Monday, 26 March 2018

Etude House Kissful Lip Care Review


Etude House is one of my most favourite Korean beauty brands and I am currently ticking off products from my to buy list, one of the products that I needed to buy was this cute lip balm. Meet the Kissful Lip Care in strawberry.
The lipbalm is housed in a a very pretty dolly pink packaging with a vintage style sticker, this definitely looks like a product from the 90s but I am LOVING it!

I always opt for scented lipbalms and this one smells exactly like a strawberry lollipop, very sweet and perfect if you love sweeter scents. Surprisingly it also has a very slight tint so it gives your lips a perfect wash of pink making them look healthier and very doll like. The lip balm provides a good amount of hydration and it gives my lips that quick fix of moisturisation that I need. A perfect lip product for on the go and such a fun product to have in my collection.

There are many flavours available but I opted for this particular because... PINK 🙈💗💗 but you can opt for flavours like cherry and peach, which both sound so nice.

If you are looking to add another cute and fun lipbalm into your collection then definitely get this, this lip balm will give you a easy and quick dose of nourishment and hydration with the sweet scent of strawberries but if you are looking to treat your lips then this is something to steer clear from as this will not help dry or chapped lips.

Check it out here: link

Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Happily Ever Ava Cotton Candy Sugar Scrub Review

Exfoliating the skin is so important, FACT. However it can sometimes feel like a chore especially if you haven't got much time. I really try to make some time in my pamper sessions to do this and I wanted to share with you the body scrub I have been OBSESSING over lately! Meet the cutest and girliest body scrub ever!

I came across Happily Ever Ava on Etsy and I am so glad I did. Ava(the owner) makes and sells a huge array of body scrubs that are all made to order. The sugar, salt and coffee scrubs are made with natural ingredients and essential oils.
The best thing is that her products are cruelty free, 100% vegan and not tested on animals. The product contains luxurious butters and healing oils that work overtime to give you radiant skin that is soft to touch.

Now onto my review! Firstly, how insta worthy is the packaging?! The body scrub comes housed in a beautiful glass container finished off with colourful labels and a gold lid.

The scrub smells incredibly sweet so if you are into sweeter scents than this is definitely for you! The texture was also pleasant to work with, in the mixture you can see smaller, much finer granules and larger granules too which is pink Himalayan salt. It didn't even feel too abrasive on the skin, since that is my main concern with scrubs, it shouldn't feel uncomfortable whilst scrubbing away and even though the mixture of the scrub has bigger granules scattered everywhere it really doesn't affect the way you should scrub and you can easily scoop up a huge amount and scrub with ease. The ratio of butters and oils to granules is perfect, you get a decent amount of the good stuff that will work with the granules to reveal a really bright and smoother skin. I love that this also contains dried flower, fruits and teas. This truly is a real skin benefiting product! I love mine and now it's time you got one and added it into your skincare collection.

Link - click me! /£12.65*

What do you think of this body scrub? let me know in the comments below!