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Nanshy Marvel 4 In 1 Make-Up Blending Sponge*

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So a couple of weeks ago I took part in the #BHTWITTERPARTY and it was a lovely opportunity to talk to other fellow bloggers and be gifted by brands. One of the products that I was intrigued by was this Marvel 4 in 1 make-up blending sponge by Nanshy.
So I opted in to try this out and the package arrived quite swiftly, only took a few days for me!
This make-up sponge is now available to buy since it was released this month!

Product description:
The Nanshy MARVEL 4 in 1 Makeup Blending Sponge is make-up application the Nanshy Way. Ours has to serve you, delight you, and exceed your expectations! We didn't want to put our name on any old sponge, (and wouldn't ever) especially one that only looks like beauty blenders. This 4-in-1 sponge, (yes, +1 more than the industry standard 3-in-1) a lot of effort went into research, extensive testing, and developed to be your ultimate beauty sponge and new ‘fave’.
Easy to use, easy to care for – washable and re-usable.Tremendous Quality over similar products and Value at a much lower price. Latex free, non-allergenic and odour free, works it's wonders with all kinds of make-up: Liquid Make-ups, Cream Make-ups, Mineral-Based and Wet-Dry Powders PLUS Cream Blushes!
Get a look that combines hand application detail with airbrush application smoothness.

I am going to review this make-up sponge in two parts: This review which your're about to read now is talking about the sponge (trust me it's so indepth and it's useful to know!) and my first impression. The second review will be about my experience using the sponge in my daily make-up routine which will be posted shortly after. I have never used a make-up sponge like the beauty blender or such so I am excited to see how I get on with this!

First off let's talk about the packaging. The cute mint-green sponge comes packaged in a small black box that has a see through window so the sponge is visibly seen. Once you take the sponge out, you'll see a damask pattern printed at the back. I am loving the colour scheme of this product and the Nanshy logo on the front, really is quite striking and grabs your attention. It's all about the little things.
The sponge itself is SO soft and it fits perfectly between your thumb and index finger. This product is meant to be extremely easy to clean and is apparently easy to hold due to the design, the 'waist' is where you hold the sponge and no matter what angle you use it, you won't be feeling uncomfortable but in control of the application. I will however go through these points in my second review where I actually will use the sponge.
Now Nanshy describe this to be a 4 in 1 make-up sponge and that is due the design because you can use it in four different ways! Pretty neat huh?! (see image above)

The Nanshy exclusive, flattened rise up top comes to a fine tip, ideal for covering imperfections, and perfect for blending in corners and smaller hard to reach areas. The second feature is its 45 degree-angled, rounded, flat shape that allows for wide-flat stippling, for easy-grip, and clean fingers. By neatly taking the place of the bottom shape, you can stand your 4-in1 on its bottom to dry, or during application, and not have to use that surface on your face.
If you prefer the large, round bottom, and need to place the Nanshy MARVEL 4-in1 on its side, the additional surface inhibits rolling. No more falling into places you don’t want your beauty blender sponge to be.
Nanshy Make-Up Blending Sponges’ 4-in-1 shape makes application fool-proof: flat edge for contouring around nose and eyes, rounded-flat for blending large areas of the face, and to roll on your foundation. No matter which of the four you need to use at the moment, the Nanshy Marvel 4 in 1 Beauty Blending Sponge’s indented waist, in the centre, is easy to hold, in the perfect place, very ergonomic. Always easy to grasp, no matter how challenging the application.

So far so good! I am loving how this sponge looks and feels, I love the tapered point which I know is going to help me with concealing and contouring and at the price of £5.95, it's a such great buy since the quality feels so much more expensive. Keep your eyes out for part two of this review, You won't want to miss it!

Available to buy here - £5.95*/ link

What do you think about this 4 in 1 make-up sponge? Have you tried this?

This was gifted to me for reviewing purposes, thank you Nanshy and Bloggers Love Hub*


  1. I'm in need of a new beauty blender, I might try this one out!



    1. I honestly say go for it girl! ^^ I am sure it will work wonders in make-up application <3 x

  2. This looks really good! I love applying my foundation with a sponge <3
    Kamila x

    1. I love how it's designed <3 Ooh I am yet to try it out with this, heard alot about applying make-up with sponges. Seems to make make-up look flawless ^^

  3. Fab review sweetie, this sounds really interesting especially the design of the sponge, I tend not to use sponges but when I do I’m always impressed by how well they work :)

    Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    1. Aww thank you so much lovely! ^^ I have always been a make-up brush kinda gal so looking forward to seeing how this works <3 x

  4. I love the colour of this, it's so cute! I have a makeup sponge that I bought off eBay which I quite like but it doesn't have all the edges for this so I'd be keen to see the difference :)

    India / Touchscreens & Beautyqueens

    1. I know right!? Love the mint green shade <3 I will definitely post part 2 of this review so let's see how this one performs! x


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