Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Bonnie Choice Powder Blush in 'True Love' Review

Hi lovelies I hope you all had a lovely new year's eve. Let's bring more peace and love in 2019 and I really hope to see more bloggers supporting other bloggers, stay positive and most importantly happy! Let's kick off the new year with a brand new make-up review!

Blushers. I just cannot live without them. I wear blusher daily and I also rotate shades depending on my mood. On thing is for sure though, you will find more pink hues than any other colour. I was on the lookout for a skin brightening pink and this sweet bubblegum shade really caught my eye.

The sleek black packaging really reminds me of NARS cosmetics and this lovely little compact is great for on the go and to keep in your handbag/make-up bag. Scroll down to see the stunning pink and a swatch!

I opted for the shade 'True Love' which is such a perfect name to call this colour. Unfortunately there is no mirror but the compact feels sturdy and is easy to open/close.

This can suit any skin tone and seeing as this blusher is incredibly pigmented, you only really need a small amount to create the ultimate flush of colour that also looks natural too. The silk-like powder means you are able to blend effortlessly, which makes the formula a real winner! I have also noticed that my complexion looked alot healthier and glowy but without the need of any glitter/shimmer. This lasted for such a long time on my combination skin, the blush lasted a good 7-8 hours which is pretty remarkable. The vibrancy stays for quite some time which is why I needed to rave about this, you could touch up here and there but I honestly didn't need to.

I have been wearing this alot lately, I just cannot get enough of this particular pink! I am so happy with the formulation and longevity that I don't think I'll be switching my blusher with another one anytime soon.

What blusher shade do you opt for? Pinks? Corals? Berries? 

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