Monday, 7 May 2018

Cute Jewellery Fountain Earrings and Ring Set*

LOVE cute yet affordable accessories than you will LOVE Jewellery Fountain! This post comes at you today in collaboration with Jewellery Fountain and their gorgeous Pale Pink and Gold Leaf Earrings and Ring set*
Jody (the store owner) very kindly sent me this beautiful jewellery set and I could not believe how stunning the detailing was once I saw both of the pieces up close.

A bit about Jody and her fabulous shop
Jody has a passion for making jewellery and even whilst working a 9 to 5 job, she still enjoys and has a passion for creating cute accessories. Her shop Jewellery Fountain is the place to go to for all things adorable. From mermaid inspired accessories to nature and dainty themed jewellery.

My jewellery set came packaged in a little grey drawstring pouch and when I saw the jewellery close, I was all heart eyes! The attention to detail is amazing and for such a small price tag. The gold leaf really compliments the pastel pink and when seen in sunlight, it truly is magical.
The accessories feel so sturdy and well made, the silver parts do not cause any skin irritation and are of good quality. 
I have found myself reaching out to these studs and I think I have worn it everyday ever since I have got them, can you tell I'm obsessed?!
I'm so happy with these accessories and I know I will be looking to spoil myself with another piece, how fab does the druzy stud earrings look?

What do you think about these accessories? Let me know in the comments below!

A huge thank you to Jody for my jewellery set and for working with me on this very cute collab!*


  1. I love the colors on these! Perfect for spring and summer!

    1. You are so right! It reminds me of the cherry blossom trees! <3 xx


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