Saturday, 28 July 2018

Top Beauty Hacks That Every Girl Needs To AVOID

It has been ages since I last posted a hacks post, I posted a top ten beauty hacks post which you can view here and this time I have some top tips that needs to be avoided, I had to share these! Hopefully you'll be more aware of what's a good hack and what needs to be forgotten!

1. Using Coconut oil as a face moisturiser.
It is perfectly fine to use this in the hair or on the body but on the face? NO! You will end up with clogged pores and potentially have some breakouts so steer clear of this!

2. Exfoliating your face with sugar, salt or baking soda.
These are very harsh on the face, stick to only facial scrubs that can be bought in store, I repeat do not try to make a DIY facial scrub, better to be safe than sorry because these ingredients are just too harsh for the face.

3. Using toothpaste on spots.
I used to do this when I was a teen but apparently it doesn't work and could make the spot more red and irritated. Yes it can dry the spot out due to the baking soda and peroxide but again, something just not for the face.

4. Using lemon juice to lighten the skin.
Another ingredient found in DIY facials, seriously this is very harmful to the skin. It can actually cause your skin to burn due to the acid in the lemon. Lemon juice also contains a chemical called psoralen which makes your skin extremely reactive to light for a full day after you've used it on your face!

5. Using hairspray to set your make-up... Yes I couldn't believe it either!
Apparently this beauty hack can be found on youtube?! Hairspray should just be used on hair and nothing else. This is really harmful to the skin, regardless. It causes nothing but damage to your health and skin, Hairspray contains a high amount of alcohol so if used on the face, it will dehydrate the skin intensely and also cause redness to the skin and block your pores too. Inhaling the fumes is also really bad, these are very toxic so something to really stay away from.

6. Using egg whites to tighten the skin.
Ahh! Another one of those popular DIY face masks that you can easily find on the internet. There is a huge risk of salmonella! You could accidentally ingest some of the egg white, it's a risk and trust me it's not worth it. Since it's so gloopy, you could also spill this and bacteria would spread so basically just stick to making omelettes instead!

Which beauty hack are you guilty of doing? Mine's number 4... Yikes!


  1. Never done any of these, but I put coconut oil on my hair and went fell asleep and you can imagine how long I had to clean my armchair :)

    1. That's great to hear girly! Haha I'm guessing it took a long time? ^^

  2. I tried no.3 I don't know why ;D It didn't work... :-P

    1. Ahh I'm guilty of trying that one too, it's a pretty useless thing we have been told to do haha xx

  3. I've never understood the concept of using toothpaste on spots or using hair spray on the face. I'm a fan of the biore baking soda powder scrub but of course that isn't DIY and the concentration of baking soda is safely adjusted.

    1. Me too! It's good that you're using a store bought scrub instead since it's less abrasive to the skin so you shouldn't get any skin issues xx

  4. I used to use hairspray on my face all the time before I discovered setting spray, and toothpaste on the spots ... oops!

    Heather | x Highland Beauty

    1. NO WAY?!?! Where did you come across this? Glad you're using a setting spray now! xx


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