Monday, 25 June 2018

Zaful Fashion Wishlist*

Looking for cute and edgy fashion/accessories that can be found all in one place? then Zaful is the only place you need to go and what better time to visit when there is an amazing 4th anniversary sale! So many cute items have been marked down and I was amazed at how adorable the clothes and accessories were! Affordable fashion with worldwide shipping? What's not to love?

I have made a wishlist of my top 5 items that I think you will love too! From L to R:

Statement Handmade Tassel Earrings
These boho fringed accessories looks rather expensive than it really is, I love how the combination of jewel and fringe to make this a rather unique earring to have in you collection, I'm sure everyone will ask you where you got these from! $3.06 a pair.

PU Leather Splicing Fuzzy Bag - Pink
This furry bag is all kinds of cuteness! I haven't seen a bag like this before so that's why this stood out to me. This looks like a good size to carry all your important essentials and the fact that it is pink... pretty self explanatory if you ask me. $12.73 

Graphic Button Up Sleep Wear - Light Pink
What a cute sleep wear top, if I had this I don't think I would ever take it off! Haha ^^ the egg pattern is indeed so cute and it goes so well with the pink background. I really love this and not many are left in stock!! $19.99

Metal Flap Crossbody Bag With Handle - Khaki
This stylish little bag will become your trusty companion on nights out, I love bags like this because it's the perfect size to keep smaller things, like when you pop out to the shops and you don't want to carry anything. This bag is available in two colours, brown and khaki and in all honesty this literally looks like a bag you would find in Zara but for a fraction of the price, seems to be of good quality too! $21.33

Drop Shoulder Embroidery Sweatshirt - Black
Now this is the ultimate cozy day in kinda sweater, I love how the floral embroidery contrasts with the dark blue colour. It looks so comfy and easy to put on and just go out, it seems to have this effortless look that even if you wear this with a topknot you would still look so cute. A bargain at just only $28.37

Zaful are also offering special discounts for certain order amounts simply use the code 'ZFSally' for all orders over $100 (save $12 and one time limited),$50 (save $6 and one time limited) and $25 (save $3 and one time limited) and this is a one use coupon so hurry and grab your favourite items!

If you have any unclear issues regarding the after sale service that Zaful provide then watch this video, it contains important information regarding an unconditional refund with quality, non-received, size issue within 24 hours.

Have you heard of Zaful?

*This post was in collaboration with Zaful!

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