Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Tokidoki Black Eyeliner Review


I am on a quest to find the perfect black liquid liner and I wanted to review this insanely cute Tokidoki eyeliner which I picked up from Primark not too long ago.

The packaging is CUTE! Definitely one of the reasons, I picked this up also seeing the long brush handle kind of gave me hope that it will help achieve easy cat flicks.

The actual black colour does have a good colour pay off but it seems to smudge and also run too 😞 When it comes to liner, the last thing you would want is the colour to be faint or for it to run. Another issue I had was with the actual nib. It was very hard to create a flick that I wanted. It was good at just lining the eyes but it did not have flexibility, like a brush to ensure an easy to do cat flick. I just either ended up with lined eyes or cat flicks that were just too thick! Which meant me having to repeat the whole process again.

I really wanted to like this eyeliner but it was a complete miss for me and so my journey continues to find the perfect liquid liner.

Do you have liner recommendations for me? Comment below your all time favourite liners because I need one ASAP!

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