Friday, 31 July 2015

AHAVA Gentle Eye Cream* Review

This review features
AHAVA Gentle Eye Cream* 

An eye cream is an essential for me and when I was approached to review a AHAVA product, I had to of course, opt to try out their eye cream. I have never heard of this brand before so I keen to see how this would work, I had my fingers crossed and turns out that this is actually quite a decent eye cream with a cooling effect.

Product description:
A lightweight blend of minerals, select botanical extracts and skin-healthy vitamins moisturize the delicate skin around the eyes. AHAVA Gentle Eye Cream helps diminish dryness, soften lines and calm skin-fatigue for a refreshed appearance.
Pro-Vitamin B5 smoothes and softens fine lines.
Chamomile, Aloe Vera Leaf and Calendula extracts minimize signs of fatigue and irritation.

AHAVA have their own ebay page where you can easily find all of the products, from hand creams to face masks, they cover it all!
My parcel came pretty swiftly and was packaged very cutely. The eye cream came in a silver drawstring bag which adds added care to the receiving part.
The gentle eye cream is brilliant! It should really be called 'a hug for the eyes' product because upon application, my eyes instantly felt hydrated, soothed and refreshed. The actual texture of the cream is gel-like so this gives it that cool factor. I have even tried putting the cream on my under eyes after a few hours in the fridge and trust me, that was the best feeling ever!
AHAVA use only natural ingredients and there are no parabens, nothing is tested on animals and everything is produced without petroleum (woo!)
The cream really does feel natural and oh so light. This absorbs very quickly into the skin which is great for speedy applications.
I have now added this to my skincare routine, this eye cream is not for tackling dark circles but for adding instant hydration, soothing care and to help diminish fine lines.
I am in love with this stuff! After trying out AHAVA for the first time, I was definitely pleased with how this performed. I do recommend checking this brand out, their story is also interesting, from the process to how they have evolved e.g expanding into make-up. You can have a peek here if you're interested.

Check out the product here and the AHAVA Ebay store here

Monday, 20 July 2015

Sukin Organic Rose Hip Oil* Review

Sukin Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil 25ml ~ £13.99*

I have always had an obsession with skincare products that have a dropper, it just makes the product look so much more expensive and not forgetting to mention the 'cool factor'
Since I have combination skin, I have not tried nor thought about using a face oil because I initially thought that my skin will feel much more oilier and then this in turn means spots but the Sukin Rose Hip Oil is now a part of my skincare routine and I don't think I'll ever look back. Read on to see how my skin got on with this hidden gem of a product!

Product description:
100% Certified Organic and one of Sukin's best selling products.
Containing essential fatty acids, necessary for protecting cell membranes as well as vitamin E, beta carotene and the powerful anti-ageing antioxidant lycopene. This unique oil feeds the skin vital nutrients to promote radiant, healthy looking skin. Rose Hip Oil has been known to help soothe skin conditions and assist skin renewal in the maintainence of optimal skin health. Absorbs instantly allowing the skin to breathe as it works.
Sukin’s rose hip oil is cold pressed harnessed from the seeds of wild Chilean grown rosehips via a solvent-free extraction process to retain the oils precious actives for optimal performance.
Packaging wise, I personally love it! It takes the face oil out effectively and easily which means less product wastage. You are also not getting your hands into the product as much so this means super quick applications. WIN!
I apply this onto my face and neck and using just 3-4 drops is more than enough. As soon as I apply this my skin instantly feels 'fed' and by this I mean it completely eliminates the tight feeling I even get with the use of certain products. My skin is instantly hydrated and it looks alot more supple, rejuvenated and softer. I also feel that this feeds my skin by giving all of it's essential nutrients so that I look more healthier and glowy.
Scent wise I assumed that it would smell of roses, I was disappointed to find that it smells just like any other type of facial oil. Since I love rose scents, It would of been even better if it did but by no means does this effect the quality of the actual product. It works really well and it's the way to get glowy/moisturised skin without the use of harmful chemical and synthetic ingredients. One of the things that I love about this particular oil is that it can be used on any skin type, I have combination skin so even though I do have oilier patches on my face, it does not worsen them. Which can be a common misconception.
I honestly think that after trying out the rosehip oil, I realised that I should incorporate this into my skincare routine since it was until I used it for a few weeks, I felt that my skin actually needed this vital product. You can even choose to mix a few drops with your favourite moisturiser to maximise the effects of the oil.
With this lil bottle you can expect your skin to be kept looking at it's best by being protected from harmful UV rays and free radicals as well as keeping your skin more youthful and alot more healthier.

A must try! Check it out here - link

Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Miss Patisserie Sleepy Star Bath Bomb

I love typing up a good ol' bath bomb review and for my next bath I opted for this cute star-shaped bath bomb from Miss Patisserie.
Few months ago I was offered a few products to try out and so far I have been really loving it, due to the fact that everything is so lovingly handmade and contains nothing but the best ingredients.
I needed to wind down so this seemed like the perfect choice.

Product description:

A lavender scented bath fizzy containing pure lavender essential oil that will aid sleep and reduce stress.

This calm blue bath bomb is quite a cute lil thing! It's in a shape of a star, which fits in well with the 'night' theme, this lavender scented product worked wonders on keeping me calm and ready for bed.
The lavender scent is definitely evident but it is in no way overpowering, it smells natural which is great! 
This fizzed and frothed away to leave a lovely subtle powdery blue colour which is perfect since you do not want to over stimulate your senses because this should ideally be used before bed and/or when you are feeling stressed.
What I also love about this particular bath bomb, is the size. It's so dinky which makes it easy to travel with or as a lovely gift option.
The good news is that it did not stain my bath one bit! The last thing you would want to do after a relaxing bath is to scrub off any stainage!
After using this I did feel at ease and ready to take on my hectic schedule once again. This bath bomb is not available individually (wish it was!) It can be only found in Miss Patisserie's giftset (link below) so I do not know the price of this on it's own.
All in all, I really do recommend trying out Miss Patisserie, I know for a fact that once I have finished all of my bath bombs, I will be making a cheeky order online.

Check it out here - link / £24* (comes as part of a gift set called Weekend in Provence)

What do you think of this rather cute bath bomb from Miss Patisserie?