Thursday, 30 April 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Baby Powder Candle Review

After being picked to review Bomb Cosmetics's Spring 2015 Collection (View post here) and after receiving a generous box that was filled with products I spotted a candle and I knew that I had to try this out first. I mean look at how cute it is?! I honestly didn't want to use it because it had been crafted so beautifully but it sounded like the perfect scent. Read on to see why I loved it and why you need to try it out!

Product description:
Piped Candle with pure essential oils. Nostalgic scents of delicate baby powder with a sweet vanilla note.This candle will burn for 30 to 35 hours.

Now this is not your average candle, I could not believe for the price I would get such a great quality candle. I'll start off by talking about the presentation, boy was it stunning! The candle comes in a heavy duty glass jar which screams good quality and the candle wax was made up of two parts - a pink base with a white swirl on top (also made of wax) it was finished off with a sprinkling of pink iridescent glitter and adorned with a cute wax button to add to the already pretty lookin' product. No doubt visually it was so beautiful and unique, perfect for any candle lover out there!
The scent is definitely spot on and it was quite calming too, I could detect the vanilla note and it filled the air so quickly with this gentle scent, it smells exactly like baby powder but with added sweetness. The scent is made up of essential oils which is something I quite liked, nothing artificial but pure and natural goodness.
Burn time was fantastic and don't let the size fool you! I was able to get such a decent amount of burn time every evening. It definitely meets the acquired time of 30 - 35 hours.
This makes a perfect gift idea or as a treat for yourself. To be honest this candle should be priced more than what it is because you are getting quality, brilliant craftsmanship, added cuteness and a keepsake jar to use after all the wax has been used. I think that this should be on everyone's shopping list!

Check it out here: link/£8.99*

Have you tried a Bomb Cosmetics Candle before?

To all the twitter commenters/ocean organisations,Bomb cosmetics is a company that only uses natural products, the glitter is not made of plastic. Before you start commenting, read up about the company!

Monday, 27 April 2015

My Blogging Essentials

Whenever I blog I always make sure I have my essentials, there's nothing like being organised and using things to help you with the whole blogging process. Here are my top five must haves for when you need to sit and type away that lovely content!

Nerdy chick: You've got to use technology, that's a given! I type my posts on my laptop and I sometimes blog on the go using my phone, I have downloaded the Blogger app which is available to use on both apple and android phones, it's great for typing away ideas or finishing off a blog post. I take my blog photos on my Samsung Galaxy S4 and boy! Is the quality amazing! I do want to invest in a camera later on but for now I am happy with how the photos turn out, remember it's how you use a device, research your phone/camera on how to take photos, not every blogger needs a DSLR.

Jot it down: To make blog post planning a bit more 'fun' I use cute/kawaii stationery items in my filofax, I love adorable little sticky notes and writing away with glitter gel pens. The fact that everything is so pastel and colourful, will make you want to write more or even pick up your notes to read. Keep all your ideas stored away in a handy organiser and do carry it around with you because you never know when you'll get the next BIG idea for your next post.

Beauty bits: When I'm sitting on my desk or even on my bed, I make sure to keep a few essentials near me whilst I'm typing away. A lip balm is a must for me and do show some TLC to your hands by using a favourite hand cream, mine's Skinfood by Weleda. I also like to use a bit of solid perfume on my pulse points, this one by My English Summer is my all time fave! It's so fruity that I can smell the scent every time I move my wrists, it's an uplifter!

Sweet treats: I cannot blog unless I have something sweet to accompany my hot cup of tea/coffee. My favourite thing to indulge in lately is mini eggs, mini rolls and even a slice of toffee cheesecake. Oops! 

Ambience: Some like to play music and some like utter silence, I'm the type of person who needs complete silence to blog, it's just easier to hear my own thoughts. I do however like to light a candle since it makes me feel more at ease and it's also a great way to test out many scents. I'm burning a fruity/berry scent at the moment and it's delish!

So these were my top five tips/blogging essential must haves! I would love to know what are yours!

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Coconut Balmi Review

I love lip balms, fact. I had tried every kind of lip balm there was to offer and yet I had still not tried a EOS or a Balmi which I have heard alot about. I heart the shape of these lipbalms, it has a novelty factor coupled with practicality. Since I love Coconut scents it would seem appropriate to try it out in my most favourite scent.

Product description:
Your Lips are constantly on show to the world around you and you want them look good and feel protected against the elements.
Fully tested, the Balmi Lip Balm provides SPF 15 and UVA protection making Balmi the essential accessory for your lips; whether you're off to school, out on the piste or just off for a leisurely stroll protect your Lips with Balmi. GO Balmi!
The Balmi Lip Balm has the perfect blend of ingredients to give your lips long lasting daily care and protection. Perfect for even sensitive skin.
Our special blend of natural goodness contains antioxidant-rich Vitamin E, soothing Shea Butter and Jojoba Oil to help leave your lips moisturised, soft and super smooth.

Balmi was first created in 2010 but with a spherical design, just like an EOS lip balm but it was not until recently, Balmi relaunched the lipbalm but after having a redesign and being reformulated. 
I adore the packaging of this, all of the scents have colours that match and in addition to this, you can hook this onto your keyring/purse for easy on the go application. I love the fun element of this as this makes this brand stand out from the rest. The cone-shaped lip balm makes it easy to apply straight from the 'cube' rather than you having to dip your fingers in which is quite un-hygienic.
Balmi is packed with alot of good stuff for your lips, trust me it does alot then just look pretty. The added SPF 15, Jojoba oil, Vitamin E and Shea Butter promises to do nothing but ensure your lips are well taken of, hydrated and feeling oh so moisturised. This also contains UVA protection which makes this an ideal handbag essential.
The scent is ok, The coconut scent is definitely evident but it seems to be a bit artificially scented. I can detect a slight plastic like smell that is mixed in, this does let this down ever so slightly. 
So with that on the side, I can commend the staying power and ability to keep my lips feeling moisturised and protected. It's lasts just a bit more than your average lip balm before needing to top up again.
I quite like Balmi, but I want to try out a different flavour/scent, I'm thinking maybe strawberry next. Let's hope that the next one smells better.

Available to buy online or in store at Boots - link/£4.99*

Have you owned or tried a Balmi before?

Monday, 20 April 2015

The Bath Mama Luxury Bath Creamer Giftset Review

Recently I was contacted by a lovely new company called The Bath Mama and I was asked if I would like to review a Luxury Bath Creamer Set, so knowing that I love my pamper evenings, it was a definitive yes!
The Bath Mama stock so many handmade products, from bath fizzers to candles! I am loving the look of some of the products and I do predict that this company will make other brands run for their money, simply because I think their products are unique and the ideas behind them are quite innovative.

Product description:
6 Luxury bath creamers in a lovely pink gift box. These Luxury handmade Bath Creamers are designed to melt in the bath water and soften and moisturise the skin. As you drop them in your bath, they will slowly release a luxurious creamy blend of moisturising ingredients. The 6 creamers are packed within the lovely gift box box to limit any damage during transport. Box made from cardboard and each creamer is 40g.

I love how cute these creamers are, though these bath products are small, you can tell how lovingly it was made with the amazing attention to detail. They look like mini Parisian cakes!
A few days back I decided to test these out and since my skin needed some TLC, I used 2 creamers and boy! Did these work fabulously!
As soon as I popped these into my bath water, it fizzed and melted away releasing some of the lovely essential oils, this contained cocoa butter, almond oil, cornstarch, geranium and triple rosewater! So many skin-lovin ingredients which meant my skin was feeling oh so soft and moisturised, my skin was so well taken care of that I skipped applying body lotion! I really didn't need to since these creamers did an excellent job of adding extra moisture. The scent is pretty uplifting too, it has a fresh/spa-like scent which made me feel relaxed and rejuvenated. 
These mini creamers are great for travelling as well as a great gift option. If you suffer from dry skin, this will be so perfect for you! I am quite impressed by The Bath Mama and you definitely should check this company out!

Check it out here - link/£21.99 now on sale for £10.99*

What do you think about these luxury bath creamers & The Bath Mama?

Friday, 17 April 2015

New Brand Alert | Kiss Cosmetics

I have some very exciting news to share with you all along with a mini review!
A new make-up brand is about to be launched called Kiss Cosmetics. Kiss Cosmetics have been working alongside many lovely beauty bloggers (including myself!) in the run up to their launch, I think it's great that we all had an input to help shape a new brand that I'm sure will be loved by many.
I was recently sent one of their new releases to try out - a KISStick! Which is quite cleverly named. I was sent the shade 'Caressing Red' - A bright Marilyn Monroe red. A warm and toasty red, sure to brighten up your complexion. There are 10 shades in total and the colours range from bright reds to the girliest of pinks. These will be sold at £7.00 which is quite decently priced and puts this alongside other medium high street selling brands. Now I really did not know what to expect and it was until I did the very first swatch, boy! Was I really impressed!
The lipstick casing is made of really sturdy plastic that feels of good quality, what I like about the KISStick is the fact that you can see the shade at the base, which means if you store all your lipsticks in a holder, you can easily distinguish what lipstick is what shade. The pigmentation is really commendable and with this you can easily achieve bold lips within moments. The actual texture of the lipstick is soft and buttery which makes it a dream to apply. It has a slight sheen so it's not too overly matte.
This also wears beautifully too and without any bleeding or patchiness, the colour fades with time but it's gradual. Coupled with this is a lovely sweet pleasant scent, almost vanilla-like which is a plus! I am really looking forward to seeing what's next for Kiss Cosmetics, if the lipsticks are like this then imagine what the other products will be like and here's another great thing, none of their products are tested on animals! So if you are looking for a cruelty free, amazing quality and priced brand then Kiss Cosmetics is definitely for you!

The brand launches on the week commencing the 20th of April (22nd of April) to be exact! So note that down in your diaries ladies! It will be available to buy here - link

What do you think of Kiss Cosmetics?

Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Spring 2015 Collection

Recently on Twitter I saw that Bomb Cosmetics* (link) were looking for five bloggers to test and review some of the products from their new Spring 2015 collection and I thought to opt in but I really had no idea I was one of the lucky few to be picked, I mean what were the chances! I am so grateful that I got picked and opening up the package was quite a sight!
A huge pink box arrived with rainbow coloured foam pieces, I had to find all of the products and trust me, it was so much fun! In the end I found seven products in total, all different and oh so cute!
So here's a list of what was sent to me:

Mad About You Creamer (30g)  from the Spring Collection
Rose Bazaar Soap (100g) from the Spring Collection
Starlight Express Blaster (160g) from the Spring Collection
Vintage Vibe Mallow (50g) from the Spring Collection
Flying High Shower Gel (300ml) 
Baby Powder Piped Candle
Strawberry Sunrise Blaster (160g) 

I have seen and read quite a few reviews about Bomb Cosmetics and I knew that I wanted to try this brand out for quite some time. They do not test on animals and they ensure that only the finest ingredients are used which means the finest essential oils and natural butters. coupled with this is amazingly coloured and decorated bath/body products. Everything is handmade and recycled materials are used for the packaging of products. It's everything you could possibly want from a bath/skincare brand, with the added element of fun!
I have alot to try out and report back to you but for now I will let you know my initial thoughts of each of the products.

This is such a lil product that could possibly mean business, though it's quite small in size the attention to detail is quite impeccable. This is a creamer, which means it adds all those lovely essential oils and butters to your bath water and you'll be feeling oh so soft. This won't change your bath water to a crazy colour like a bath bomb would but this will give something back to your skin and the shea butter means your skin will thank you for this.

I love a good girly soap, I have loved and tried so many pink themed soaps and boy! Am I excited to try this one! I heart rose scents and I love the name of this! This soap contains pure rose and clary sage essential oils which together is known for it's balancing properties.

A perfect spring themed bath bomb in the collection, the colours and scents used go perfectly together and visually, it is so pretty!
Tart lemon meringue and sweet raspberry ripple scents are used in this dessert themed bath bomb. This is a very refreshing scent and the pure lemon and ylang ylang essential oils mean that this could be great for uplifting your mood.

Now this is one of my favourites from the lot, This looks so cute and the colours are so pretty together. This has a beautiful floral scent and if you are into rose/geranium scents then this is perfect for you! This contains rosehip fragrance and pure patchouli & geranium essential oils. This will condition your skin thanks to the softening butters, one I'm excited to try out!

Flying High Shower Gel
Sometimes when your're strict for time and can't use a bath bomb then you can always opt for a great smelling shower gel and I'm glad I have this to try out. This lovely named shower gel - flying high smells so citrusy/tropical and it definitely reminds me that summer is not too far behind, another uplifting product and this contains pure sweet orange and mandarin essential oils. The pastel blue packaging is an eye pleaser and it's lovely to see that Bomb Cosmetics have branched out to make other products.

Baby Powder Piped Candle
I am currently burning this every evening to test out the scent so expect a review on this soon! I honestly did not want to use it because the candle was so beautifully decorated and adorned with pink iridescent glitter, the scent baby powder is very calming, soothing and it even contains a slight vanilla like scent. The piped candles are honestly like pieces of art, the prettiest candle I've ever seen!

Strawberry Sunrise Blaster
A very (straw)berry scented bath bomb that smells like strawberry milkshakes! A lovely spring/summer scent and the natural butters in this will condition and nourish your skin. I can imagine that the bath water will turn into a pretty pink colour and the decoration literally finishes off this bath product beautifully.

So watch this space for loads of upcoming Bomb Cosmetics reviews, I don't know about you but I am excited about this brand!
Have you tried Bomb Cosmetics before? Do you have a favourite product? Comment below!

Monday, 13 April 2015

I Love Raspberry & Blackberry Bubble Bath

Recently I was sent a few products from the I Love... Cosmetics range and so far so good! I reviewed their Strawberries & Cream Handcream which you can view here and it has become a daily staple for me and I never leave the house without it.
So I chose to try this bubble bath next and since I love my fruity scents I was excited to use this in my next pamper session.

Product description:
Feel invigorated with a burst of yummy raspberry and delicious blackberry.
All our bubble bath & shower crèmes include our unique skin softening vitamin complex to help moisturise and keep skin soft and supple. Oh and just for good luck we've added natural extracts of raspberry and blackberry to help you feel invigorated. Yippee! For the record our fabulous products are Soap Free, Paraben Free and pH Balanced.

Packaging wise, it's pretty fool-proof, an easy to use 'pour it in' bottle allows you to control the amount of bubbles you want. The label is very informative and has some cute humorous sayings. The colour of the bubble bath is a gorgeous deep red and it matches the scent very well.
In the bottle, you can really smell the raspberries and blackberries, such a summery/fruity scent. It almost reminds me of a fruit tart served with fresh cream. The scent is spot on and in no way does it smell artificial. 
When I poured quite an amount into my bath water, not only was I able to create many sweetly scented bubbles but the bath water turned into a delicate pink colour. Although I love my bath bombs and crazily coloured bath water, it's sometimes great to have a traditional bubble bath.
It states on the packaging that the added vitamin complex, softens the skin and I am pleased to report that indeed, my skin felt oh-so soft. I am a huge fan of skincare products like these because they not only have a fun purpose but also gives something back, in this case, super soft skin!
The scent lingered onto my skin even after the bath and surprisingly it was not overpowering either. For the price you get a HUGE amount (500ml) the bottle is big and will last quite a while. I think this is another lovely product to try out, I have my eyes on trying the Mango & Papaya bubble bath next, the price is so cheap and it's so worth trying it out.

Check it out here and available to buy at Boots, Superdrug and online / £2.99* for 500ml

Have you tried this before?

Friday, 10 April 2015

March Favourites

This month features: NYX Blusher in Peach, Bourjois Java Rice Face Powder, Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara, The Vintage Cosmetic Company Powder Brush & Cute Food!

Quite a colourful favourites this month and it has two types of things that I love the most! Cutely shaped sweet treats and fool proof beauty items! So let's start going through what I loved in the month of March!

I have always loved the whole 'pink lip and cheek' combo and the NYX Blusher in 'Peach' has become a product I reach out for again, I used to love this alot and since I have begun to shop my stash, I have discovered so many old favourites. This blush delivers high pigmentation and the colour is so stunning on!

Next up is a new favourite, the Bourjois Java Rice Face Powder. I have ditched my rimmel stay matte powder for this beaut! It honestly is the best face powder I have ever used, It's just so finely milled and you can see tiny sparkles in the actual product. This sets my make-up beautifully, gives my skin some much needed radiance and it has the most incredible vintage-esque scent! A must-try if you haven't already. 

Moving onto the eyes and this product is a mascara but with added nourishing benefits for your lashes, it comes in the form of, Clarins Truly Waterproof Mascara and it's a real gem! This not only lengthens your lashes but it also protects the lashes from the harsh effects of salt water and chlorine, thanks to the bitter orange tree wax and squalane from olives to deliver a great conditioning eye product. There are very few mascaras that actually do good to our lashes so it's worth investing in this one.

I discovered a great brand of make-up brushes and The Vintage Cosmetic Company's Powder Brush goes straight to the top of my list! This brush goes really well with the Bourjois Java Rice Powder and it applies it so effortlessly too. I like to dust a fine amount of face powder to set my make-up and this brush lets me, the bristles are oh-so soft and the gorgeous packaging means it will look great on top of any dresser.

Lastly cute food items! Last month was Make Up Revolution's first birthday and they sent out these amazingly cute cake pops to so many bloggers, I was so surprised when mine came through the letter box, there were 5 in total and some were in the shape of a make-up product! It also came with a hand written note to say thank you for being apart of their revolution, which was the kindest gesture ever! If you tasted them then you'll know how chocolately and moist they were! Let me know in the comments section if you received them too!
I also picked up these cutely shaped biscuits from China Town and I also had to feature it in my favourites, the Hello Panda brand is so cute! From the packaging to the actual taste of the biscuits, it was pure love!

What have you been loving lately?

Monday, 6 April 2015

Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss

I rotate my lip products depending on my mood and it was until I used this hidden gem, I realised that I may of found THE perfect nude gloss, like EVER!
I seem to collect and favour pinks and nudes and this particular lipgloss from Essence has now got a permanent place in my make-up bag, read on to find out why!

Product description:
timeless, trendy and beautiful! the wonderfully shiny lipglosses are available in bright as well as subtle shades. they give your lips a beautifully pampered look, amazing shine and fresh color. glossy and light on your lips – these lipglosses are simply irresistible!

This shade (022 Nude Kiss) really reminds me of the Kylie Jenner-esque nude lip colour but in lipgloss form. It is beautiful and it can really flatter any skin tone. This pinky/browny nude can be worn any time which is great since it is a 'no set rule' kinda colour.
The doe foot applicator is shaped well which means it coats your lips quite quickly and the gloss is able to reach and follow your lip's natural curves.
The gloss has mini shimmers/glitters but in no way does it feel gritty, which is a plus! There are pink,green,copper and silver sparkles and this really helps enhance the look of the lips, giving it a 'plumper' look. It's also a high shine gloss which can look great on top of matte lipsticks to give your look more dimension.
This wears beautifully too, it lasts a good 3/4 hours (without eating/drinking) which is great and coupled with the long staying power is a pleasant texture. It's neither thick nor runny. This is where some cheap lipglosses go downhill but definitely not this one. This also has a lovely vanilla like scent which I LOVE and one of the biggest pros of this particular lipgloss is that it's NON-sticky! I just cannot believe that this lip product has all of the qualities you could ever hope for. Yet again Essence Cosmetics have amazed me with their fabulous quality with such low prices, all this from a £1.80 lipgloss?! I think it's time you tried this one out! 

So if you are looking for a budget-friendly, easy to travel with, sleek looking and a very moisturising lip product then definitely go for this one!

Check it out here and it's available to buy here //£1.80!*

Have you tried out an Essence XXXL Shine Lipgloss before?