Friday, 30 September 2016

Too Faced Cosmetics Wishlist

Too faced cosmetics wishlist

After countless hours of reading make-up reviews and scrolling through endless pretty Too Faced make-up photos on Instagram & Pinterest, I have come to a conclusion that it's time to try this brand. The products looks so instagram-worthy and not to mention how pretty the pink packaging is. So here are the top five products that I want to own one day soon.

T H E   F A C E: 

There are a total of three products that I really want to get my paws on, I think if I used all three together I could achieve the most flawless and shimmerin' base ever!
The Candlelight Glow Highlighter (£25) is like ultimate highlighter goals! I heart the packaging and since I love trying out different highlighters and wear them daily, this would make the obvious next purchase.
Heart eyes for the Love Flush Blusher (£25) This reminds me so much of the 90s Polly Pocket packaging, it's so cute! Pink blushers are a favourite of mine and I have heard so much about this, think it's time to try it out.
To have an overall fantastic make-up look, you need a great base, that's why I need the Hangover Replenishing Primer (£27) in my life. This promises to hydrate, smooth and brighten the skin. What more could you want?

T H E   E Y E S:

Volumised lashes are my favourite look so I decided to add the Size Queen Mascara (£18) to my wishlist, I have heard alot about the infamous 'better than sex' mascara but I'm looking for lashes that are larger than life! This mascara also has conditioning fibres and it stretches the lashes so that it can reach it's optimum length.
Cat flicks are so cute to wear and the Sketch Marker (£17) would help me to achieve feline flicks in moments, the sketch markers are inspired by Japanese calligraphy pens and also come in a huge array of cute colours too!

What is your favourite product from Too Faced? Comment below!

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kawaii Snacks Haul

There's just something so fascinating about korean/chinese/japanese snack foods and their packaging. The bubblegum pinks and the cute fonts make their products so instagrammable too! I recently went to a local chinese cash and carry to explore and I came out smilin' because I found so many cute and tasty treats. I wanted to share with you what I bought and how it tasted. 

Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits
I absolutely LOVE the sky blue colour and the graphics on this box. There are three types of flavours that you can choose from: strawberry, chocolate and milk. I opted for the milk filling since that's one of my favourite flavours in these types of snacks. In the box you'll find a cute blue packet. When you open the packet, you'll find cute lil biscuits with panda illustrations on them! The biscuits are crunchy and the milk filling tastes amazing with the biscuit. These make lovely travel snacks to munch on in the car or to carry in your bag. These aren't overly sweet so it's great as a lil treat. I think I need to try out the other two flavours.

Silk Road Fortune Cookies
I love a good ol' fortune cookie! I don't believe in fortune but I do like the novelty factor of this cute snack, it's so fun and interesting to see what a lil piece of paper says about you once you crack open the cookie. The actual cookie tastes lovely, again nothing too sweet but very crunchy and mildly sweet. I wouldn't mind eating these as actual biscuits if they're sold without the fortune inside. The cookies are individually wrapped and would make dinner parties and meals with the family more fun.

Meiji Yan Yan 
I absolutely LOVE these dippin' snacks. Cute vibrant packaging that definitely catches your eye! This particular once has a vanilla dip with biscuits to dunk into the sweet dip. I prefer this to milk chocolate, the biscuits themselves are sweet. This has to be the sweetest out of the three. If you really have a sweet tooth like me then you'll LOVE these. I only have a lil complaint about this certain product, there simply isn't enough dip!! I end up with so many biscuit sticks that I have to eat plain, hahaha.

Have you tried any of these kawaii snacks before?

Friday, 23 September 2016

Rediscovering Old Beauty Favourites

A good thing about having a huge make-up collection is that you rotate products to use often. I switch and change products to use on a daily basis and lately I have been using and loving these cosmetics. So pink and pretty.

B O U R J O I S  H I G H L I G H T E R
I love using highlighters. Fact. I have been reaching out for this since it's so pretty and I absolutely love the shimmer and the overall look it gives to my complexion. It contains mini specks of glitter mixed in with light pink shimmer. The ultimate princess highlighter that I won't be changing any time soon.

N Y X  B U T T E R G L O S S
This gives the perfect pink lip. I love NYX lip products and I have been loving how this has been keeping my lips soft and hydrated. I usually go for matte finishes but I ended up switching my look by finishing off my make-up with a glossy lip. I do LOVE good lipgloss. 

C L A R I N S  I N S T A N T  L I G H T  L I P  P E R F E C T O R  I N  ' M Y  P I N K ' 
I adore Clarins lip products and I have fallen for this lip perfector again. This is the perfect everyday lipbalm that looks so luxurious too! I have been wearing this lately on my no make-up days and what I love about this product is that it hydrates so well and gives my lips a custom shade of pink, since it reacts with the pH of my lips. I love products like this.

What products are you loving again?

Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Tanya Burr Soft Luxe Collection Lipgloss in 'Martha Moo' Review

Team Internet are taking the world by storm. I'm subscribed to many fellow youtubers and this particular youtuber/blogger/makeup artist/book author is doing so well for herself, no one other than Tanya Burr.

Tanya Burr released her make-up collection in 2014 and I was particularly drawn towards the Soft Luxe collection which came out this year. I'm lovin' all of the pastel shades and cute packaging.

S O F T  L U X E  M A T T E  L I P: in Martha Moo.
A product I was definitely excited to try out, seeing as the matte lip trend is quite popular, it was interesting to see Tanya's take on it.
Martha Moo is the perfect everyday colour. I would describe this colour as a deep 90S nude, a lovely brown/dark pink combined shade that can look amazing on any skin tone.
The packaging is gorgeous, I am LOVING the frosted glass-esque finish along with the gold detailing. It makes the lip gloss look alot more luxurious, definitely pleasing to look at!

The formulation is definitely something worth talking about. This creamy lip product is so easy to apply and it wears so beautifully. The texture is so lightweight and the pigmentation is intense. So intense that you really only need a teensy amount. I was amazed at the colour pay off. Once I applied this onto the lips, the lip cream dried pretty quick and whilst other matte lip products can feel very drying and uncomfortable, this truly didn't. 
I was able to get atleast a fantastic 7-8 hours of wear time before needing to maybe touch up the centre of my lips, since I was eating a lovely hearty meal along with some Coca-Cola. Trust me guys, this matte lip product lasts! But it gets better, along with an amazing wear time, this also has a lovely delicate vanilla scent which finishes off the product nicely.
For £5.99, this is something you need to really buy and try. The quality really felt high-end and for the price, I think I need to pick up the other two shades in the range. Tanya Burr Cosmetics is available to buy at Superdrug and Feel Unique.

Check it out here: link /£5.99*

H I G H L Y  R E C O M M E N D E D

Friday, 16 September 2016

Top Ten Girly Hacks

Not enough time in the day and there's so much to be done! Being a girl, you need to know tips that can save time and with minimal effort so I've decided to share with you all my collection of top ten beauty hacks that every girl needs to know! 
  1. For a mess free manicure, apply Vaseline around the edges of your nails before painting and when your done, simply wipe away any stray marks without ruining you newly painted talons.
  2. Use a flesh coloured eye pencil on your waterline for those ill/tired days, it instantly brightens the eyes and hides away any redness! 
  3. Don't want cleansers that contain chemicals? well coconut oil is a pretty good makeup remover and your left with soft skin too, WIN!
  4. Don't just apply concealer onto your dark circles but apply it in triangular shape under your eyes to brighten the entire eye area.
  5. Save money by washing your makeup brushes with baby shampoo, it's very gentle and removes all of the make up effectively just like any brush cleaner would.

  1. Spray on some rose water or a vitamin infused primer spray before applying your base makeup, it creates the perfect base and makes applying foundation a whole lot easier.
  2. Sooth dry feet by applying lots of Vaseline or moisturiser onto your feet, then wear some cozy socks. The lotion or Vaseline will work it's magic whilst you are asleep and you'll have baby soft feet.
  3. I love products that I can use in more than one way, Use a cream blusher to add colour to both your cheeks and lips if you have less time.
  4. Add a lil peppermint oil into your lipgloss to give your lips a plumping boost
  5. Hide a growing out mani with glitter! Simply paint the bottom of your nail. It also gives a pretty neat ombre look too!
What are your top beauty hacks? Share them below!

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

August Purrfectbox Review

The cutest lil subscription box for pets!

So recently I received a email from the lovely team over at Purrfectbox asking if I would like to review a August 2016 box and of course I said yes, since who wouldn't want a chance to bond with their pet by playing with new toys, giving tasty treats and trying out a few lifestyle items?

So what is Purrfectbox?
The Purrfectbox (£19.90 inc delivery) is a monthly subscription box that you can receive every month, each month being a different theme and in each you get 5-6 top quality toys, treats, grooming tools, food and training products and what's good is that it's custom made just for your pet because you fill in both your pet's age, breed and fur type. You know that everything in the box will be used and nothing will go to waste which is great!

Here's what came in August's box:
A copy of Purr notes
Gourmet chicken liver bites
A pudding pouch (yum!)
A fluffy mouse toy that comes with catnip!
A cute soft yellow ball
A dangly fish toy with bells
A cooling pet bowl

What I personally love about Purrfectbox is that there are so many options to choose from, you do not need to go all out and just go for the yearly subscription, you can also opt for a monthly subscription and even a one-off box so that way you can try it out before committing.
I think this has to be one of my most favourite boxes that I was sent because even as a cat owner, I really loved everything that was included. Unboxing this with Shonu was so memorable. I don't think I've ever seen her so excited for catnip before. She was rolling around, jumping, chasing and licking the toys!
I we both loved everything from the box! Shonu went crazy over the catnip toy and she loved playing with the fish toy, it reminded me of when she used to play as a kitten. You could really see the excitement in her eyes, bless her! It was so hard to capture her whilst playing but I did manage to somehow get some pretty cute pics of her playing.
I loved this box because I know Shonu will use and eat everything from this box, it honestly felt like this box was made specifically for her.
So have a cat that you know will love this? then definitely do check out Purrfecctbox! Go on spoil those furry feline with a box since I have a special £5 off discount just for you! Simply type ukb28ozz whilst checking out so you'll be able to enjoy this box just as much as we did!

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

August 2016 Photo Diary

August was a month full of colour, fun and alot of shopping. Here are some cute highlights from last month. 
Browsing accessories in all of the stores is like my favourite thing to do. I spotted these CUTE pink pompom earrings in New look and well they're so Insta worthy.

I bought these two pretty pink tops in the sales, can you believe it?! The one on the left is from Primark and one on the right is from River Island. I am lovin' pink at the moment and these girly tops look great for casual days and I can't get over the beautiful silk and lace detailing.

I have such a sweet tooth so I am always trying out new sweeties and keeping them next to me whilst I blog. These two are currently at the top of my list, I would definitely recommend checking out Original Gourmet lollipops! I bought these from Asda.

A blast from the past, I am always buying and reading magazines but when I spotted this animal mag, I oohed and ahhed. It made me remember when I used to buy these back in the 90s because it used to come with stick on earring packs and those kiddy pink lipsticks with that signature plastic smell. I miss those days.

Pamper seshs are not complete without a few Elle magazines and a silky pink eye mask. I have been using up my bath products from Lush so that I can stock up again.

More cutely shaped bags/purses spotted at Primark and New look. I'm lovin' the pastel pretty unicorn purse. It's so sweet!

My box of nose studs in every colour! I can now match it every outfit. Currently wearing the gorgeous red colour.

A Lush bath cocktail of Creamy candy bubble bar and Ultraviolet bubble bar. A very princess pink bath that was amazin' Who else is a fan of the Creamy candy bubble bar?

I've collected quite a few Benefit minis thanks to Glamour and Elle magazines. I've even reviewed them in a post which you can read here. I adore the new brow collection and how gorgeous is the packaging?

I went to Clarins for a skin consultation and I always enjoy it. Clarins also do the cutest lil samples, ever! My skin felt refreshed after a long and sweaty day shopping around.

Me and my other half went along to an asian henna ceremony in London and it was so beautiful! It was very colourful, the food on the menu was so scrummy and I was given a cone of sweets, a henna cone and a bunch of bangles to take back home.

I was spoilt by the hubby this month because I got my first ever Nars product! I have always wanted to try the radiant creamy concealer. I love the packaging and the shade matches well. I will be reviewing this once I have used this a bit more.

and to wrap up August, me and my family were invited to a kiddy birthday party! Think football theme with blue accents and alot of family fun. This event finished off August nicely. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Freedom House Of Glamdolls Palette in Exotica | Swatches and Review

When make-up comes in a easy to travel with palette then you know it's worth talking about. Freedom Makeup London have collaborated with the House of Glamdolls to bring you four palettes that can help you achieve different looks. This particular one is based around the idea of exotic destinations and tropical voyages to reveal your sultry beauty. Read on to see how I got on with this exciting release.

Product description:
The House of GlamDolls Exotica Doll Freedom palette is a beautiful palette inspired by exotic destinations and
tropical voyages to reveal your sultry beauty. Recreate our Exotica Doll chart look or reveal your creativity. #exoticadoll

The palette contains two powder blushers, four brow powders, a highlighter, four lipglosses and 12 eyeshadows. When you open the palette you can definitely see that the colours match the theme of an exotica doll. The packaging is very sturdy and not too big so it's easier to travel with. There is a huge mirror inside and all of the colours are labelled. There also was a detailed step by step leaflet inside with makeup looks you can follow.
You can really play around and be creative with this palette, from bright and vivid eye looks to smokey eyes with depth and shimmer.
The Eyeshadows: A varied palette, five matte shades and seven shimmery shades, great pigmentation and long wearing too! My star pick from the selection is Sensual, a gorgeous rose gold that screams for attention!
The Blushers: Scultpt, a muddy brown face powder, great for contouring and adding warmth to the face and mystery, a lovely coral blush that adds vitality to your cheeks. Both are easy to blend and has good pigmentation.
The Eyebrow powders and Highlighter: There are four eyebrow shades to choose from and it's great because there will atleast be one that matches, good pigmentation and wears well. The highlighter is buildable and oh so shimmery, lasts well and contains little specks of glitter, WIN!
The Lipglosses: Buildable sheer shades that have a glossy finish with a lil pop of colour, lips feel hydrated and moisturised.

I definitely recommend trying this or checking out the other three palettes from the range. Everything was decently pigmented, travel-friendly and easy to use since you have everything in front of you. My favourite palette from the range is the 'Vintage Doll' since the colours in this palette aren't really for me. So if you are into experimenting and if love colour then this is perfect for you!

Check it out here - link /£8.00*

Have you tried this palette?