Monday, 23 September 2019

Dior Make-Up Masterclass Event at Caffe Chino

A few months back I attended a masterclass of dreams. I found out on social media that my favorite cafe - Caffe Chino was holding a Dior Masterclass, which included free cakes and bubble tea from the cafe, a free generous goody bag and the ticket was redeemable, so that meant I could buy a Dior product!

So anyway, I was greeted and welcomed by team Dior and I got a really lovely place to sit, right in front of where the masterclass was taking place. The make-up was done on one of the girls that was in the audience but I think she looked like a model anyway ^^

Sophie the MUA, talked us through step by step and of course all of the make-up was Dior and Dior backstage (my personal favourite)

So as Sophie started the masterclass we were given our sweet treats to eat and drink. We could ask questions along the way and I cannot tell you how relaxing this afternoon was! I mean who wouldn't want to talk about all things Dior and devour some cakes and mini puddings.

On each of our tables, all of the Dior make-up was laid out. All of the products from the range and we passed the product around to test on ourselves. I had a hand full of swatches! I truly loved all of the backstage products. It's a bit more expensive than the actual Dior range but it's SO good!

The look Sophie was going for was soft glowy glam and she definitely did that! I picked up some tips that I now use when I do my daily make-up. So after eating, having bubble tea and once the masterclass ended we then headed over to Selfridges to the huge Dior counter so that we could try a product on and buy our item. I remember loving the lip plumper a while back I was given a sample in Boots so I added it to my wishlist. This was the perfect treat and I couldn't be more happier. After the purchase we was all given out very luxurious goody bags!! I will share that in it's own separate post because it was that good!! 

Overall I am so happy that I attended this masterclass, it was very organised, the muas were super sweet, the goody bag was very generous and I got my make-up treat. All for £20!! Definitely worth it! 

Have you ever been to a masterclass before?