Friday, 4 August 2017

JewelCandle* Review in Candy Floss Earrings Edition

Check out this cool candle concept! Read on to see what I thought of the Jewel Candle!

What is it?
Jewel Candle is a 100% handmade candle that contains a jewellery surprise which they claim to be high-quality(Warranted 925 Silver Jewellery)and between the value of £10-£250. Each Earring candle is said to last around 45-60 hours before the jewel can be removed, while the larger candles lasts around the 90-125 hours mark. Jewel Candles come in four forms, Ring,Pendant,Bracelet and Earring candles. The Ring, Pendant and Bracelet candles are all large in size and Earring candles are slightly smaller. There is also a Jewel Bath where the jewellery surprise is hidden inside the bath bomb or bath cupcake! How cool is that?! The candles also come in a whole host of scents from Candy Floss to Blueberry Pancakes! The candle I received is in the scent Candy Floss.

The Candy Floss Jewel Candle retails at £19.95 and is available to purchase on the Jewel Candle website.

The candle comes in a big sturdy glass jar complete with lid. Now that my candle is fully burnt, I plan on reusing the jar to store either makeup brushes or some extra beauty bits, so handy!

My thoughts
When I first heard about Jewel Candle, I was amazed at the concept, I just love unique products like this and as soon as I got my candle, I started to burn it straight away but making sure I had a cuppa and some biccies ready too! The scent is sweet but not sickly sweet, it has a warm cozy like scent which smells lovely and makes you want to cozy up with some sweet treat and wear some super cute PJs. The scent lingers really well without being too over the top. The earrings were wrapped up in a foil package and was around the middle so I definitely knew it would take a while to reach it. I was getting so impatient because I really, really wanted to see the earrings. So many hours later I was able to use my tweezers and carefully pull out the little foil package and I was greeted with the cutest ever Fuschia pink studs with little diamonds on the sides of the design. I was so happy with what I got from the candle. My earrings also contained a sticker which had a unique code to find out the actual price of my prize. I went on the Jewel Candle website and entered in the code and the worth of these earrings was £25 which wasn't bad at all!

I personally love the whole idea and element of surprise of the candles. I do also think that the candles make a great gift idea. I was very happy with my stud earrings and I have already worn them so many times. I would definitely recommend Jewel Candle since there are so many delightful scents to choose from as well as different jewellery pieces to suit your liking.

Have you tried Jewel Candle?


  1. I think it's so cute as well how the candle melts to reveal the earrings x

    Velvet Blush

    1. And it's not only earrings, they also have candles with pendants, bracelets and even rings hidden away in the candles too, you should definitely check out JewelCandle <3 xx

  2. This is such a new concept to me. It reminds me of those ice-creams with the bubblegum surprise at the bottom. I love candy floss so they candle would be perfect for me. I love anything sweet, but it makes my cravings sky high Little White Socks

    1. Omg I remember those! ^^ I think they're called screwball right?! ^^ haha! Yeah and they also have other sweet scents too which would definitely make you crave all those naughty treats <3 xx


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