Thursday, 1 November 2018

Primark Haul November 2018

It happened. I went to Primark and all of this came back home with me *hides away* I'm really funny when it comes to Primark shopping, I hate the whole crowded areas, messy clothes and the humid atmosphere but I still end up bracing the crowd and heat to pick up some essentials and some treats. I haven't been to Primark for MONTHS and I only went in to pick up the amazing new collaboration skincare range that Alex Steinherr has released and knowing that it was going to be at selected stores only, it made me want it more! After looking in two stores I was very happy to find the skincare stand and grab the four products that I really wanted to try the most. I also picked up some lovely new accessories as well as a new pair of doughnut print pyjamas, cozy socks, cute little pink lipglosses and a adorable Winnie The Pooh mirror that was on sale! Scroll down to see all of my buys, it's very photo heavy so you might want to go and grab a snack or some tea and get cozy first before you start scrolling.

This is probably the bargain of the century, the much bigger Primark  that I went to had a HUGE stack of these mirrors next to men's clothing section? and it was marked down from £6.00 to £1.00!!! I made sure to pick up a few to give to friends and family because how can you say no to a Disney Winnie The Pooh mirror, I also love how the mirror is a hexagon which represents honeycomb - bees - honey... you get my drift?

This jewellery set is sooo cute! I love that they have included extra charms so you can really personalise your jewellery. I have already worn the bracelet and choker. The neon pops of colour really looks great on any outfit and this was also half price. I only paid £2.00 for this incredible set.

This layered necklace is everything. I absolutely love the colours, detailing and tassels. I still haven't worn this one yet but I know it will look great on. For £3 I think it's a lovely necklace to have in your collection. This feels lightweight too which is great since I prefer dainty jewellery.

Tortoiseshell earrings are IN this season and these two caught my attention the most. The colourful ones are my favourite. Both of the hoops really feel like good quality and the acrylic feels sturdy too. I am mostly a stud wearing kinda gal but it's good to switch up your look now and then. I definitely recommend buying these!

I currently have this in my hair right now haha! I swear scrunchie buying is addictive and I always buy pastel coloured ones or ones that have lace detailing but I picked this up because it has the most gorgeous autumnal print/colours on it and the silk feels durable and strong enough to hold my hair in place. Having long hair means you need to look for hair bands/scrunchies that are able to go around your hair twice or three times and keep your hair secure, this definitely does!

This was a unintentional purchase. How could I not buy this?! I found this in the kids make-up section and this is basically a pack of the cutest lipglosses you will ever see! It contains 12 tiny lipglosses in total and it has all of the different types of pink you can think of! Some contain shimmer and some contain glitter! I'm in love!! I swatched some on the back of my hand and I was surprised to see that some were slightly tinted too which is great, so not all of them are just clear glosses. Perfect to keep in your purse and pocket!

If there's one thing I find difficult in make-up, it has to be applying false eye lashes. It's just so fiddly. I came across this particular one in the sale and I picked up a pair so that I could maybe try to wear them or keep them for a special occasion. I really love how these lashes contain iridescent sparkles to make them look much more interesting. Best pound I have ever spent!

What I really popped into Primark for... The Alex Steinherr skincare range. I will be reviewing these separately later because I really want to try these out properly. I heard that it was really hard to get a hold of some of the products in some places but I am so glad that I found the four products that I really wanted to try. I also really LOVE the minimalistic packaging and fonts used, it still stands out and looks super sophisticated.

Do I need to explain this purchase? I don't think so. A beauty necessity that I make sure to have stocked up in my skincare drawer. Oh and this was only 0.90p!!!

Not that I needed any more pairs of cozy socks but I couldn't resist the colour scheme on this one. Perfect for cozy days in and for travelling too. I never leave the house without it! This worn with a dressing gown = total bliss!

I can so understand the pyjamas hype now. After buying a pair after ages. I was amazed at how the quality was and the vast range of designs/finishes available. I always avoid the pj section because I don't need to buy a pair every time I visit the store but these are super comfy and the fact that they are doughnut print, clearly means that it was meant to be mine haha. The pink doughnut with sprinkles really reminds me of the Simpsons doughnut! The colour combination is perfect! Sky blue and candy pink. My favourites. This set costed me £12.

If you have made it this far, well done! Thank you for reading my loooonnnnng Primark haul post, What have you been loving at Primark lately?


  1. I adore everything you've got here! Primark sometimes have some great bargains, I'm glad you picked them up here! I've heard a couple of good things about the Alex Steinherr skincare range, I need to pop into my local and check it out.

    Gemma |

    1. Aww thank you for such a lovely comment Gemma! Ahh you must grab some while you still can. Believe me I was so nervous to find some products because I didn't want to leave with just one or two of my chosen products, luckily the area was in full stock, phew! ^^ xx

  2. I adore those pjs and really who can resist nice warm pajamas at this time of year? I wish there was a primark where I live as everyone always posts such cute things!

    1. Thank you so much! Ahh that sucks! Well atleast whenever you do go, you can really spoil yourself and buy alot of things hehe <3 xx

  3. Love all the things that you bought. I have to go to Primark again to check out the new stuff. I haven't been there in ages as well, as I always end up spending a lot!

    1. Aww thank you so much doll! <3 perfect opportunity to treat yourself! I need to check out their knitwear now haha xx


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