Monday, 4 December 2017

Get Party Ready With Kiss Lashes*

When I think of false lashes, what comes to mind is: special occasions, parties, getting ready and the festive season and what better time to test out some gorgeous lashes that were sent to me! I created a quick pink/purple smokey eye and I wanted to complete the look with a pair of Kiss Lashes in Midnight from the faux mink collection*

Product description:
Transcend everyday beauty with sumptuously soft faux mink lashes.
Features: Developed with proprietary Mink Effect Design, Lash Couture features a knot-free lash band that distributes weightless volume and curl with a lush, softness like no other. LBD lashes create a smokey eye effect without eyeshadow. Exclusive Knot-free Lash Band. Weightless Volume & Curl, Soft & Seamless, Reusable
Benefits: The lush luxury of real mink lashes without using real mink. The smart humane choice. Adds multiple lengths, curls and angles to your own lashes.

Meet the most sumptuous dark false eyelashes, EVER! These falsies are dense bundled lashes that gives the perfect glam and wispy look and can suit any eye shape too! This style is fun and edgy to bring out the individuality in your eyes.

The feathered ends really makes the lashes look oh-so fluttery, I'm already obsessed with them!

Application was easy, I used the Lash Couture Strip Lash Adhesive in Clear* and applying the glue onto the lashes was a breeze! The glue has a brush on applicator for an easy and mess free application and it actually is infused with Biotin and Blueberry extract! Which means the formulation is gentle but has a strong hold. What I loved about the glue is that there is no nasty scent, you know... that typical latex smell that can seriously put you off ^^

When I applied it onto the band, I waited a few seconds for the glue to get tacky and then I applied it onto my eyes. Now I don't wear false lashes that often so my lash putting on skills aren't that great but these were some how SO easy to apply onto my lash line. I felt like the glue had taken a good hold of my lashes so I knew that these wouldn't become loose near the edges. The lashes are also reusable which is great since it actually looks and feels expensive but for a fraction of the price. I really recommend Kiss lashes! I genuinely think these products are so high in quality and I was amazed at how quick and easy the results were, trust me you'll stop buying those pound lashes once you try these!

'Midnight' lashes available to buy at Superdrug - link was £7.99 now £5.32*
'Pretty' lashes available to buy at Boots - link £5.99*

Have you tried Kiss lashes before?

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