Monday, 2 July 2018

Essence Get Your Glitter On Loose Glitters and Pigments Review

Get festival ready with Essence Cosmetics! Oh boy! What a lovely new launch that is really upto date and on trend! Essence have released a line of fifteen, yes fifteen! Loose glitter pigments along with a special glitter glue primer and a glitter/pigment applicator. These cute little pots cost only £3* each (7g) and there are so many fabulous choices to choose from so you can really get your glitter on!

"Coarse glitter flakes, colourful confetti or fine glitter dust - the various glitter pigments offer everything for a breathtakingly individual look. worn individually, they create an insane wow-look, combined with other glitter colours or shapes they become a statement. Whether for face or body, the 15 loose pigments & glitters make everyone shine - true to the motto: get your glitter on!"
I was lovingly sent two from the entire collection and believe me I really would of only picked these two since they are so versatile and they both would go easily with any look. Holo White Out 07 is a beautiful holographic white shimmer which has a stunning green shine when seen in a different angle and Star Child 01 is a cute little pot of silver sparkly stars!

This handy little tube is the perfect base for adhering your glitter and sparkles. This lightweight glitter primer has a lovely pearlescent finish which shines pink in the light. It has a dewy finish and manages to hold onto the glitter/shimmer/sequins very well. I like that the primer is not colourless because the pearl/shine effect actually adds to the shimmer/sequins and goes very well together. This primer is also suitable for both the face and body! £2.80* (10ml)

I think this is a lovely launch from Essence Cosmetics! Easy to use and very affordable so anyone can have a chance to play around and get creative this summer. My personal favourite product is the Glitter Primer, simply because of that gorgeous pink sheen!

What do you think of Essence's loose glitters/pigments and primer?

*These products were gifted to me for reviewing purposes ^^


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    1. You're right ^^ A lovely launch from Essence! xx

  2. Love the look. JUst nice for me coming DnD. Thanks

    1. Thank you <3 It's fabulous isn't it? xx


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