Wednesday, 11 December 2019

Debenhams VIP Beauty Event

So last thursday, was the annual Debenhams VIP beauty event (well, it's done twice a year but I have only been to the ones held in winter)
I went for the first time last year and I really enjoyed it so I made sure to go again but with a friend. Makes it so much more fun when you have a shopping buddy to go with ^^
As soon as I found out on social media that the tickets for the event were on sale I made sure to pop in soon to make sure me and my friend got a place.

Some bits were different this year and actually better! On arrival we showed out tickets to the front and was given a special wristband to wear for the day along with a quiz to fill in to be entered into a raffle to win some prizes. We were then given our drinks, we opted for orange juice in champagne glasses lol there was also some nibbles to grab and it was of course unlimited if you showed your wristband.

We was told that the first goody bag was given after a purchase, so me and my friend went straight to the Too Faced counter to buy some make-up minis. I went for their infamous lip injection extreme which I wanted to try for quite some time and this was the perfect time to grab one since I would get £5 off and 15% off of it too! we was then given our goody bags which was full of perfume samples, a body cream and a face primer.

There was a schedule for the whole afternoon and evening and you were allowed to pick which masterclasses you would like to attend. We attended three: Chanel, Benefit Cosmetics and Too Faced Cosmetics all of which were nice and informative. After the Chanel masterclass we was given a goody bag which was a very generous one too. It contained a CC cream, a foundation, a serum and a tinted moisturiser. I know I will be trying it all out.

The evening was very relaxed and we found ourselves going back for more snacks and drinks and talk about nothing but make-up and the latest releases. A perfect day to unwind and to spoil yourself with beauty products and buy at discounted prices.
We left just around 9 pm and we truly enjoyed ourselves, picked up some important tips from the masterclasses, bought some treats and enjoyed the unlimited snacks and drinks. Thank you Debenhams for this lovely day, we felt very spoilt.

Have you been to a VIP beauty event before?

Tuesday, 19 November 2019

Mini Bath And Body Works Haul

I think I can speak for the whole of the UK and say that we NEED a Bath and Body Works store here asap! I used to buy my hand sanitisers from ebay at around £3 - £4 but nothing beats buying the products from the actual store.

I went to Dubai in June so I knew I had to visit in store and see everything. I immediately had heart eyes, I wanted it all! From the body lotions to the candles. Everything was so aesthetically pleasing.

It was hard to pick some treats but I left with three pink items that I really LOVE! A hand cream, hand sanitiser and a hand sanitiser holder (a total necessity).

Rose Quartz Hand Cream

I had just ran out of hand cream and it was something I definitely needed to pick up. It was so hard to choose! The hand creams were displayed beautifully and organised by colour. I must of smelt atleast 6 but this one really caught my eye. First of all it's my favourite colour and it's rose scented! Luckily there was a tester and when I tried this, I was blown away by the amazing rose scent. The hand cream itself is such a delight to use, it doesn't feel greasy at all and it absorbs into the skin fairly quickly so you're not waiting around or fanning your hands frantically ^^ and the scent was simply beautiful, it smelt like a rose garden on a hot summer's day. It instantly boosts your mood and my hands felt so moisturised and hydrated. Perfect size for on the go too!

Strawberry Hand Sanitiser and pink unicorn Hand Sanitiser Holder

How can you go to Bath and Body Works and not buy a hand sanitiser. Just like the hand creams, there was a HUGE variety.. again I spent ages circling the area thinking which one to buy. The problem was that I wasn't able to test any since there wasn't any testers so I chose a fool proof scent - Strawberry. I couldn't leave the store without buying a holder, crazy as that sounds, I thought it would look so cute hanging on my handbag. It was pretty self explanatory to pick a pink one and I have been using it ever since!

What are your favourite scents/collections from Bath and Body Works?

Let's just hope that this comes to the UK soon!

Monday, 28 October 2019

Glossybox September 2019 Review

Glossybox have done it again. Another fabulous themed box that I just needed to buy... Called delicious beauty, September's box was based on the theme of food!!! Included were five full sized products and a deluxe mini!

All of the products smelt good enough to eat, all six products were inspired by food and one of the items was edible! Yes, that's right... Glossybox even included a Godiva chocolate bar. Ugh.

Here is a run through of what I received in the box:

Mayy Beauty Banana Setting Powder worth £15 (full size)

Baking is something I am very new to and I really was going to purchase a banana powder from makeup revolution but this came in the box. Good timing or what?! I have never heard of Mayy Beauty so this product and brand is something very new for me. I am yet to try it out but I will do a full review of it soon. Baking is a make-up term where you apply powder onto the areas that you want to set, you leave the powder on for a few minutes and then brush it off with a big fluffy brush.

Palmers Coconut Oil Formula Deep Conditioning Protein Pack worth £2.99 (full Size)

I use a hair mask every week and I honestly cannot live without it. I have never tried this one before so I have kept it for another week to try. This particular hair mask is formulated with raw ingredients including Keratin, Silk Proteins and Coconut oil. It's a full size product that is definitely enough for one use and it will definitely cover the whole head.

Colgate Max White Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste worth £4 (full size)

Honestly speaking, this was a disappointing product for me. I think it would of been better to add another food themed make-up product or another lifestyle product. The activated charcoal in this toothpaste removes 100% of surface stains. I could easily buy this in a supermarket, I will of course use this but like I said, I would of preferred another make-up item.

Carex Hand Gel Fun Edition worth £1.55 (full size)

You can never have too many hand sanitizers and I am currently using a bath and body works one which I love. There were two scents available. I was hoping to receive a love hearts one but I got strawberry laces. This was a lovely product to add into this month's box. It really does smell like strawberry sweeties and it is a prefect size for on the go.

Mitchell and Peach Flora No1 Fine Edition Eau De Parfum worth £29.75 (Deluxe Size)

This cute lil bottle is worth £29.75!! Just let that sink in! This is the star product for me. The scent is so refreshing and floral at the same time too. The perfect fragrance for day and the full sized bottle is worth £85!! what I love about this perfume is that it is made with essential oils, you can definitely detect notes of peony and rose within the scent. It's already in my handbag.

Delhicious Original Black Tea Body Scrub worth £7.95)

Such a pretty insta worthy product, I mean look at the cute pink packaging. This really caught my eye first when I was unboxing the products. Body scrub is something I don't really use but since I have this now, I will have to give it a try. The scrub is made of Assam tea along with antioxidants and essential oils. I have read so many reviews of everyone loving coffee body scrubs so I'm excited to try this out.

As an extra treat, Glossybox included a bar of Godiva chocolate. It was so hard to keep this in the box until I was done with taking photos. This matched the food theme perfectly and I love that they added something edible into the box.

I really loved September's theme and some of the contents. I am very happy with the baking powder and perfume. Loads of exciting products to try out and I will re feature some of the products again. Did you order this Glossybox? What were your thoughts on it?

Monday, 14 October 2019

Pixi Vitamin C Range*

Just when you thought Pixi Beauty couldn't get any more amazing, a new skincare sub range appears and then the next minute you start adding these products into your wishlist... I have always opted for skin brightening products and the new vitamin C range is definitely up my street!

This cute tub of products arrived at my doorstep a few months ago and I have nearly incorporated all of the products into my routine. I really wanted to use it religiously before reporting back and I am obsessed with this range, like crazy.

I am a huge skincare junkie and I love trying out new products. I am a huge fan of the infamous Pixi glow tonic and I truly was excited to see the vitamin C version. Vitamin C is much loved and known for being a potent antioxidant which can neutralise free radicals whilst aiding with the natural regeneration process. It also brightens the skin to reveal a more radiant and healthy complexion. The range smells so fresh and zesty, perfect to perk up your morning routine.

I was sent five products: Vitamin C Juice Cleanser*, Vitamin C Tonic*, Vitamin C Lotion*, Vitamin C Serum* and a Vitamin C Caviar Balm* 
Here's all of the important information you need to know about each of the products!

Vitamin C Juice Cleanser £18*
One of my favourites from the range. This skin brightening cleanser. This product is a no rinse so just like a micellar water you use this and leave it on the skin. I just love how all of type products go hand in hand to make it the ultimate skin brightening routine. The clever pumping mechanism allows enough cleanser to be pumped out without any wastage. One cotton wool pad is enough and I use around 2-3 pumps daily in the morning.

Vitamin C Tonic £10*
This glow tonic doesn't contain Glycolic acid like the original tonic but it promises to gently exfoliate and fortify the skin barriers. I have noticed a difference to my skin pigmentation and I really enjoy using this after the cleanser. This tonic contains probiotics and also promotes healthy collagen production. I know my skin will really improve with continued usage. 

Vitamin C Lotion £24*
This lotion gradually boosts and brightens the complexion making it a must for your routine. This makes a great base before applying make-up and well, it really does give you that dewy healthy look, perfect for when your skin is looking dull, tired or when you need a pick me up on those ill/tired days. Using this my skin looks happier and I definitely reach out for this daily.

Vitamin C Serum £26*
The most expensive item out of the whole range. A brightening and antioxidant serum which provides a boost of immediate and long-term radiance. It’s blend of vitamin C and ferulic acid have a proven ability to reduce the effects of sun damage and free radicals. This works to help improve the skin tone creating a smoother appearance. This really does work and if my skin really needs some TLC then I reach out for this, this is a glow in a bottle that needs to be tried out by everyone!

Vitamin C Caviar Balm £24*
This encapsulated leave on mask is by far my most favourite product out of the five simply because it actually works. Sometimes I don't have time to put on a mask and rinse it off so this eliminates the fact that you have to wait around for the mask to do it's thing. This is the first time I have ever used a leave on mask and I love it! It melts onto the skin beautifully and I love the mask works it's magic whilst I catch some zs. it really smells like lemon curd and something I really look forward to using before bed. A definite recommendation from me.

After trying all of the products out for a while, I have found that three particular products really suit me and my skin type and I feel that I will continue to use these three for a very long time because I have seen such a difference! The three heroic products that I really loved was the Caviar Balm, Cleanser and Lotion. If I was to pick only one then it would definitely be the Caviar Balm, hands down!
Alot of the range is Vegan and it is entirely 100% cruelty free so that's commendable too! It's simply a brand that just keeps on giving! Skincare that really works.

Have you tried anything from the Vitamin C range?

Tuesday, 1 October 2019

Glossybox Turns 8! | The Birthday Edition

This year Glossybox turned 8!! How crazy is that?! I remember Glossybox when they had first launched and it is now one of the top leading beauty/lifestyle subscription boxes.

Now I am going to be honest and say that this is my first ever box. I have read so many reviews, mostly mixed reviews. Some people love it and some don't like it but I definitely do. I also love the fact that it's a box of surprises. Each month there is a theme and based on that theme the team at Glossybox choose the right beauty/lifestyle products to put into the box.

When I saw on social media, the unveiling of this year's box. My jaw literally dropped. I was like I need to get my paws on this box. 

I love how they get everyone guessing with preview photos, there was cake so I kind of assumed birthday! The box has this stunning pink holographic design and drip effect on the side which makes the box look exactly like a drip cake, so neat! Each box comes with 5-6 handpicked items and the STAR product for this box was a Huda Beauty Lip Strobe!!! 

So what was inside this gorgeous box?!?

1. Furr Lashes Rose Gold Lash Curler RRP £15 (Full size) -
2. Eye Therapy Under Eye Mask with Collagen and Green Tea (Deluxe Mini) worth £1.65. Full size pack of 3 RRP £4.95 -
3. Huda Beauty Lip Strobe RRP £17.00 (Full Size) You will get either Angelic Rose, Ritzy Champagne (In my box), Boujee Coral or Fearless -
4. Bang Beauty Felt Tip Liner in Black RRP 15.75 (Full Size) -
5. Wilkinson Sword Quattro for Women Razor Full-Size​ RRP £7.99 -

I honestly think that the box was put together really well, fitted in with the theme really well and they truly spoilt us this month by including a Huda Beauty product.

Price plan options?

- £10 for 1 Month plus £3.25 P&P.
- £8.50 for 12 Months plus £3.25 P&P.
- £38.25 Upfront for 3 Months including delivery.
- £69 Upfront for 6 Months including delivery.
- £132 Upfront for 12 Months including delivery.

I will definitely re feature some products on my blog again by reviewing them separately ^^ I really want to review the lip strobe, liquid liner and the eye lash curlers so keep your eyes peeled for that <3

Did you purchase this box and what were your thoughts on it? I would love to know!

Monday, 23 September 2019

Dior Make-Up Masterclass Event at Caffe Chino

A few months back I attended a masterclass of dreams. I found out on social media that my favorite cafe - Caffe Chino was holding a Dior Masterclass, which included free cakes and bubble tea from the cafe, a free generous goody bag and the ticket was redeemable, so that meant I could buy a Dior product!

So anyway, I was greeted and welcomed by team Dior and I got a really lovely place to sit, right in front of where the masterclass was taking place. The make-up was done on one of the girls that was in the audience but I think she looked like a model anyway ^^

Sophie the MUA, talked us through step by step and of course all of the make-up was Dior and Dior backstage (my personal favourite)

So as Sophie started the masterclass we were given our sweet treats to eat and drink. We could ask questions along the way and I cannot tell you how relaxing this afternoon was! I mean who wouldn't want to talk about all things Dior and devour some cakes and mini puddings.

On each of our tables, all of the Dior make-up was laid out. All of the products from the range and we passed the product around to test on ourselves. I had a hand full of swatches! I truly loved all of the backstage products. It's a bit more expensive than the actual Dior range but it's SO good!

The look Sophie was going for was soft glowy glam and she definitely did that! I picked up some tips that I now use when I do my daily make-up. So after eating, having bubble tea and once the masterclass ended we then headed over to Selfridges to the huge Dior counter so that we could try a product on and buy our item. I remember loving the lip plumper a while back I was given a sample in Boots so I added it to my wishlist. This was the perfect treat and I couldn't be more happier. After the purchase we was all given out very luxurious goody bags!! I will share that in it's own separate post because it was that good!! 

Overall I am so happy that I attended this masterclass, it was very organised, the muas were super sweet, the goody bag was very generous and I got my make-up treat. All for £20!! Definitely worth it! 

Have you ever been to a masterclass before?

Wednesday, 28 August 2019

90s Lovin'

Boy do I miss the 90s! The gimmicky toys to the novelty style packaging. I thought it would be fun to take a trip down memory lane and talk about what I love and missed the most about the 90s.

Easy make-up
Think peel off nail polish and roll on lipglosses that smelt so ever so fruity! I remember loving a shop called Girl Heaven that used to sell the cutest lil bottles of peel off nail polishes in bowls that you could actually buy like pick and mix sweets! Also remember those pastel coloured eyeshadow palettes that used to come with a smell of plastic, I miss those! When I used to receive this I would feel on top of this world because this was when I first used to start experimenting with colours, monday would be a lilac look with glitter on the top and friday, possibly a duck egg blue look complete with fuchsia pink lips... I also really miss the glitter babes collection from Boots and I was like obsessed! Particularly with the sweet berry scent, bring this back!!!

Plastic jewellery
Remember those bracelets that were transparent and had glitter running through them? or those pastel coloured jewellery sets that you would play with for hours on end? We saw the return of chokers and I was so happy to see it back! I remember having a purple and a black one that had a matching bracelet and ring with it. I did of course purchase a choker but a more updated version, with lace and gems. 

Stick on earrings
Ahh man I would forever buy these and just keep them because they were so pleasing to look at. I have seen some stick on earrings in Accessorize but they are so ridiculously overpriced! I had loads of pastel coloured one and bright holographic ones. Which one did you have?

Polly Pocket
You cannot beat the classic Polly Pocket. Polly pocket now seems so glamourised and it's not even a small compact anymore! The pastel compacts were so aesthetically perfect. I had so many favourites but my most favourite was the one with the two cats, I believe it was pastel pink heart shaped. Another one I remember playing with alot was the arabian princess inspired one that had hot pink decor and a gem on the compact. Luckily I have still got the pets one. It looks amazing on my dresser. What was your favourite Polly Pocket?

Cereal box surprises
OK this seriously needs to come back. I swear every food product had some sort of hidden surprise. Even crisps had collectable pogos or pringles boxes! Ugh! I remember collecting stamp markers from a box of Weetos cereal and I believe I nearly had the whole collection! I remember finding a super pink pringles box and showing it to all of my friends, haha!

Magazine subscriptions and quirky stationery
The one that really changed my childhood and I think everyone's was Sabrina Secrets! I made sure I put my name down to collect a issue every fortnight with my local newsagent. I remember being so mesmerised by the first issue. I still remember that dark purple box and that silver nail art pen.
I also remember those magic markers you know the ones that change colour by using a white marker. I have spotted a pack in Poundland and I am so going to buy one ^^

Hope you enjoyed reading this 90s themed post, what did you love the most about the 90s? Comment below <3