Friday, 29 December 2017

How I Organise and Plan Blog Posts

I love blogging but I enjoy it even more when posts are organised way ahead of time (types with a cup of tea in hand) I wanted to share with you how I get posts published on my little creative space despite being a full time mom with an endless daily to do list that is as long as my arm.

Stationery Love
I carry around a notebook for those out of nowhere ideas, sometimes when I am out and about I end up getting inspired for beauty and or lifestyle posts so it's always handy to jot things down, that way you do not forget and you are ready to type away once you are back in front of your laptop.
Use pretty paperclips, pastel highlighters, scented gel pens and cute sticky note to make blog planning even more fun, it will definitely make you want to look at your notes and it won't look boring or feel like a chore!

Bulk photography and batch writing
I find it a whole lot easier if I do this and it really helps in the long run. Find a day to just take photos, in winter I definitely take photos until 2pm because that's when it starts to get dark :( knowing you have taken a huge bulk of photos definitely helps keep your mind at ease and you can really enjoy taking photos with props too!
Batch writing is another important thing that I do when I am in the mood to just type and type away.. usually with the help of some tea and cupcakes. Knowing you have posts saved away in the drafts section really helps for those lazier days when you don't feel like typing.

Beat procrastination!
My personal favourite. Sometimes it's good to have a break away from blogging, you know you're blogging way too much when you start dragging out important tasks that would normally take a few minutes. Sometimes I take a week or two off just so I can be me again and have my me and family time, it really helps to refresh your inner self and you'll enjoy blogging again with a much fresher mind.

What are your tips for good blog planning? I would love to know!

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  1. It;s definitely helpful to batch similar tasks like writing and photography together. I always find that once I'm in the flow with flatlays it's so much easier!

    Sinéad xo Fabuleuse Du Jour

    1. Definitely! it's all about making it easier for yourself, that way you'll end up being more productive <3 xx


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