Monday, 14 January 2019

Lush Valentine's Day 2019 My Top Picks

Christmas is well and truly over but the next big holiday is Valentine's Day! I don't really believe in it but I do love the pink/red themed gifts, flowers and chocolates and the fact that everything is heart shaped.

I always look forward to Lush products when it's holiday themed and this year screams cuteness and the naughty emoji shaped bath bombs will definitely make a great gift for your other half or for yourself! I have picked five super awesome products from the collection that I think are pretty cute and well, perfect to try out first. Prices range from £3.50-£39.95!

From L to R: Love Boat Bath Bomb £4.50, Peachy Bath Bomb £3.95, Knickerbockerglorious Giftset £12.95, Love Token Bubble Bar £4.95 and American Cream Shower Gel £5.95.

Love Boat Bath Bomb
I believe this was in last year's collection and what's not to love? This brightly coloured bath bomb is definitely one show stopper. This uplifting bath bomb contains Sweet Orange, Sicilian Lemon and Rose oils to make this one very optimistic bath product, it will even leave a huge trail of glitter! For a fun bath I would definitely recommend this, a very insta worthy bath bomb too!

Peachy Bath Bomb
Isn't this SO adorable?! I just love how Lush have released a peach and a aubergine emoji shaped bath bomb this year!! This contains uplifting grapefruit oil, REAL Peach juice and Davana oil to gently cleanse and refresh. I can definitely imagine how incredible the scent must be, if you LOVE peach scented anything then go get this one. Your bath water will have swirls of pink and orange and I think this one should stay all year round!

Knickerbockerglorious Giftset
This brightly coloured package would brighten up anyone's day! This contains two products: American Cream Shower Gel and American Pie Body Conditioner. Your skin will smell good enough to eat! Imagine being wrapped in a scent of strawberries and vanilla! You'll literally smell like a milkshake! Perfect if your skin is in need of some major TLC, these products will moisturise and hydrate the skin beautifully.

Love Token Bubble Bar
OK so I had to add this in my top picks because a) it's covered in gold lustre and b) it apparently smells like homemade biscuits!! This really is such a treat that I would probably keep for myself since I am so into bakery style scents. A very comforting scent for the winter months, can this not stay in the permanent line?!? The bubble bar contains Ginger oil, Pine Needle absolute, Clove Bud oil and Guaiacwood oil. Now you can warm up someone's day, literally!

American Cream Shower Gel
This bubblegum pink shower gel is the ultimate treat and without the calories!! If you are into sweet scents, you will love this shower gel since it contains Strawberry juice, Orange juice, Vanilla absolute and Clary Sage oil. Think 50s diner... I just hope this never goes away!

Are you going to pick up anything from the Valentine's collection?


  1. Lush never fails, I really want the peachy bath bomb!
    Thanks for sharing :)
    My recent post:

  2. Thank you for such a lovely comment Ella <3 You are so right! Even I want to try Peachy first! <3 xx

  3. I've just placed a Lush Valentine's collection, as this years seems so good! I can't wait to try the American Cream shower gel it sounds like it smells amazing. Great pick xx

    Hannah | luxuryblush

    1. That's FAB! Hope you review the products too! Would LOVE to read if you do <3 Great choice, that shower gel is just so scrummy! Thank you for such a lovely comment Hannah xx

  4. I wish I'd have picked up the Peach when I last went, it smelt soo nice!
    Love Vicki ♡ victoriajanex blog

    1. Ooh definitely go back to get it lol <3 xx


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