Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Mini Lush Haul

💖😻 Products featured:
Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb £4.25
Milky Bath Bubble Bar £3.75
Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb £1.95

It was that time again. Seeing as I had finished my lil stock of Lush bath products, I needed to stock up and buy some newbies that I haven't tried before.

Rose Bombshell Bath Bomb
I have been meaning to pick this one up for a while now and after reading so many lovely reviews, I knew I had to pick it up at my next trip. This bath bomb is a rose lover's dream. This contains yellow rose petals, rose oil and rose absolute. The outer shell breaks away and petals are dispersed everywhere, also can we just talk about how pretty the bath bomb looks?! So Insta-worthy!

How CUTE is this bubble bar?! I was sold at the amazingly clever name and design of this product and I am actually very excited to use this. Though the product isn't exactly 'fun' this bubble bar boasts of a more skin benefiting experience. This contains uplifting orange oil, soya milk and cocoa butter to give your skin some major TLC. This smells like baby fabric softener and I know this will work a treat on my dry skin.

Check this lil bot out! I picked this one up to try even though it's aimed for kids. This contains lavender essential oils which is perfect to relax and unwind in. It's also great for soothing any skin irritations too! This turns the bath water into a calming pastel blue and for only £1.95 you really cannot go wrong. 

What have you picked up at Lush lately?


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  1. I love Lush bath bombs, aren't they the best. I got a gift set for Christmas and used it all up within a week...oops!

    1. Ohh yeah! <3 Oh my! Hahaha have you checked out the Easter and the Mother's day collections? You could treat yo'self! <3 XX

  2. nice haul!!!

  3. I haven't stepped foot inside Lush for literally ages, but reading this post and admiring your pretty photos has started to tempt me... I love a good bath bomb

    Nikki xx | Lovelaughslipstick ♥

    1. Aww hehe thanks lovely and you totally should go and treat yourself! xx


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