Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Kawaii Snacks Haul

There's just something so fascinating about korean/chinese/japanese snack foods and their packaging. The bubblegum pinks and the cute fonts make their products so instagrammable too! I recently went to a local chinese cash and carry to explore and I came out smilin' because I found so many cute and tasty treats. I wanted to share with you what I bought and how it tasted. 

Meiji Hello Panda Biscuits
I absolutely LOVE the sky blue colour and the graphics on this box. There are three types of flavours that you can choose from: strawberry, chocolate and milk. I opted for the milk filling since that's one of my favourite flavours in these types of snacks. In the box you'll find a cute blue packet. When you open the packet, you'll find cute lil biscuits with panda illustrations on them! The biscuits are crunchy and the milk filling tastes amazing with the biscuit. These make lovely travel snacks to munch on in the car or to carry in your bag. These aren't overly sweet so it's great as a lil treat. I think I need to try out the other two flavours.

Silk Road Fortune Cookies
I love a good ol' fortune cookie! I don't believe in fortune but I do like the novelty factor of this cute snack, it's so fun and interesting to see what a lil piece of paper says about you once you crack open the cookie. The actual cookie tastes lovely, again nothing too sweet but very crunchy and mildly sweet. I wouldn't mind eating these as actual biscuits if they're sold without the fortune inside. The cookies are individually wrapped and would make dinner parties and meals with the family more fun.

Meiji Yan Yan 
I absolutely LOVE these dippin' snacks. Cute vibrant packaging that definitely catches your eye! This particular once has a vanilla dip with biscuits to dunk into the sweet dip. I prefer this to milk chocolate, the biscuits themselves are sweet. This has to be the sweetest out of the three. If you really have a sweet tooth like me then you'll LOVE these. I only have a lil complaint about this certain product, there simply isn't enough dip!! I end up with so many biscuit sticks that I have to eat plain, hahaha.

Have you tried any of these kawaii snacks before?


  1. I love the hello panda biscuits and the design is so cute :)

    Lotte | www.lottebeautybox.blogspot.co.uk

    1. Yay! <3 What's your fave flavour? I've heard the strawberry ones are pretty popular! <3 xx

  2. This post is so ADORABLE and I love your photography! I go through phases of buying kawaii snacks and you've definitely convinced me to try some more. Thank you :)

    Louise | www.louiseroserailton.com

    1. Aww thank you so much Louise, how sweet?! ^^ Of course you should, treat yourself! xx


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