Tuesday, 21 May 2019

Statement Made Jewellery* Review

I believe that accessories truly finish any outfit off and when Statement Made Jewellery wanted to collaborate with me, I jumped at the chance because I wanted to show you how amazing the pieces are. I'm all about pink aesthetic and this company definitely ticked all of the boxes for me. Statement Made Jewellery believe in expressing yourself by showing who you truly are so what better way than to express with the help of some super cute accessories!

Personalised ·  Hand-finished · Expressive

"Statement Made Jewellery was born from a passion for jewellery to have a deep connection with its wearer, to be adorned by all, and to express yourself in new and exciting ways. We want you to feel that what you show the world is exactly who you are, and what better way to start, than with your jewellery.All of our designs are hand picked, wearer tested, positively quirky and designed with the modern woman in mind."

What I loved was the vast range of accessories to choose from, the only trouble would be when choosing an accessory. You would want it all! You can choose from gold, silver or rose gold metals and then to make the piece your own you can also choose a birthstone and/or charm to truly finish off the piece.
Statement Made Jewellery stock everything from anklets to earrings so you are truly spoilt for choice. They also have an engraving service to make the piece extra special, oh and did I forget to mention they also offer free worldwide shipping!!

I feel like I can go on and on about this lovely company but now onto the review! I was sent a silver feather necklace with my birthstone. It's pink too! Who knew?! This necklace is so comfortable to wear and it hasn't' shown any signs of wear or tarnish which is great! For me, I always worry if my accessory will change colour or there might be a reaction but it's all good! It's been wearer tested so I can definitely be reassured. The birthstone finishes off the necklace beautifully and when the chain and birthstone catches the light, it looks so magnificent especially in the sun!

The necklace came in a lovely little baby pink velvet pouch with a certificate of authenticity, which gave it a nice little touch. I know if I was to receive jewellery from Statement Made, it was definitely bring a smile to my face and seriously would make such a great gift option for someone special (or yourself!)

Check it out here - link/£16.95*

What are your thoughts on Statement Made Jewellery?

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  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Mandy <3 You will definitely love the website! xx

  2. This necklace is so beautiful. I love wearing unique pieces of jewellery x


    1. Thank you Chloe, it definitely is something unique! <3 have you checked out the range? <3 xx

  3. The necklace is so pretty, I think I would love a sliver and pink one. The pouch is really lovely as well.

    1. Thank you for such a lovely comment! You should check out the website, it's the ultimate destination for princessy accessories! <3 xx


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