Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Rose Bazaar Soap

Rose is one of my favourite skincare scents and when I spotted this soap amongst some of the other goodies that were sent to me by Bomb Cosmetics, I couldn't help but rip open the packaging to get a sniff. This is such a happy soap with an amazing scent, so read on to see why you need this in your life!

Product description:
Complex aromas of fresh, dewy rose petals awaken the senses at the Rose Bazaar, let the pure rose and clary sage essential oils balance your soul from within.

Visually this soap is stunning, a beautiful pink/red soap.This can make any bathroom look girly and it can also makes a great little gift option too!
The scent is very natural, it is not that overpowering nor does it smell artificial in any way. If you love your floral scents then you'll definitely love this one! I can detect the rose as well as the clary sage, It smells floraly but fresh, nothing too heavy which is great! The concoction of ingredients works very well together which makes this a very light and refreshing scent.
This lathered up pretty well too, there were alot of soft and floral-scented bubbles which cleansed my hands well. My skin was left feeling squeaky clean and oh-so soft. The scent also lingered on for a bit which was a plus.
This soap comes in slices and it's quite big so it will last you for quite a bit. I don’t find the square shape too user-friendly, so whenever I want to use it, I cut a small piece off, this way, the rest of the soap won’t get wet and thus will last longer.
This soap is handmade and it's made with vegetable based glycerin and natural essential oils. This means all those that favour natural products will love this!
This looks and performs quite well and I am so tempted to try out the other scents too.
Overall, I thought that this was a rather lovely soap, it ticks all of the boxes for me and it is worth trying.

Check it out here - link/£2.49*

What do you think about handmade soaps?

Thursday, 21 May 2015

MayBeauty Incredible Face Mask

Pamper sessions are a must! I love a good ol' face mask and I quite enjoy using the various types that are available (clay, cream & peel off)
I was recently contacted by Maybeauty, asking if I would like to try out one of their products, the Incredible Face Mask*, what made me say yes was the list of claims that this one little mask could do.

Product description:
The Incredible Face Mask deeply cleanses your pores and removes dead skin, making your skin cleaner and fresher than ever.
Use the face mask regularly and keep your skin free from impurities. Prevents acne, removes blackheads and whiteheads, takes away dead skin cells and impurities. Makes your skin cleaner, smoother and healthier.

Now I had never come across Maybeauty before but I do remember Maylash so I was thinking maybe these masks are from the same brand and guess what? they were!
A few days ago,myself and my other half decided to give these masks a go. Applying this was so easy! The face masks actually came with a handy brush for application, the brush had flat bristles so I was able to apply the mask evenly which I usually find tricky without using one.
The mask is a clay/peel off hybrid which is what I loved! The effectiveness of the ingredients and the super quick removing procedure thanks to the peel off ability. The mask is also very black yet smooth and the texture was perfect, neither thick nor runny. It had a fresh spa-like scent which was a bonus!
After a good 40 minutes, we could feel as if the mask has done it's magic, the mask felt as if it had gripped onto every single whitehead/blackhead and picked up all of the oiliness.
The beauty of this mask is that once you peel it off you can see exactly what was removed, for me and my partner the skin issue was oil and a few blackheads. We were looking at each others face and complimenting on how matte, bright and soft our skin looked! This face mask means business!
With peel off masks, you may feel a slight discomfort and since this mask had really gripped onto the skin, we both felt it ever so slightly. However without that, the results wouldn't of been evident. No pain no gain right? It also did state on the packaging that 'avoid applying near or on the eyebrows as it can remove facial hair'.
I was so happy to see that the excess oil around my t-zone was gone! I think that with prolonged usage, I can easily keep my skin looking at it's best.
Do you also want to know what the best thing is? Maybeauty have kindly given me a lovely 30% off just for my readers! If you are interested in trying this out for yourself simply click here - link and the 30% will be removed directly! 
You can now say be gone, to oily skin and impurities!

I was sent these face masks for reviewing purposes, All comments are my own. Many thanks to Maybeauty for this lovely opportunity! 

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

I Love... Cosmetics Coconut & Cream Body Lotion

If you know me well, you'll know that I love Coconut scented anything! Be it lip balm, body lotion or even cake!
I have been trying out a few products from I Love Cosmetics and after loving the hand cream and bubble bath I knew it was time to try out a body lotion in my most favourite scent, Coconut & Cream!

Product description:
Feel idyllic with a burst of sweet coconut and velvety cream.
All our new body lotions include coconut oil & shea butter to help leave your skin feeling gorgeously nourished & fabulously smooth. Oh and for the record our yummy products are Paraben Free and pH Balanced.

Packaging-wise it is a definite crowd pleaser! The easy to use, built in pump makes applications quick and easy, there's no wastage and you are not left scooping any product out which can be tedious,win!
The fonts/colours and clever labelling makes this a delightful product to pick up and read. It's eye-catching and very informative.
The ingredients used includes: Coconut oil and Shea Butter which insures nothing but soft, silky skin that is left feeling oh so hydrated and comfortable again. Now I'll be honest, right after a shower it would seem like a chore to apply some of my previous body lotions because it would literally take ages for the cream to soak into the skin, I would also be left feeling greasy than hydrated. This however soaks into the skin so quickly! I was amazed that I didn't have to fan myself to help the lotion set into my skin.
The texture of the cream is quite thick but it honestly feels air-whipped, almost the same consistency as a freshly whipped ice cream you get from the ice cream van. I absolutely love that even though it's thick, it acts like a really thin cream which makes applying this a breeze.
Now onto the main part, the scent! I really wish I could eat this because it smells exactly like Coconut and Vanilla cake! (insert heart eyes emoji here) The scent is quite strong so I personally like it. If you aren't too keen on heavy scents then steer clear of this. I have to also add that even though the scent is strong, it in no way smells artificial, it just smells of freshly baked coconut cake in a bottle! Dreamy!

Yet another winner from I Love... Cosmetics! I cannot recommend this enough! It leaves your skin feeling very soft, hydrated and smelling like some sort of a sweet treat!

Check it out here - link / available to buy online or instore at Boots, Superdrug and even Primark! £2.99*

Have you tried this or any other body lotion from I Love... Cosmetics before?

Friday, 15 May 2015

NEW Beauty Range From H&M

Images courtesy of H&M

I have some very exciting news to share with you all and I honestly cannot wait until Autumn/Winter 2015 because H&M are launching brand NEW beauty collections!
Basically the old existing products will be replaced with 700 sparkling new ones which includes make-up, hair care, body care and much more! It is said that the collection will also be expanded to 1000 products soon after.
The collections will be split into two - a premium collection and a eco-friendly collection.

From the images above, you can really see how great the premium collection looks, with chrome casings and metallic lettering, the make-up collection sure looks like it will sell fast.
I really prefer how this collection looks over the existing products. The monochrome scheme looks perfect for me since I heart black and white anything, it sure does look classy!
This will be available online and available in over 900 stores worldwide!

I have not bought any H&M make-up products from what exists now but I am sure that I will be buying a few bits from the premium collection because it looks so stunning and it can also look great on my dresser too!

What are your thoughts on this new beauty range from H&M? I would love to know!

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Everyday Accessories

Accessories, no girl can live without em!

I have been enjoying a few pieces that I wear daily and I wanted to share it with you all.
I favour minimalistic jewellery the most, since it looks chic and is easy to wear. Most days I wear a simple chain with a cute pendant, the ragdoll necklace is one of my favourites and I bought it from Accessorize a few years back. It goes well with anything and not forgetting to mention how cute it looks! If I'm not wearing this, then I'll most certainly be sporting a diamond pendant.

Bracelets wise, I love a classic pearl bracelet! I usually wear this on it's own or with a few bangles/bracelets to form some arm candy! 
For rings, I always wear my stunning wedding ring as well as a few rings from Primark, I am loving Primark jewellery at the moment! Especially the rings and earrings. I usually chuck on atleast 2 rings.

Lastly my earring choices are always from Primark because their stud earrings are so cheap and the designs are so pretty, I recently bought a £3 pack which had a light pink/grey colour scheme and I fell in love with it. I have been meaning to go again to check for the latest designs/colours because without a doubt, I always pick up a pack or two.
I love buying my accessories from Primark, Accessorize and Topshop. I find that these places stock amazing pieces but I also love raiding my mom's jewellery box for vintage pieces, let's just hope she doesn't find out that I 'borrowed' her black and white enamel bangle...

What's your favourite place to buy accessories from?

Monday, 11 May 2015

Models Own Festival Collection

Think daisy chains, bright body paint and neon colours, that's right! Models Own have launched a very festival-friendly collection. The range includes nail polishes, coloured hair spray, lipsticks and body paints! Everything you could possibly use to be seen whilst dancing away to your favourite bands.
I am definitely a neutral make-up kinda girl and I have to admit I don't really experiment as much as I would like to. This collection is about having fun and I cannot wait to incorporate some of the products into my routine, especially that gorgeous neon pink lippy!

The Nails
I was sent three bottles from the newly released collection and they are: Pink Wellies* Purple Bandana* and Colour Explosion* - All priced at £4.99 each. I am quite familiar with Models Own polishes and I know what the formula is like, Expect nothing but good colour pay off, high shine and quite a good longevity. The two colour polishes are very neon and I would describe the purple as a bright orchid shade and the pink as a hot neon shade. These can be worn alone or with the stunning glitter topcoat, this contains different sized hexagon glitters which are four pastel colours and a holographic silver, this is my favourite nail polish out of the collection.

The Lips
I cannot explain how impressed I was by the lipsticks, First off can I just say how pretty does the packaging look? Some may not favour the cardboard packaging but I personally love it! It gives a festival vibe if you know what I mean and coupled with the pretty labelling is the amazing colour pay off! Gone Glamping* a perfect dupe for M.A.C's candy yum yum shade and Headliner* a cool toned classic red shade. Both have incredible formulations, it's super creamy and it moisturises my lips too! It feel comfortable and lasts quite a long time. A real winner. Priced at £4.99 each.

The Face/Body
Face and body painting that is! You can really get creative and let your inner artist unleash with these cute handy pocket-sized paints. The collection contains five body paints in total: 3 neon shades (pink, orange and yellow*) and 2 metallic shades (gold* and silver*) priced at £3.99 each. I cannot wait to get creative and showcase some designs for a future review but I think that it's great that these have been included in the collection. Perfect to pop into your bag and party on! The colour pay off is really good and it stays on pretty well as well as being easy to remove. Another winner!

I am so impressed with this summer collection, I will be doing in depth reviews of all of the products so that you'll know what to take with you! I'll definitely help all you festival goers out there!

The collection is available to buy now, check it out here - link

What do you think of the Model's Own Festival Collection?

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Clarins Aquatic Treasures

When a brand NEW Clarins collection lands on my doorstep, I just get so excited, after loving the spring collection, I was looking forward to the summer offering and I have been extremely loving these three products the most.
The aquatics treasures collection is based on the textures and shades of the ocean, sand and the ocean floor. So fitting for the summer season! Read on to find out why I chose these 3 products to feature in my top picks.

Collection description:
This summer Clarins plunges us to the depths of the glittering turquoise-blue ocean to reveal the enchanting treasures that lie beneath the waves. The Aquatic Treasures collection captures the textures and shades of the ocean; a harmony of rich gold and bronze to reflect the silky sands, iridescent shades to mirror the glimmering pearls scattering the ocean floor, and a splash of glittering grey echoing the water as it sparkles in the sunlight. This combination of shades and textures will illuminate, giving a glowing complexion.

I honestly think this was needed in the collection, I mean it is such an ingenious idea! A face mist that doubles up as a face refresher and a make-up 'setter' A must for hot summer days because it instantly makes my skin feel and look fresh, my make-up also seems to magically look 10x better thanks to the hydration and comfort factor. This has a fresh scent that happily goes well with the purpose. The spray bottle is cute too! Easy to travel with and can look pretty on any dresser.

I was sent both shades but I seemed to be drawn towards the dark grey shade more, these eyeshadows have such an incredible formula. It's a cream to powder product that feels so soft at touch. The pigmentation is the 'wow factor' because in just one swatch it is dark enough without having to apply layers of colour. You can even use your finger to apply these and that's what makes this perfect for people who want to look good but are strapped for time. It even contains bamboo powder for a long-lasting effect. Simply commendable.

Waterproof Eyeliner Pencil (£17*)
I love kohl liners but I find it hard to find one that a) has decent pigment and b) does not stretch my eye area because the formula/application is too stiff. Guys I think my hunt is over because this pencil has the creamiest formula ever! Applying this is so quick and easy and the fact that the pigment is so intense, you do not need to reapply on the same area twice! This is waterproof which is needed for summer and it really lasts long! There is also a built in smudge tip to blend/smoke out your line. I currently have this in my make-up bag and I don't think I'll be changing my eye liner pencil any time soon!

I will be doing more in depth reviews of each of the products for any of you who are interested. Well done Clarins! You've got top marks from me!

The Aquatics Treasures collection is available to buy now, check it out here - link

What do you think of the Clarins Summer 2015 collection?

Monday, 4 May 2015

April Favourites

Time for another monthly favourites! In the month of April, I haven't been using any new make-up items that were worth putting into a favourites post (apart from that gorgeous lippy) however I have been enjoying these four items and I had to share with you these products that did make it to the list.

First up, Hand cream! The Strawberries & cream scent by I Love Cosmetics is a real winner, This instantly hydrates and soothes my hands and coupled with an amazing texture is the scrummy scent, it seriously smells like strawberry milkshakes from McDonalds! This also lifts my mood and makes me think of hot summer days. You will always find this in my handbag because I never leave the house without it.

Next is a brand new lipstick (KISStick) from a newly released brand called Kiss Cosmetics, I was sent this shade to try out and I have been lovin' it ever since, The pigmentation and staying power is really commendable, the texture is buttery soft and for the price, it's an absolute bargain. I honestly think this lipstick has similar qualities to higher branded ones but without the hefty price tag.

Whilst rummaging through my stash, I rediscovered these vintage blotting papers which are a travel essential, You basically rip a sheet from the book and blot it on your face, the sheets are coated with face powder and when you look back at the paper, you'll see that it has picked up any oil/dirt and it will leave your face looking matte again, I think this will be a firm summer staple for me! What I love about this is that it's quick, easy and disposable!

Lastly, since a recent trip to China Town, I have been munching on all sorts of chinese/korean candies/biscuits/snacks, these coconut candies are to die for! They're so creamy and moreish, you'll want more than one! I know I'll be repurchasing these again soon and I do keep a few near me whilst I'm blogging away.

What have you been loving in the month of April?

Saturday, 2 May 2015

Pretty in Pink Make-Up

There's nothing I like more than a pretty pink lip and cheek make-up look and that is what I have been sporting lately. It's perfect for spring and it adds vitality and radiance to your complexion.
I first start my priming my face with my trusty Benefit Porefessional Primer, I heart this stuff! It keeps my make-up in place for a really long time and it reduces my pores too! I then start to conceal away any darkness around my eyes and blemishes with my favourite creamy Concealer by Glo Minerals. This blends like a dream and it's the perfect shade for me when the two shades are blended together. To finish off my base, I then dust over my new favourite Face Powder by Essence. This keeps my skin looking matte and it does not cake whatsoever.
Onto the eyes, I sweep two coats of the Volume 1 Seconde Mascara by Bourjois, this mascara lets me achieve fluttery eyelashes in moments, it defines and separates my lashes beautifully too.
Now onto the pink make-up! For cheeks I alternate between Make Up Revolution's The One Blush Stick and Essence's Ombre Pink Powder Blush, both have an insane amount of colour pay off as well as great longevity. To finish of the look, I then use a favourite limited edition bubblegum pink lipstick by Maxfactor.
With this look, I instantly look dewy/fresh and I feel that this make-up look is perfect for everyday. I usually use these products or I just alternate products from my stash.

What is your favourite pink make-up product?