Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Sherry London: Affordable Prom,Evening and Cocktail Dresses*

                            A-line chiffon evening dress         A-line chiffon floor length prom dress

Sherry London*

Sherry London is a UK based online store for all things dresses! They stock an amazing amount of pretty dresses to suit your needs, whether you need a garment for an evening out or for a prom, Sherry London has it covered!
The dresses are available from a UK size 4 to 28! so there can never be a fitting issue.
The dresses are custom made and seeing a few of the dresses honestly looks perfect for a princess! The added glitz and embroidery is sure to wow the public and will definitely get everyone talking.
The assortment of fabrics used includes: chiffon, tulle and even sequins! 
The dresses can even be custom fit, You can put in personal measurements (at an additional fee) using the guide available on site for the specifications. There is even a greater number of colour choices available, there are atleast 40+ shades per each dress. 
I was pretty amazed at the quality of the dresses, they all are so lovingly made which will also mean that your day will feel twice as special!
Sherry London is basically dress heaven, with evening dresses, cocktail dresses and even prom dresses, you are bound to find something to suit the occasion. I am particularly loving their evening gowns, so elegant and the pastel colours makes it look even more cute and girly.
Now seeing as the dresses can be custom made, the delivery time is still pretty good as your dress can arrive between 20-25 days or between 7-10 days for real quick shipment (this requires an additional fee) but if needed pretty soon that's quite good!
This is definitely worth a browse, I guarantee you'll be amazed at the style/colours and quality of the dresses.

What do you think of Sherry London? What dress is your favourite?

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  1. Beautiful dresses <3 <3

    1. I definitely agree! I love their flowy ones <3 so princess-like! <3 ^^ xx

  2. Prettiest dresses ever =]

    1. Wish I had a whole wardrobe's worth, I honestly think Sherry London are so underrated! It needs to be known! xx


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