Tuesday, 8 January 2019

OPI Cuticle Revitalizer Oil in Honey Peach Review

Cuticle oils are something that I am using more often and it should be a must have in your beauty routine if not already. I came across these easy cuticle oil pens that came in every scent possible and I knew I had to add this into my beauty drawer.
I love peach scents so choosing this one was a no brainer, this truly is such a nice pen to have on your dresser and for using on the go. I need I might need to buy another just so that I can keep this in my purse or in my luggage.

Product description:
This unique natural revitalizing complex blend of peach extract, mango extract, calcium, safflower oil and vitamins to nourish moisturize and protect the cuticles and nails. Panthenol (vitamins B5) penetrate the nail surface and carry calcium, vitamins and nutrients to the nail matrix.

This particular oil contains all of the right vitamins to create the ultimate concoction for healthy and longer nails. I have just started using this and already I can see a huge difference to my cuticles and my nail's condition.
I have quite brittle nails so using an oil, applying the right hand cream and using a strengthener is a must for me. Nail care is so important but we sometimes do neglect it.

You just simply twist the pen, and then you apply the oil with the bristles. It's so easy to use and I never seem to waste any either which is great. I make sure to take some time out to massage my nails and cuticles daily.
In terms of scent, it isn't overpowering but more of a natural scent that really reminds me of summer! Fresh and juicy peaches, such a lovely uplifting and fruity scent. Glad I picked this one.

The oil contains some very nail loving ingredients, it contains Grapeseed oil, Amino Acids, Natural Keratin, Organic Calcium, Safflower oil, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Sesame oil, Vitamin B-5 and Vitamin E!! Basically food but for the nails instead, amazing that it contains 10 ingredients!!

Do you use a cuticle oil? Which one is your favourite? Let me know in the comments below!

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