Sunday, 1 April 2018

Lush Easter 2018 Top Picks

Easter is finally here and Lush have brought out another array of cute bath products that are just all so cute and eggs-cellent, the pastel colours and egg shaped bath products totally reminds me of spring and I just had to share my top four products from this year.

🐇🐣💗Starting from the left:

🐣Which Came first? Bath Bomb £6.95 each
An uplifting bath bomb, this bath product contains grapefruit oils and sicilian lemon oils which is bound to create one happy bath and coupled with a bright pink and yellow colour combination this will also turn your bath water into a magnificent colour too! One to definitely pick up!

🐣Free Rangers Bath Bomb £6.95 each
The cutest looking out of the bunch! Quite a cleverly named product too, this bath bomb is available in three colours: orange, purple and blue. These fun bath bombs contains bergamot oil and blackcurrant absolute so this is something for all the fruity lovers out there! This one smells just like fruit pastel ice lollies too! This product will definitely be loved alot on Instagram.

🐣Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt £4.95 each
LOVE glitter? then this is made for you. This bath bomb melt contains brazillian orange and honey and also contains fair trade organic cocoa butter, bergamot and almond oil so this will definitely give you super soft and moisturised skin. I wish this was available all year round. I believe this has the same scent as Honey I Washed The Kids soap, so if you adore sweet scents like toffee then go and grab these!!

🐣Cream Egg Bubbleroon £3.75 each
Available in three designs: circles, spotty and marbled. Another cute bath product that screams easter. My personal favourite! This has the scent of mint chocolate and contains fair trade organic cocoa and shea butters which will really soften the skin and the added spearmint will boost your mood and tone up the skin. Not only that... this will also colour your bath a beautiful neon colour too. The perfect bath product.

Check out the whole easter range here

What have you picked up from the easter collection? 🐰

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