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Beauteque Mask Maven

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Beauteque Mask Maven July 2015*

LOVE Korean beauty products? Then you've come to the right place because I am going to share with you a way to try out Korean skincare/make-up products that is also an interesting concept.
Beauteque is an online shop that sells everything from Asian make-up to skincare and not only this, they offer two monthly subscription boxes which lets you sample a range of brands. One is called Mask Maven which lets you sample of types of masks from different brands. Each subscription contains a assortment (9-11) of face sheet, feet, hand, wash off and hair masks! Which is great if you prefer skincare over make-up. The other subscription box is BB Bag which lets you sample make-up and skincare. Both are definitely worth trying if you are like me and you LOVE to try out Korean brands.

Product description
Mask Maven is loved by Asian beauty novices, experts and everyone in between! Each month, subscribers receive between 9 to 11 masks. The masks can range from sheet, wash off, foot, hand and hair—basically you name it and it’s going in a Mask Maven bag. We always provide the benefits of the masks, but occasionally some masks are selected by chance. Selecting some masks by chance ensures that each Mask Maven bag is unique and is a fun surprise every month.
The cutoff date to receive the current Mask Maven is the 10th of every month. So if you subscribe on the 11th of the month, you will receive next month’s Mask Maven bag.
There are a number of subscription lengths we offer at different price points. Month to month each bag costs $15 plus shipping, three month pre order each bag costs $15 plus shipping, six month pre order each bag costs $14 plus shipping and 12 months pre order each bag costs $14 plus shipping. Once you’ve subscribed you will be charged the subscription’s length full amount plus shipping. Each subscription auto renews at the end of the subscription length.

The masks come in a cute pink drawstring pouch and there is also a informative menu card included so it tells you a bit about each of the masks and how to use them.

Urban Doll Kiss Welcome To Korea Money Masks
These are so kawaii! When I saw them initially I thought that these were actual money notes! These masks are formulated to either cleanse, moisturise, revitalise and repair the skin. Every subscriber is sent 2 random masks. 

Esfolio Milk Essence Sheet Mask
Another cute looking mask! The milk protein extract in this mask will help in keeping the skin moisturised, clean and will help the elasticity.

Medical Black Eye Anti Wrinkle Mask
This mask looks interesting! A skin benefitting eye mask (looks just like a cat woman mask) haha! This is said to revitalize the whole eye area thanks to marine collagen, phyto complex and peptides.

SNP Beijing Opera Brightening Mask
A personal favourite, I have already used this because I love skincare products that contain skin brightening ingredients. This one contained coconut water which immediately replenishes the skin with moisture. I really need to buy these in bulk!

AngelLooka Ultra Moisturising Foot Mask Pack
I've never tried a foot mask before so this will be exciting! This heats up upon application and removes dead skin cells! Say hello to renewed and moisturised feet with this mask!

Holika Holika Collagen Pomegranate Mask
I have heard alot about the Holika Holika brand and this one seems great for aging skin. 

Tony Moly Avocado Nutrition Mask
This mask is huge and I love the packaging of this! I'll be using this for my next pamper sesh. This mask is said to deliver nutrients deep within the skin. The subtle fragrance and a thick cotton mask makes this a luxurious experience.

Esfolio Gold Mask
Containing colloidal gold, this sheet mask is great for alleviating stressed skin by adding elasticity and nutrition.

Overally I’m really impressed with Beauteque’s Mask Maven! At just under $2 per mask, it’s a great bargain! There are so many fun and interesting masks from some great brands! Money masks, gold mask, foot masks….I’m excited to use them all! If you love trying different masks at an affordable price then this subscription is for you!

What do you think of Beauteque Mask Maven?


  1. Ooh the masks all sound amazing! I love the packaging of them all, so much better than UK brands xx

    Gemma ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. I agree! Tell me about it! <3 So so cute! xx

  2. I've never tried ant Korean beauty products but I always hear so many good things about them! Also the packaging is adorable!

    Rebecca Coco

    1. You really should lovely! One of the things that I heart about Korean products, is the gorgeously cute packaging! <3 xx

  3. How cute the packaging are... They sound interesting, Koreans have some great products!

    1. Too right! I still need to try more korean brands <3 especially the make-up! <3 xx

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