Friday, 17 August 2018

Asda Lovebugs Cake Review

Time for another cute sweet treat review and this time I am reviewing the Love Bugs Cake which you can easily find in Asda! This is the second instalment in this series, I have previously reviewed a very adorable Pabs the Pug gift cake which you can view here - link

A p p e a r a n c e 
This really reminded me of the caterpillar cakes you can find in M&S and still Asda's take on the design is still very cute! You get two mini cakes in the pack. One being a boy caterpillar and the other a girl. These essentially are two medium sized chocolate roulette cakes but each one has a fondant face on the end. Each caterpillar has a sprinkling of cutely coloured sprinkles to truly finish the design off. 5/5

T a s t e:
If you have a huge sweet tooth then this is definitely for you! The cake and the frosting is oh so chocolately, it really reminds me of Cadbury mini rolls but with a more intense chocolate flavour. One slice is definitely not enough! The fondant faces were a bit too sweet for me so I didn't eat those. All in all for those who prefer the really sweeter things in life.  3/5

Q u a l i t y:
When you initially look at these cakes they look good, the chocolate coating is even, the sprinkles adds to the overall look and the fondant pieces brings the cakes together. For the price, it is very reasonable and a good pick for kid parties or for as a treat for one. The chocolate sponge could of been better though since it seemed a little dry. I liked this but I wouldn't repurchase it.  3/5

Check it out here - link // £3

Have you tried these cute caterpillars?

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