Friday, 27 April 2018

Cute Homeware Wishlist

From L to R: Decorative Plate £4 Asda, Wild Animals Duvet Cover from £10 Asda, Caticones Cushion £1.50 Asda, Marie Trinket Dish £5 Primark, Disney Aladdin Tea Towel Set £5 Primark.

This spring season, Primark and Asda are absolutely killin' it with their homeware collections. Asda have brought out a Bohemian Brights collection which will definitely inject some colour into your home, with bright colours and a bold mix of textures, it will definitely add some sass to your living space.
Primark have gone down the disney route with their homeware collection, and this year they brought out the most talked about collection ever! Based on the ever so cute Marie the cat from The Aristocats movie. Both collections are my absolute favourite and I had to share my top five items.

Decorative Plate £4 Asda *bought*
When I saw this, it was instant attraction. I mean look at it! A cute cat plate with a floral design and a high gloss finish that is bound compliment all interiors. This purrfect piece will be a popular item choice amongst cat lovers and kitsch lovers. It definitely is worth the price since it looks much more expensive than it really is. I am so happy I have this to start my collection off. Link

Wild Animals Duvet Cover from £10 Asda
This tropical-inspired print is gorgeous! This duvet cover is double sided too! The vibrant print of zebras, flamingos, lions and giraffes is just adorable. I love the colours and the print together, it works really well. I think I am starting to become that person that needs to buy every. single. bedding that has a cute print on it, haha. Link

Caticones Cushion £1.50 Asda
Ok so this had to be added without a thought. A brilliant blue cushion with a cute cat ice cream print (heart emoji eyes) what amazed me was the price! This lil cushion is such a star buy! I just hope it's in store in store when I pop in because I so NEED this! A summery and adorable cushion with lovely pom pom detailing. Link

Marie Trinket Dish £5 Primark *bought*
Not that I needed another trinket dish but omg this was too cute to just leave on the shelf. I absolutely LOVE this. This is perfect for keeping jewellery, spare change, bobby pins or even your keys. I think it's really made well for the price and this would also make a great gift option for someone or for yourself even. Looks great on my dresser too! Link

Disney Aladdin Tea Towel Set £5 Primark
How cute would this look in your kitchen? I absolutely love the pom pom detailing and the Jasmine print. If you're obsessed with Jasmine from Aladdin then this is perfect for you. Again, just like bedding.. I think I will end up buying all of the tea towels just because of the cute colours/prints. Link

Are you loving these collections?

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