Monday, 16 April 2018

Australian Bodycare Any Time Balm* Review

I thought I had tried all of the multi-use skincare products that were available but I was SO wrong, meet my new favourite game changer! The any time balm by Australian Bodycare!
This is my first ever product from the brand AB and I am glad it's stocked up in places like look fantastic and QVC. Read on to see how I used this product and why it worked for me.

Product description:
A rich creamy emollient balm for all skin types but especially good for blemished and dry flaking skin 
Containing several key active ingredients such as Tea Tree Oil, Bisabolol, Soya and macadamia making the formula unique and effective.
Can be used “any time” and for almost all skin conditions 
Vegan & Vegetarian friendly

There is quite a generous amount of product to use and the pot is just the 'right' size so it's easy to travel with and use on the go.
There are many uses for this product and I mainly use it for three purposes. One of the uses is that I apply and massage my cuticles and I have noticed quite a difference now, they aren't as dry and I feel that it has given my nails and hands a much more healthier appearance. The second use is for my lips, when I feel my lips are feeling oh so chapped and dry, I then apply this. Generously. It not only soothes my lips but it also brings my lips back to normal. The added tea tree oil is an antiseptic so it would kill off any bacteria which was causing my lips to be so uncomfortable.. I blame the cold harsh winds. Finally the third use is to apply onto any larger drier areas such as my elbows or anywhere I feel needs a huge moisture boost. The texture of this balm is amazing. It is somewhat in a solid form but once you scoop some into your fingers, it instantly melts and becomes an amazing consistency to work with. In terms of scent, I can only detect the tea tree oil scent, it's not particularly one of my favourite scents but it doesn't bother me whilst using this. A product that really works and is worth having in your skincare collection.

Check it out here - link* // £14.50


  1. Ooh it sounds like a fab product to have in your collection xx

    Gemma • Gemma Etc . ❤️

    1. You must try this one out Gemma <3 I really want to try more products from Australian Bodycare, since this was great xx


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