided my shaving rash which had a horrible burning sensation and when my skin needed extra moisture.
This 30g tube is so handy to pop into your bag for on the go and great to keep at home too!
I love how the ingredients are not harsh and the fact that it smells like lavender, increases the soothing factor since it also has a calming effect. The tube makes application easy and hygienic since you are not dipping your fingers directly into the cream. This may just be my new to go to saviour for when my skin needs some TLC.

Check it out here - link / Available to buy at all top retailing supermarkets and pharmacies for £2.11*

What do you think about multi-use products?