Monday, 29 June 2015

Bomb Cosmetics Strawberry Sunrise Bath Blaster*

Strawberry Sunrise Bath Blaster £2.29* from Bomb Cosmetics

I can firmly say that I am LOVIN' Bomb Cosmetics! A week or two ago I decided to test out a bath bomb from my never ending collection (hoarder or what?!) and I opted for this sweet smellin' one. If you love your strawberry scents, this is the one you need to try next!

Product description:
Feel the warm rays of a strawberry sunrise kiss your skin as the swirl of natural butters condition and nourish. Let the pure Mandarin and Neroli essential oils awaken your senses to a new day. Drop into a warm bath and watch as your Bath Blaster fizzes away!

As always, bath bombs from Bomb Cosmetics are so visually stunning! This particular one honestly looks like a fresh strawberry and cream cake. I always find it hard to part with such bath products because you feel like holding on to it a lil longer (anyone else have this problem?) So anyway, the bath bomb is made up of two parts, 1) light/dark pink part which fizzes away quickly and 2) whipped cream lookin' part which actually melts away slowly releasing lovely cocoa butter.
This is such a milder bath bomb that can be enjoyed by everyone! The colours and scents are not overwhelming and the skin conditioning properties are amazing, your skin will be feeling alot more softer and even moisturised. I even had to skip applying body moisturiser simply because it was not needed.
My bath water turned into a beautiful pastel pink which is perfect for a relaxing bath, nothing too bright or overstimulating, sometimes the simplest of bath bombs are just as nice.
This has a beautiful scent! It makes me crave some sort of a strawberry/cream dessert since it smells so scrummy!
This natural handmade bath bomb is also vegetarian friendly, using only the best sourced ingredients! It's not tested on animals so you can enjoy a guilt free, and a relaxing bath time experience! I highly recommend this one! A bath bomb that is actually worth stocking up on!

Have you tried a Bomb Cosmetics Bath Blaster before?

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Brand NEW Emojis For 2015

Yes! You have read correctly! Say hello to the brand sparkling NEW Emojis!
Unicode, the company that approves all things related to keyboards, has given the go ahead for 37 new designs but it's not known when these latest emojis will end up on our smartphones or tablets.
I cannot express how excited I am! It was definitely about time there were new emojis! I am so happy to see that unicorn face and the popcorn emojis made it to the list.
The final list of emojis are as follows: 
bottle with popping cork
cheese wedge 
hot dog
unicorn face 
badminton racquet
cricket bat and ball 
field hockey stick and ball 
ice hockey stick and puck 
table tennis paddle and ball
sign of the horns 
bow and arrow 
lion face 
prayer beads 
the Kaaba 
generic mosque 
Menorah with nine branches 
place of worship 
Dhyani Buddha
upside-down face
 face with rolling eyes
zipper-mouth face 
money-mouth face 
face with thermometer
nerd face 
thinking face
face with head-bandage
robot face 
hugging face

Which emoji(s) are you excited for?

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sherry London: Affordable Prom,Evening and Cocktail Dresses*

                            A-line chiffon evening dress         A-line chiffon floor length prom dress

Sherry London*

Sherry London is a UK based online store for all things dresses! They stock an amazing amount of pretty dresses to suit your needs, whether you need a garment for an evening out or for a prom, Sherry London has it covered!
The dresses are available from a UK size 4 to 28! so there can never be a fitting issue.
The dresses are custom made and seeing a few of the dresses honestly looks perfect for a princess! The added glitz and embroidery is sure to wow the public and will definitely get everyone talking.
The assortment of fabrics used includes: chiffon, tulle and even sequins! 
The dresses can even be custom fit, You can put in personal measurements (at an additional fee) using the guide available on site for the specifications. There is even a greater number of colour choices available, there are atleast 40+ shades per each dress. 
I was pretty amazed at the quality of the dresses, they all are so lovingly made which will also mean that your day will feel twice as special!
Sherry London is basically dress heaven, with evening dresses, cocktail dresses and even prom dresses, you are bound to find something to suit the occasion. I am particularly loving their evening gowns, so elegant and the pastel colours makes it look even more cute and girly.
Now seeing as the dresses can be custom made, the delivery time is still pretty good as your dress can arrive between 20-25 days or between 7-10 days for real quick shipment (this requires an additional fee) but if needed pretty soon that's quite good!
This is definitely worth a browse, I guarantee you'll be amazed at the style/colours and quality of the dresses.

What do you think of Sherry London? What dress is your favourite?

*This post contains sponsored content 

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

May Favourites

This Month Features
Neal's Yard Wild Rose Hand Cream*
Boots Vitamin E Eye Cream
Clarins Hydra Quench Lotion*
Nivea Fruity Shine Lipbalm
Alpha Bracelets DIY Kit*

Quite a colourful favourites this month! I have been using alot more skincare items rather than make-up and I definitely feel that all of these products are worth a mention because my base is lookin' alot more hydrated, fresh and brightened up, oh and I have been making some super cute beaded bracelets too!

First up the Neal's Yard Wild Rose Hand Cream, I was able to bag this freebie from the May issue of Marie Claire (worth £10). Luckily there was one of this particular scent left. I chose this because it was the only one that appealed to me and I happen to love rose scents. I have not tried this brand before but I was so impressed with the quality of this hand cream. It promises to deeply nourish, moisturise and soften the skin. I can firmly say that it definitely does! It has a lovely fresh/rose scent that isn't too overwhelming and it now has a firm place in my handbag.

Next up, a favourite of mine that has been featured before... the Boots Vitamin E Eyecream! This bargain-a-licious product surprisingly works well to help fade my dark circles. Priced at just under £3, this hidden gem hydrates and illuminates my eye area beautifully. Now I'm not saying that it has made my dark circles completely go away but I can say that it has definitely helped decrease the darkness and when I apply it every night I can be assured that I look bright eyed and bushy tailed in the morning. Well, maybe not the bushy tailed part.

Clarins Hydra Quench Lotion is a newbie in my skincare routine, I had a skincare consultation last month and I received this along with some other cute samples to try. This one is great for normal/combination skin. I so want to purchase the full sized because a) this smells AMAZING and b) it's such a lightweight cream that makes my skin feel hydrated, soft and oh-so moisturised. I best add this to my wishlist!

Being a lipbalm collector, I just had to add the new Nivea Fruity Shine to my collection. This is similar to baby lips in terms of having a pretty pink tint with a fruity/tropical scent. This one gives my lips a lovely sheer wash of colour and it smells just like watermelons. My lips feel protected and hydrated with the added bonus of colour which makes this much more than your average lipbalm. A must try!

Lastly a cute jewellery kit that has made my rainy afternoons much more enjoyable. I love all things cute and pastely so this was perfect for me. You can really personalise your bracelets by adding names with the lettered beads provided. A super easy kit that unleashes your inner child and makes a lovely gift option too!

So there you have it! My favourites for the month of May! What have you been loving?

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

DIY: Dino Ring Holder

There's nothing like doing a spot of DIY on a rainy day. It has been so long since I last featured a DIY/lifestyle post and I have been trying to get back into the creative side of things. This has to be one of my most favourite mini projects I have ever done!
I adore jenni from ISpyDiy (my inspiration) I saw that she did a tutorial for a Dino Ring Holder and I just loved how unique and quirky it looked so I attempted it. I am so pleased with the results. I really wanted to share this with you all, this simple DIY project is as easy as 123. It looks so Pinterest-esque too!

Things you will need:
  • Plastic Toy Dinosaur
  • Gold Nail Polish
  • Paint Brush
  1. Pick a dinosaur of your choice, I chose this particular one so that I could stack my rings on the neck. As you can see, It's quite long so you can easily stack a few of your favourite rings. You can readily find these dinosaurs at a pound/dollar store.
  2. In a well-ventilated area, start painting the dinosaur. I used the actual nail polish brush but you can also choose to use a paint brush to make applying coats of nail polish quicker. I was able to get a good strong gold colour after atleast 5 coats, you need to make sure that you paint everything.
  3. Leave to dry, I left mine near a window for a whole day to let it properly air dry.
  4. Stack your favourite rings and place it on your dresser/bedside table or shelf.
And there you have it! Such an inexpensive way to create a neat ring holder that will definitely get everyone talking! 
What do you think of this rather cute DIY project, Will you be giving this a try?

Monday, 1 June 2015

YSL Make-Up Palette | Direct Cosmetics*

Being a complete make-up junkie that I am, I love and own many drugstore products but I had still not sampled and tried more luxurious brands, partially due to the fact that I need to save up so much because I now have two, yes! Two wishlist's worth of high end make-up and skincare products that I really want to buy and own.
Recently I was contacted by Direct Cosmetics* and I was allowed to pick an item to review that was of my choice (aww thanks guys!) and when I saw this YSL make-up palette, it was love at first sight!
Direct Cosmetics is a website where you can purchase discounted top name skin care and make-up brands, some of the brands include: Clinique, Elizabeth Arden, and of course Yves Saint Laurent. It also does not stop there! They also stock hair and tanning products too!

Product description:
Yves Saint Laurent Make-Up Palette is the perfect selection of products for the lady who loves Pink! Encased within a beautiful pink compact this item includes:1 x Ombre Solo no.4 Powder Eye Shadow Violet, 3 x Ombres 5 Lumieres Powder Eye Shadows in Taupe, Parme and Rose, 2 x Rouges a Levres Solid Lip Colours and 1 x Blush Variation no 14 Powder Blusher.

This palette is beyond stunning! A beautiful fuchsia pink palette that screams quality and class. The Gold YSL logo completes the packaging and the size is perfect to fit into your handbag or even your pocket!
When you open it up, you are greeted with some stunning shades of pinks and purples, even though that is the colour theme of this particular palette, all of the colours are wearable which is great!
There are four eyeshadows, two lip colours and one highlighter/blusher. You can choose to create day/night looks or just incorporate one/two of the make-up pans into your routine.
The eyeshadows range from cool pastels to a stunning dark violet shade. All eyeshadows contain shimmer apart from the taupe shade, each colour has a lovely colour pay off and I can imagine how intense the colour and longevity will be once I use an eye primer with it.
The two lip colours are any girl's dream! The barbie pink and the medium toned pink are so creamy in texture and it lasts long too! Since I tend to wear lighter shades, I can wear these as lip tints rather than a full on lip colour but if you love your dark pink shades then this truly is perfect for you!
Lastly the lovely peach toned blusher which is beautifully laced with subtle gold shimmer, makes it a good choice for summer since it gives a fantastic glow to the face. I see myself wearing this everyday because it makes a good staple and I having been loving warmer shades of blushers recently too.
All in all, a must-have palette that really ticks all of the boxes for me, the make-up is presented well with a huge mirror and decent quality mini brushes for easy on the go application. I guess that's one luxury product crossed off on my wishlist.

Have you ever tried anything from Direct Cosmetics, it's definitely worth a browse!

Post in collaboration with Direct Cosmetics*