Monday, 27 November 2017

Kat Von D Beauty | First Impressions

I have heard SO much about the Kat Von D brand but I have never tried or swatched any of the products before... until now!
I got two of the most popular minis to play around with and well, it did not disappoint! The much talked about tattoo liquid liner and the very loved everlasting liquid lipstick! Read on to see my mini reviews!

Tattoo Liner in 'Trooper Black'
Believe me, I had really high hopes for this much talked and loved about product but I was really disappointed at how the liner was just not that black enough, you can see from the swatch that it isn't even fully opaque. I was expecting an extremely jet black colour that didn't need layering. I did however like the cute packaging and the ultra fine nib for easy and quick cat flicks. I hope the formulation of this gets changed so that the colour doesn't feather away and that it actually stays put. 

Everlasting Liquid Lipstickin 'K Dub'
This product truly WOWED me. I wasn't expecting such a huge colour impact. What you see outside of the tube, is the actual true colour and I didn't even need to layer this. From the swatch you can see how amazing the pigmentation is and it really does stay put no matter how much you eat or drink. I probably wouldn't opt for this colour though, I have checked out the range and thankfully there are some nudes and lighter pinks that I would actually wear daily. This liquid lipstick also seems to have a lovely buttery like scent which I don't think was needed but it sure adds to the overall lovely-ness

Do you have a Kat Von D staple? Also what are your thoughts on the Tattoo Liner?

Friday, 17 November 2017

Easy Pastel Nail Art

There's nothing I love more than painting my nails and experimenting with colours and nail decals. I just recently painted my nails and I came up with a super cute look that I wanted to share because nail art doesn't have to be time consuming, it can really be as easy as 123.

Step one: Gather all of your nail polishes and decide what base colour you want. I own ALOT of pastel nail polishes so I opted for a lavender purple shade. Apply a good 2-3 coats and let it dry.

Step two: Do you have any decorative topcoats? Glitter polishes that look like confetti will come in handy for this step since this adds a lil extra to your overall nail look. I used a holographic glitter nail polish and I decided to paint this over some of my nails rather than all of them. Chunky glitter polishes will also look great so do add a good coat since this will look like a adorable 'background'

Step three: Nail decals are your best friend! For speedy yet customised nail art you can really get creative with this step since there are so many cute nail decals to choose from online. I happened to have a pack of cute cats and dogs so I just stuck a few on top and then sealed each sticker with a clear top coat. Let it dry one last time and there you have it! Easy nail art that requires no effect whatsoever.

Do you love nail art? What are your go-to colours and decorations?

Monday, 13 November 2017

Cute Jewellerybox Accessories

Hi Lovelies! Hope you all are well!

Are you looking to change up your accessories? well look no further because is the place to go to for all simple yet elegant jewellery pieces! I was recently sent a range of cute and dainty accessories that were packaged ever so cutely.
The items arrived in a mini box and were all packaged individually and very nicely. Each accessory was sealed and had a jewellerybox label on the top. It's all about the little things and you can really see the care that has gone into the packaging so when you receive the items you won't have to worry. It also makes a great gift option too!

About are an online retailer based in South London that specialise in selling sterling silver and 9ct gold unique jewellery pieces and with 8,000 pieces to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone! jewellerybox delivers to over 100 countries and I can assure you that buying from jewellerybox is fast, easy and even fun!

They also offer a wide range of personalised jewellery, a range of different metals  to choose from including Gold and Rose Gold, a under £5 section and free shipping on orders over £10. Basically everything you could possibly want from a cute accessory company.

I was sent three stunning pieces: Gold dipped sterling silver fine infinity bracelet with clasp (£7.85*) Sterling silver and enamel unicorn stud earrings (£7.45*) and 9ct gold teddy bear stud earrings (£21*) 

First up, the adorable unicorn studs! These are super cute and I love wearing this to show my love for unicorns. These studs are super sturdy and the attention to detail is amazing, it is much smaller than I had hoped but this doesn't take away anything from the overall finished product. The pastel enamel is eye catching and is very light to wear. I have already received compliments whilst wearing this out and I am so glad jewellerybox have this in their collection, if you LOVE unicorns then this is definitely for you!

My second pair of studs came in the form of two little gold bears and boy! Does this scream minimalism! These studs are 9ct yellow gold and the design and cut is very clear, just like the previous earrings, these are light and very comfortable to wear. I love putting these on my super comfy basic days when I have my hair up in a top knot and whilst wearing my favourite lilac jumper on, just so it adds that extra bit of 'effort' in my overall look.

A dainty bracelet will bound to complete any look and the gorgeous gold dipped infinitely bracelet is my new favourite thing, EVER! I was surprised at how delicate the chain was because it definitely looks pricier than the actual price. I definitely see this as a popular choice from jewellerybox and this accessory is perfect for easy everyday wear.

Without any exaggeration, jewellerybox have won my heart for when it comes to choosing high quality and dainty accessories without the hefty price tag. There is just so much to choose from! What I have shared is just a small insight into what is available and I know I will be treating myself to some more studs and possibly a dainty chain necklace to add into my collection.

Have you heard of jewellerybox before and what do you think of my new accessories?