Thursday, 27 September 2018

Huge Girly Poundland Haul

Gotta LOVE a Poundland haul! It has been ageeesss since I last stepped in store, I remember going in the other day for some Cadbury cookies but I didn't see much. Last week (two trips), however I walked away with two three bags full of make-up, stationery and some lifestyle bits. Other items included were biscuits and home ware items but I wanted to include only the cuter things that I picked up so sit back, relax and you might want to grab a cuppa for this post because it's a very photo heavy post!

I love those chocolate buttons with sprinkles on top that you find in pick n mix stores and when I saw these in store, I knew I had to buy these! These are pink and white chocolates that are shaped like unicorn horns, with sprinkles on the end. These are pastel pretty and super delicious!

This was a random purchase, though it is aimed at kids I just couldn't resist this, a perfect little DIY activity to do on a rainy day. This kit contains everything you need to make the most cutest doughnut bag ever! I think I will make a step by step guide on this and share it here on my blog! I can't wait to make this!

I needed a new lip balm and I have not yet tried the Nivea lip butters. I saw this on in store and I immediately put it in my basket. It has a lovely coconut scent and it's super moisturising too. I'm glad I picked this up. In Boots/Superdrug it's sold for £2.09-£2.29 so it's worth picking it up from Poundland instead.

This mascara caught my eye, I think it was the super cute monochrome packaging. This mascara is from a brand called OG - Outdoor Girl and from the reviews I have read online, it seems to be a really good mascara. I have seen it being sold online for £1.50 and nearly £5 on ebay! I will have to try this out and definitely report back.

I could not believe my eyes when I saw Lottie London polishes in the cosmetics section. I looked through all of the packets and initially I picked up two, a lovely grey colour and a black with gold shimmer running through it but then once I found out that these were worth £5.99 each I went back and picked up four more shades! They're all so stunning and I love them all, a total bargain! Six polishes for £6 instead of costing me £35.94!!! *gasps*

A pack of six washi tape for a £1?!! I own only two but I can clearly see it becoming into a collecting obsession. What a cheap and pretty way to decorate your stationery. There were 3/4 packs to choose from but I chose the one that had more floral print in it. I think I need to get more!

I always make sure to check out the Make Up Gallery stand which is Poundland's own make-up brand and I already own and love so many of their nail polishes. There were some new shades in store and I picked up this beautiful peach shade. I really like their formulations. It dries really quick and it has a lovely shiny finish.

Candles are a must, I always end up buying these cute/novelty chupa chup scented candles. They're actually strong in scent which is a plus. You cannot go wrong with these. I opted for the strawberries and cream scent, it's a beautiful pastel pink too!

Lastly while browsing the party aisle I came across this big beautiful bag of confetti! JUST LOOK AT IT!! Why I bought it though? I have no idea... maybe I can use it as a photo prop? but I just couldn't leave it there. Think it's time I got creative with my photos so this will definitely liven up a photo or two.

Phew... so these are all of the things I bought at Poundland recently! What did you like the most? I would love to know.


  1. You got some really lovely things. The lottie London polishes look so pretty xx

    Gemma Etc. ❤️

    1. Aww thank you Gemma <3 I was amazed when I saw these in store, I love the packaging too <3 xx


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