Tuesday, 1 August 2017

Quench your skin with the New L'Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water Moisturiser*

L'Oreal Hydra Genius Aloe Water Moisturiser*

What is it?
The first ever 'skin drink' moisturiser that locks in 72 hours of moisture for fresh, glowing skin! There are two types of moisturisers available: normal to dry and normal to combination.
This new moisturiser is inspired by Asian skincare and it contains aloe water and hyaluronic acid to deliver pure moisture and give that instant refreshed feeling without overloading the skin.

My thoughts
I had read so many reviews from people and bloggers and everyone sure is raving about this new skin care product,from the prettiest blue glass packaging to the the way this makes everyone's skin feel. It was all said. I really wanted to use this for a good time before reporting back and I need to say this, believe the hype people! This stuff is insanely good and I don't think I'll ever use anything else. This has a gel like formulation and as soon as I apply this, my skin gets this instant fresh feeling and my skin feels so hydrated. It is definitely a skin drink, crazy as it sounds but I actually do feel like my skin has drank in the goodness and I have also noticed a change in my complexion too. I was sceptical since it has a gel like consistency, I thought it was going to feel sticky or take a while to absorb into the skin but it really doesn't, it's more lightweight and a joy to use. The claim 'fresh as water, hydrating as a cream' does define this product and I couldn't think of anything better to describe this myself. Lastly the scent is to die for, it has this really amazing summer spa like scent that instantly reminds me of sunny days. I always apply this before starting on my make-up since this makes a really good base too!

Hats off L'Oreal! I really am super impressed by this moisturiser and I definitely recommend that you try it out as soon as!
You can buy it here - link and here - link /£9.99*

Have you tried this? What are your thoughts on it?


  1. Ive always wanted to try this moisturiser as ive heard some fantastic reviews!

    Heather xox

  2. You definitely need to get one asap! You're in luck too because it's currently on offer in Boots and Superdrug!! xx

  3. I've been eyeing this range up since it was released, love the concept.

    Alice May Snell ♡

    1. I was the same when I heard so much about it <3 I knew this was something my skin would love! Are you going to try it out? xx

  4. I love this one SO much too.
    Live how quickly it dries and leaves no residue.
    And YES, the scent 👌👌
    Gillian xx Eyelinerflicks.com

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment <3 I absolutely agree with you, it's the best I've ever used ^^ <3 xx


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