Friday, 16 September 2016

Top Ten Girly Hacks

Not enough time in the day and there's so much to be done! Being a girl, you need to know tips that can save time and with minimal effort so I've decided to share with you all my collection of top ten beauty hacks that every girl needs to know! 
  1. For a mess free manicure, apply Vaseline around the edges of your nails before painting and when your done, simply wipe away any stray marks without ruining you newly painted talons.
  2. Use a flesh coloured eye pencil on your waterline for those ill/tired days, it instantly brightens the eyes and hides away any redness! 
  3. Don't want cleansers that contain chemicals? well coconut oil is a pretty good makeup remover and your left with soft skin too, WIN!
  4. Don't just apply concealer onto your dark circles but apply it in triangular shape under your eyes to brighten the entire eye area.
  5. Save money by washing your makeup brushes with baby shampoo, it's very gentle and removes all of the make up effectively just like any brush cleaner would.

  1. Spray on some rose water or a vitamin infused primer spray before applying your base makeup, it creates the perfect base and makes applying foundation a whole lot easier.
  2. Sooth dry feet by applying lots of Vaseline or moisturiser onto your feet, then wear some cozy socks. The lotion or Vaseline will work it's magic whilst you are asleep and you'll have baby soft feet.
  3. I love products that I can use in more than one way, Use a cream blusher to add colour to both your cheeks and lips if you have less time.
  4. Add a lil peppermint oil into your lipgloss to give your lips a plumping boost
  5. Hide a growing out mani with glitter! Simply paint the bottom of your nail. It also gives a pretty neat ombre look too!
What are your top beauty hacks? Share them below!


  1. I knew a few of these already, but some I'm hearing for the first time. The glitter grown out mani is brilliant, especially for someone like me who's nails tend to grow out so fast and I own an abundance of glitter!

    - Damarcia
    Amour Marci

    1. Thanks lovely! I use most of them so I decided to share it with everyone. The grown out mani hack is a personal fave, since I love glitter polishes! xx

  2. I paint my nails so much and sometimes (okay quite a lot of the time) manage to get it on my fingers but I'll definitely try the Vaseline hack next time! Great post :) xx

    1. That's such a great lil hack for you, thank you so much lovely! <3 xx

  3. Fab tips! Will be trying some of these out soon :)

    Rachel - Times2style


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